Part 1: Geography

Climate and Terrain

Places of Note

Ruins of Antiumus

  Antiumus was once one of the greatest ports in the world. This was until Atlantis took over and destroyed the city because of the revolts (see the history). Now the ruins of the city are just a reminder to all the people of Asculum, of how mighty the Atlanteans are. A new Antiumus was built next the ruins of Antiumus as a reminder.

Finger Rivers

  These rivers run through all of Asculum. There are four rivers which all run into one major river which flows past Antiumus.

The Great Walls Asculum

  There are two Great Walls of Asculum. There is one to the north and there is one to the south. These walls were built to keep out unwanted races. The walls were built by the elves, when the elves were still the most powerful race. The walls are over 50ft high and have many bunkers and small castles built into them. Humanoids and monsters have attacked the walls for years but there have never been any major breeches in the wall.

Part 2: Ecology

  Asculum was once a Hadrian Colony and is now a Atlantean Province. Asculum is the home of many races, but mainly humans, elves, and half-elves.

Part 3: History

Elven Settling(17AD)

  The elves settled this land after conquering all of the inner rings. The elves noticed that it would be a good trading place for all of the Hadrian empire. This allowed the elves to receive trade from far off lands, because they were on the outer ring. When the elves arrived the land was full of tribes of humanoids and monsters. The elves landed and built the city of Antiumus. This walled city was the center of trade from the finger rivers. The elves slowly were able to settle all of the river.

The Great Walls of Asculum(52AD)

  The natives did not like the idea of the elves controlling all of the water in Asculum. The natives started to battle the elves. The elves were able to amass and army which the natives could not match. They pushed the natives to the north and south. They built two walls to keep out the natives.

End of Hadrian Control (135AD)

  Hadrian did not see why they should waste their time supplying armies to the new colony. The Colony was all elves and travelers and did not need to be controlled by Hadrian. The elves also knew that if they wanted to capture Jugurtha they would need friends to help them fight and Asculum would help them there too, So, Hadrian declared Asculum, as a self governing kingdom.

  Asculum ran itÂ’s society much like the elven society of Hadrain but there were not religious leaders people in this land were more free to do what they wanted to do

Atlantis Empire(230 AD)


  With all of the trade that Atlantis was doing with slaves and war spoils through Asculum, Atlantis' interest grew in it. Since Atlantis was the wealthiest country it had the most traders going through the ports of Asculum. Slowly Atlantis was able to get more and more control in Asculum. Finally Atlantis declared it to be a province of Atlantis. This came in shock to the inhabiters of Asculum. In the city of Antiumus, they revolted and attacked an Atlantis' Legion who were guarding the docks of the city and taxing import and export. The Legion was able to thwart the rebels and after a 10 day battle restored peace to Antiumus.

  The Elves did not like the idea of Atlantis controlling these important trade ports and helped Asculum revolt again. This time the rebels were well prepared and the war lasted for six months. In the end Atlantis won and this time wanted to teach the rebels a lesson. The completely destroyed the city of Antiumus and killed all of the rebels by tying them to buildings while burning the city.

Part 4: Politics

  Asculum is run politically like any other province of Atlantis, see Atlantis

Part 5: Religion

  Since Asculum is a province of Atlantis, it must adhere to the Catholic Church as it's official religion. But since there are so many cultures and races in Asculum, it is home to many cults.