Chapter 1: A Short History of Atlantis

The Founding Myth

  Atlantis was the promise land in the old testament. The early history of Atlantis can be found in the stories of the Bible.

Hadrianic Occupation: 133 BC -84 AD

  At this time the Hadrian empire was the most powerful and influential empire in the world. Hadrieans were a well disciplined army who already conquered Delos and Cotta. The Hadrieans were expanding and took over the island of Nuceria. The Hadrieans' had a strong monarchical dynasty during the occupation. The Hadrieans empire grew into the outer ring of the world into it's colonies of Asculum.

  The Hadrian Occupation lasted for over 200 years. The Hadrieans were not cruel tyrants but the Atlanteans wanted God's will of the Atlantean empire in the promise land. For the 200 plus years the Hadrieans occupied the land the Atlanteans fought for their freedom. Finally the 12 Judges of the tribes rouse together and pushed out the Hadrieans from the promise land. At this point the Hadriean empire showed it's first sign of weakness and Atlantis was showing it's power.

The Rise of the Republic 84 AD to 230 AD

  After the Hadrian Occupation was over the 12 Judges, did not want another monarchy in complete control of Atlantis so the 12 Judges created an aristocratic oligarchy: the Republic. The power was vested in the senate and wielded by annually elected magistrates, the chief of whom were two consuls. Atlantis was not a democracy though. People with more money and prestige had weighted votes. These people were the patricians. The rest of the people were the plebeians. They had little to no political power. A plebeian could vote in assembly but never could become a senator or run for high office.

  At this point the empire was young and testing it's feet as a world power. Atlantis conquered all of Nuceria, Cotta and Delos.

  Nuceria was conquered through war and also by treaty. Nuceria was a series of small city states which were each their own country and disarray since Hadrieans left. Atlantis was considered to be the cause of the fall of Hadrian and many states wanted to ally with Atlantis and were then absorbed into the new Atlantis Empire. All the Nucerians spoke Atlantis and wanted to be leaders a large powerful empire.

  Cotta was comprised of city-states. These city states were all fighting with one another. In 164 AD Atlantis allied with one of these city-states known as Thurri, and put it under their protection. Another city state, Tarentum, resented Atlantis' interference in their sphere of influence. Tarentum went to war against Atlantis with many allies. Atlantis called on it's new citizens to form a army and the Atlanteans defeated and absorbed all of Cotta into her empire. Cotteans were made into second rate citizens who had all economic benefits of the Atlanteans but not the political benefits.

  Delos is an empire composed of midgets who were no match for the new Atlantean war machine and fell. The Delos were considered to be inferior to the rest of the empire and were not considered citizens. Many were enslaved and exported to Atlantis as house slaves and entertainers.

  With all of the conquest some Plebeians were able to get as rich as some patricians due to the slave trade and imports of wealth. The Patricians saw the threat of the Plebeians having more money and being able to afford strong armies. The Patricians gave into the plebeians and gave them some political power. The power was that the Plebeians were given the Tribune of the People. This allowed plebeians to hold all major magisterial posts.

Hadrianic Wars: 230- 360 AD

  With all of the trade that Atlantis was doing with slaves and war spoils through Asculum, Atlantis' interest grew in it. Since Atlantis was the wealthiest country it had the most traders going through the ports of Asculum. Slowly Atlantis was able to get more and more control in Asculum. Finally Atlantis declared it to be a province of Atlantis. This came in shock to the inhabiters of Asculum. In the city of Antiumus, they revolted and attacked an Atlantis' Legion who were guarding the docks of the city and taxing import and export. The Legion was able to thwart the rebels and after a 10 day battle restored peace to Antiumus.

  The Elves did not like the idea of Atlantis controlling these important trade ports and helped Asculum revolt again. This time the rebels were well prepared and the war lasted for six months. In the end Atlantis won and this time wanted to teach the rebels a lesson. The completely destroyed the city of Antiumus and killed all of the rebels by tying them to buildings while burning the city.

  Atlantis so far spared the Hadrian because of respect for their culture. But after the act of terrorism, could no longer afford to have Hadrian getting in their way of world conquest. Atlantis invaded Hadrian with waves of armies. Atlantis was to much for Hadrian and they gave up. Atlantis was lenient because of respect and Hadrian signed a one way peace treaty. The terms were that Atlantis would not rape and pillage if the Hadrieans pay tributes, they could never have a standing army and would have to send their first born to Atlantis as the age of 200 to be educated as a Atlantean. These Hadrieans were treated very well and became teachers to nobles and were known to marry Atlanteans who became infatuated with them.

Modern Times or Metullus Wars: 360-371 AD (modern date)

  In the last 11 years the empire has grown immensely due to Tiberius Metullus. Tiberius conquered all of Minervium and Acerrae and now he is warring in Jugurtha and parts of Sulerium.

  The King of Minervium was dying and had two sons. His older son was a diplomat who dealt with Atlantis often and was good friends of Metullus. The younger son was a general of his armies. Before the king died he decided to separate the empire into two part a northern and southern part. The younger brother got the northern part and the older brother got the southern part. This enraged the younger brother because he spent years defending the kingdom while his brother was not in the country, also the fact that the southern half of the empire was richer in resources and trade. The younger brother decide to attack the old brother's kingdom. The old brother was no match for his younger sibling and enlisted the help of Metullus. Metullus came in and defeated the younger brother and conquered his empire after 6 years of combat. While the war was wagging the older brother was stricken with a illness and picked Metullus as his heir. Metullus decide to give the kingdom to Atlantis and make it into a province.

  The next two years Metullus decided to unite the southern part of the world and waged war against the tribes in the province now known as Acerrae. Metullus and his men conquered and enslaved hundreds of tribes. They were a perfect war machine and became famous for their acts of bravery to expand the mightiest empire in the world.

  Metullus went back to Atlantis as a war hero and became a Consul for the third time. Metullus did not spend any time being a Consul. He took it as his part to conquer Jugurtha something the Hadrianic Empire was never able to do. Metullus was the first person ever to hold the Consulship more then once.

Chapter 2: Characters

Who is a Atlantean?

  Only the Nucerians have full Atlantean Citizenship. Cotta are considered second class citizens and the rest of the empire are considered to be foreigners or slaves. Any non-first class citizens can marry into a family and receive first class citizenship.


  Major Races are described else where, any race could fit into this campaign as slaves or travelers from a distant land.



  The aristocratic oligarchy that controls Atlantis consists of 400 senators and their families. A senator held a lifetime appointment as a member of the senate and owned property worth 400,000 gp. He made his income by renting out his land. Senators never run a business because that is below him. Senators are expected to devote his life to public office for no pay. If they did not have a public life in politics they were considered a disgrace

  A senatorial family had a town house in Atlantis and a country house. The father of the family had complete power over his family. He could beat, enslave and sell possessions of any one in his house including his wife, children and slaves. It was looked down upon to beat his own wife and children but it was not a crime.

  The Children were raised by slave nurses. Boys and Girls were taught to read both Atlantean and Hadriean by a private tutor. That was all the education a women got in the ways of schooling. Boys were given further education in philosophy, rhetoric and mathematics. They also were taught the ways of war and physical games.

  A boy became an official man at the age of 14. Then their father choose a field for them to be in either: a lawyer, a military officer or a junior political magistrate. He learned his trade while on the job. He of course was not paid and therefore was given an allowance from his father. He would live under his father's rule until his father died and would pass the inheritance to him.

  At Thirty a man would run for a political office. This would make him a senator for life. Even if he was not in a political office right at that point senators would fill their day at senator meetings or cutting political deals. The nights were spent mingling with the other elites. To win support of the people senators would prove the commoners with spectacles, plays, chariot races, new buildings, and gladiator battles. This would allow him to become so popular that he could become a provincial governor and make his money back by invading new lands and getting spoils from war.

  Women had very little of a career. They were arranged to be married to some one who would help their father politically or financially. After marriage they became the property of their husband. If the Husband died with no children then the Women would get the money and could be a rich widow.

  The Nobiles were an elite senators who had family members who were consuls at one point. This was a boys club that had high prestige. Some were nobiles, who could trace their ancestors to founding of Atlantis.


  The name comes from the fact that these people could afford their own horses when in military campaigns. Later it was determined by the amount of wealth a citizen had. If a citizen had more then 160,000 gp of wealth he would be in this class. Equestrians were usually large business owners. Some military tribunes and town councillors were equestrians.

  Some equestrians got contracts with the Republic like public works, supplying legions, or collecting taxes. Their wealth gave them immense political clout and they would bribe senators with this money.

  The equestrians that went into the military would be knights due to the place they hold in society. They would have to supply their own horse, armor and weapons.

  Boys in equestrian house hold were similar to that in the senatorial house olds except they got a little less education. When they were old enough they were expected to get a job (usually with their father or one of his partners) and to support himself and his family. Some did not do their father's business but went into the military as military tribunes.

  Women played the same role in the equestrian class as in the senatorial class.

Holy Men

   Priest and Monks make up the Holy Men catagory. Holy men are a seperate noble class equal to equstrians and senators. Members of these social class usual become priests and monks. Priest had a lot of political power which is the is the main power which fuels Atlantis.

   Priest did not have to answer to the senate or the government. They have their own society within Atlantis. Their is a hierarchy. The Pope, who lives in Atlantis, is the supreme authoirty. Archbishops and bishops are below his authority, and local chaplains and parish priests are at the bottom of the chain. Also in the hierarchy are monastic communities, each governed by an abbot and consiting of monks deticated to a life in service to the church.

  The pope is elected by the college of Cardinals in ATlantis. When a Pope is elected he will be a Pope for the rest of his life. Pope is considered by some to be the most powerful office in all of Atlantis because the Church does not answer to the republic. When the Pope dies a new Pope will be elected.

  Archbishops and Bishops are chosen by the Pope. Bishops usually come from the upper two classes, for politic has a lot to do with becoming a bishop. Also the bishops need to be very well educated.

  Chaplians and parish priest are usually from the common plebian class and are deticated people to the faith. Chaplians and parish priests are choosen by the bishops.

  Monks are usually the most educated and virtues of all the Holy men. They choose to become monks and are not appointed to any position. They are educated in the monastary and there for learn the doctrine of the church while the other holy people are not required to have been formally educated in the doctrine. Monks are usually simple hermits who defend the faith.

Common Plebeians

  This is what most citizens were. They had to work for a living at a young age and did not get time to get a very good education.

  Boys were put into the work force at the age of 14 and to produce for himself. They usually worked for their father and learned his trade. Some would join the military and become legionaries. Girls were still the property of their husbands and their marriages were arranged to benefit the father usually financially. Girls got little to no education.

  Common Plebeians lived in large apartment like buildings in Atlantis. They did not own their own land and rent land from Senators.


  Foreigners are individuals who live in Atlantis controlled provinces who do not have Atlantean citizenship. Most of the inhabitants of the provinces fall into this category. They were free but the were subjected to high taxation, were not legally allowed to marry an Atlantean, and could be flogged as a punishment.


  A freedman was a slave who was freed. Slaves were able to make money when not working for their masters to get money and buy their freedom. A freedman's children automatically became citizens. Freedwomen were usually entertainers who made money and now live on there own and sill work.


  A slave could be a captive of a war, someone in debt, a criminal or someone born to enslaved parents. Sometimes bandits captured slaves and sold them illegally. In the cities market place slaves could be bought and sold like a piece of meat. Skilled slaves were very expansive while barbarians were cheap.

  Household slaves were treated the best. They could be slaves who care for children or teachers. They were treated very well and were given time to work so they could buy their freedom. Some slaves were freed for the fact of being loyal.

  Slaves on plantation, in mines, on galley had it allot harder. They were fed very little and would be beaten to make sure that they were working their hardest.

  Another type of slaves were gladiators. These slaves would fight for the enjoyment of others. They could be freed by showing great valor in combat or in some contests. In their lively hood they could die any day.

  Slaves were put to death if they ever attacked their master. Slave rebellions were common and very bloody battles resulted.


  All non-prestigue classes except monks are allowed in Atlantis. There is also a new Runecaster class in Jugurtha.

Chapter 3: Religion

State Religion

  Atlantis has an official religion for the empire. The empire is Catholic. Atlantis was at first Jewish but after Jesus, Atlantis was switched to Catholicism. The church is at about where in would be in the middle ages on earth. The religion is in more details in the Charlemaign book. There is a Pope and there is a hierarchy of power in the church. The church plays a very major part of the lives of Atlanteans. It is against the law to practice any religion besides Christianity

Symbol: Cross

Domains: Air, Earth, Fire, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Law, Protection, Strength, Sun, Water

Alignment: any non-evil

Non-Weapon Proficiencies Required: Religion

Duties: Know the liturgy. Defend and advance the Faith by praeching scriptures and educating the faithful in virtue and doctrine through parable, homily and sermon. Gether tithes, burn candles, give communion, attend Mass, scold those rude and idle chatterers who disrupt the sanctity of the church. Observe the canonical offices. Baptixe unbelievers and bring them into the faith. Avoid the seven deadly sins (pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy and sloth). Honor the Seven Virtues (faith, hope, charity, justice, fortitude, prudence and temperance. Direct sinners out of their wicked ways. Abstain from superstition and forbid pagan practices. Obey your elders in the church. Perform community service: comfort the sick, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit prisoners, selter the homeless, and bury the dead. Make confession and do penance for sins. Fear the last judgement and the torments of Hell. Look foward to death, salvation, and the bliss of eternal life in Heaven.

Rights: Catholicism is the state religion of the empire and is the only religion which can be worshipped in Atlantis and the provinces.

Right of Coronation: Priest have the honor of officiating at the coronantionof the senators, but they do not have the right to refuse to coronate.

Right to Church Trial: Clergy have the right to tried under church law.

Confirmation of Marriage: The christians generally perfer to have marriage with the benediction of a priest, though it is not obligatory. The Church judges terms of divorce and annulment.

Tithes: All lay members must tithe 10% of their annual income to the Church, payable in coin, or in service. In practice, corrupt nobles and churchmen might collect these tithes and divert them to personal use.

Seperation from the Faith: In rare cases the high-ranking clergy may excommunicate members for serious offenses against the requirements of the faith. An entire town or region might be placed under interdict, prohibiting any Church ritual or sacraments within the interdicted area, threatening all members with eternal damnation. Such extreme measures are reserved for the most desperate and heinous crimes.

Restrictions Priest can not marry or indulge in carnal pleasures. Priest may use only those magical items consecrated to Church use. Priest may not shed blood except in self-defense or in the protection of the Faithful or the poor, aged, or sick. Priests may not attack in vengeance, for vengeance is reserved to the Almighty. Priest must not over use spells for personal prideful gain.

The Cults

  With all of the cultures blending together there are a lot of gods and deities from different religions coming together and forming cults. Minervium has a religion of worshipping their pharohs, Jugurtha is Norse, Hadrian is Druidic and there are many others. Some cults are a combination of many different pagan religions. These cults have to worship in secret for if they are found to worship other gods the penalty is being converted or death. Many religions represent their gods with saints and still pray to their gods with different names.

Chapter 4: Equipment

  Atlanteans are able to get any equipment they want through trade from other lands. This allows all weapons (except guns), all armors and other equipment to be used by characters. There are some added goods though, for example slaves.


Type Cost
Barbarian Captive 50 gp
Common Farm Slave 250 gp
Semi-Skilled Laborer 400 gp
House Hold Servant 750 gp
Clerk (literate) 1,300 gp
Dancing Girl 2,550 gp
Trained Gladiator or Charioteer 4,000 gp
Household Manager 5,000 gp
Dwarven Smith 10,000 gp
Reputable Elven Tutor 10,000 gp
Famous Gladiator or Entertainer 25,000 gp

  Barbarian slaves are any slaves that have no real skill. Lizardmen captives usually fall into this category. Barbarian slaves are only really good at carrying heavy loads. Lizard men have been used like this for generations by the Pumas.

  Common farm slaves are slaves who have some skill in agriculture. They are usually halflings. Halflings are very good at tilling the soil and they are small enough not to cause problems for their masters.

  Semi-skilled laborers are slaves who have a skill in something non-agriculturally. They are usually black smiths or tailors or something to that effect.

  House hold servants are slaves who live in the masters house and cares for it. These slaves also care for the masters children. This slaves are usually treated very well as if part of the Atlanteans family. These slaves are usually able to work outside the house and have the ability to buy their own freedom. Faithful ones are sometimes just granted their freedom.

  Clerks are slaves that are literate. They usually help the father of the house keep records and also helps politicians write speeches as they dictate it. Clerks are sort of like secretaries.

  Dancing girls are slaves who are seductive dancers. They are usually very charismatic. Some dancers are charismatic enough to win their freedom on looks alone. A lot of dancing girls are pumas because they are very charismatic and very graceful.

  Trained gladiators or charioteers are trained warriors. They usually spend their short lives in the arenas where they die. Truly excellent gladiators can win their freedom from years of fighting. This is rare because most gladiators do not last for years.

  Household managers are slaves who run the house when the master is gone. They are very trusted by their master. Even when the master is there they run a lot of things that are below the master.

  Dwarven smiths are dwarven slaves who are skill in blacksmithing. Dwarven smiths are the best craftsmen in the world. They can produce weapons and armor unmatched in the world. Dwarven smiths are very rare because most dwarven smiths don't leave Jugurtha and are never captured. The dwarves defend their craftsmen strongly.

  Elven tutors are the most learned people in the world. The Elves are still considered to be the most intelligent people in the world. They have been writing about philosophy, rhetoric and mathematics for generations. Senatorial households will search long and hard for these tutors to teach their children.

  Famous Gladiators are gladiators who have won many battles and are known through out the land. In all other ways they are like normal gladiators. Famous entertainers are slaves who are skilled actors or writers. They are used to put on plays for the senators and equestrians.


Property Cost*
Town house in Atlantis 200,000 gp
Country Villa 200,000 gp
Apartment (per floor) 32,000 gp

* 1/2 prices if outside of Atlantis not including Villa.

  Town house in Atlantis is a three store tall house which is there was enough room for all the family members and slaves. Inside of the town house there was a courtyard which usually had a fountain in it. The town house where in the good parts of Atlantis.

  Villas were in the country outside of room. These villas were a lot like ranches in the fact that they only had one floor. The villa was surrounded by acres of land in which there was farm land for the family. The slaves had their own shacks on the land in which the farm hand slaves lived. In the villa the house slaves would live.

  The Apartments were very run down and were firetraps most of them. The first floors were usually shops or taverns. They could be as tall as 100 ft. They were owned by Senators or Equestrians and rented out to the common plebeians. This is how senators made their money. Some apartments could be nice but other were just down right disgusting.

Month's rent in Apartments

Type Cost
Single Room Apartment 24 gp
Large Apartment 120 gp
Entire floor 600 gp

  A single room apartment means that there is only one room. You must sleep and live in one room apartment, your bed room is the only room. When company cam over they had to be occupied in that one room. Eating also took place in this room. All of your family has to live in one room.

  Large apartment is an apartment with 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and a entertaining room. These were the average apartment in Atlantis. They could fit a family very comfortably.

  Entire floors is just that the whole floor is owned. These are really nice apartments. Some Equestrians who live out in country villas sometimes have these when they have to stay in Atlantis. These are sort of like Pen-houses in current history.


  Men wear a short belted tunic, with a cloak in cold weather. On formal occassions, male citizens wear togas, 100 square feet of white or off-white linen artfully draped around the body, held in place by the wearer's pose. Equestrian status are marked by a narrow purple stripe on a tunic or toga's shoulder, while senators have a wide purple strip. In cold weather an open mantle or sleeveless hooded traveler's cloak was worn.

  Women's underclothes consists of the shirt-like tunica interior and a leather breastband. Over that unmarried women wear an anklelength girdled tunic, while married women wear a long, many folded gown that bunched about the feet and a shawl.

  Footwear is usually sandals; soldiers wear a heavy marching boot laced up the instep and secured by thongs.

Chapter 5: Atlantean Politics

  Atlantis is a federation of autonomous cities and towns. Towns were controlled by councils of local equestrians. The senate would protect and keep order in exchange for taxes.

  All Atlanteans in public office would need to be bribed if you wanted any protection though. These bribes were high if the merchants did not want their business harassed. Foreigners were always harassed and the only way to stop it was to be paying for protection from the public officers.

  Senators had to pay for all public events and buildings. The money they received from bribes is what they used to provide those public services. Remember that public office was a duty and was non-paid.

The Assemblies

Assemblies is where all public officers were elected. Assemblies were held outside and were very large and held in Atlantis. This process kept the rich in office by the fact that it was held in Atlantis and the only people in the rural area that could go would be rich people. Before the Assembly would start there would be many debates held for the candidates of public office. Anyone could attend these debates even non-voters. Many debates turned into riots between opposing candidates followers. Many candidates started employing gladiators to be their bodyguards, this just added to the problem.

Junior Magistrates

  There were four types of offices considered to be junior magistrates. People would attain this position usually between 25 to 30.

Junior City Magistrate

  All cities with an Atlantean government choose one, and Atlantis had two. They were responsible for public order, arresting criminals, repairing streets and aqueducts, inspecting churches, baths, taverns and brothels to maintain public health and morals and handling disputes between merchants.

  They were also in charge of making sure the masses get grain and have the games. All expanses come from their pocket for the games. Many of them have a sponsoring senator who pays for this. The senator always has something he wants in return.

Tribune of the Soldiers

  24 young men were elected and served as military officers in with the legions. This allowed the person to get a start at politics or for a job in the military.


  This is the most prestigious junior office. They kept track of finances in Atlantis' treasury and customs offices. There are 16 elected each year. Most had a boring job of keeping account of public spending, the lucky ones became deputy provincial governors. These deputies could lead military campaigns if a war broke out in the province.

Tribune of the People

  They were the protectors of the common plebeians. There were 10 of them elected each year. They had two major powers the first is veto the second is that they were untouchable. The veto power allowed them to veto any actions by any magistrate. The untouchability meant that if any one attacked them the attacker would be put to death. Tribunes office was held for a year and then were not allowed to run again out of tradition.


  The senate was where all the magistrates would get together to discuss laws. Only senior senators were allowed to talk. After the discussions they then would vote on it. The Tribune of the People could still veto it later.

Senior Magistrates

Senior City Magistrate

  There were two of them and they had the powers and responsibilities of the junior city magistrate except they had more influence.

Chief Justice

  He arbitrated legal disputes and appointed judges. He was the guardian of Atlantis, if there were no consuls in Atlantis he would be in charge of defending it.


  There were 11 of them. One for each of the provinces. They handled legal cases outside of Atlantis. They also were in charge of protecting the provinces and could raise legions. Sometimes their were less then this number of governors when when governor was put in charge of two provinces.


  There were two of them who served for 5 years. Only ex-consuls could be elected to this office. They would decide where public funds would go to.


  There were two consuls elected every year. Consuls could summon the senate and assemblies and set the agenda for discussion. They held complete control over the legions. Each consul would rule for a month then the other would. They would flop each month so one would not have to much power.

Chapter 6: Gladiators and the Games

  The Games consist of many types of competition. There are the races and sports and there are the most popular game of Gladiators.


  Gladiators are warriors who fight to the death for the amusement of others. There are two main types of gladiators there are the free gladiators and there are the enslaved gladiators.

  Free gladiators are not as common as the enslaved ones. Free gladiators are from any social class except for slaves. They have choosen to make their living as a gladiator. They are payed to perform their art of killing for an audience. Free gladiators are usually enslaved gladiators who were freed and since they know no other way to make money they become free gladiators. Free gladiators are usually are very talented warriors because no one would pay to see these gladiators fight when they can just buy cheap slaves to fight for them. The free gladiator must have some kind of special feature which draws the crowd in.

  Enslaved gladiators are gladiators who are slaves and usually do not choose to be gladiators. They fight fo their lives day in and day out. Gladiators are usually choosen from barbaric slaves such as lizardmen or from slaves which are trouble makers. They are sent into the arenas to kill each other in hand to hand combat.

Types of Gladiator Events

  One on One battles: These battles are when one Gladiator fights another in hand to hand combat. There are many different ways to have these fights to make them more interesting. There have been blindfolded matches, cage matches, matches in the water, matches in a ring of fire and many other creative matches. The match end when one gladiator kills the other.

  Team Battles: These are battles where two different owner of gladiators set up a team and have the gladiators compete with each other. There are some games where there is not to much blood shed such as Keeper of the Sceptre. This is were both teams try to have a sceptre the first team to takes to owners sceptre and bring it to there owner wins the game. Both sides usually battle until one is able to get their lord the sceptre. Usally only about one third of the people in this type of game die. Other games are just team battles were the team with the last person standing wins.

The Games

  The games consist of usually non-lethal events in which both slaves and free people have competitions. Common competitions include chariot racing, feats of strength, boxing, wrestling, track and field events and so on.

  The most popular of these events are the chariot races. Even though these races are ment to be non-lethal, many times through acidents people have die. Riders are allowed to try and bump each other off and when this happens sometimes riders fall and get trampled to death by a chariot from behind. Usually slaves are in the chariot races for the reason of this risk.

Chapter 7: Subjects and Enemies of Atlantis

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