Chapter 1: Geography

Climate and Terrain

  Jugurtha is a land which lies in the northern part of the outer ring. The outer most part is full of high mountains. The inner part is a plain which has a rivers running through it like a series of roads. These roads originate in the Mountains and work there way into the sea. These rivers are used by the Dwarves to export their goods to the people of the world.

  The temperature in the mountains are very cold it can get to -60 F in the winter time with wind chill. In the summer it does not get much warmer the 50 degrees F. Since the dwarves and orcs live underground the wind is not a factor and the temperatures are not nearly as bad. The strongholds are heated by the smelting of metal anyhow so, the stronghold is pretty much heated.

Places of Note:

Seven Towers

  The Six Towers are the six stronghold of the monarchies. Each race has his own stronghold. The strongholds are each built in it's own mountain. The six mountains are set up like a star of David. Each mountain is one of the star's points. In the middle of the six mountains is Lake Kili. The strongholds each are ruled by the King of the race. The strongholds from the most north and then around clockwise are Thorbainzak, Ovzurlode, Gilaimjak, Dwgolaest, Fjolnirdukr, Bofmormek. All of these strongholds are 15 generations old.

  Thorbainzak is the Mountain dwarf stronghold. It is inhabited by 800 mountain dwarves. Thorbainzak was built on a Mithril Mine. Throbainzak's militia are well trained and use weapon and armor made from Mithril. The King's privates guards are the most feared dwarven army in the world. The King's guards are all direct relatives of King Thorbain I and all are berserkers with the blood of Thor in them.

  History: Thorbainzak was built by King Thorbain I. King Thorbain I is said to be the son of the God Thor and a dwarf by the name of Balila. Balila was the princess of the Mountain dwarves. She bore Thorbain and he became king when his father Gimvak died. Thorbain was a great warrior who would get so into battle that he would go berserk. He was the first berserker. He would go berserk because he had the blood of Thor is him and the berserker rage was thunder trying to escape his body. King Thorbain was such a feared warrior that the other Kings of the other dwarves all signed treaties with him so he would not conquer their Kingdoms. Thorbain I accepted the treaties but want to keep a watch full eye on the Kings. Thorbain asked his father for advise. Thor answered by raising the Six Towers from the sea and told Thorbain to have all the dwarven kings build there strongholds on the Island. The other Kings did so in order not to have to face Thorbain's wraith. That happened 15 generations ago.

  Ovzurlode is the hill dwarves' stronghold. It contains 800 hill dwarves. Ovzurlode was built on a Platinum mine.

  History: When Thorbain came to the hill dwarves and told them that their king had to go to the island of the six towers it was simple. The Hill dwarves had a long lineage royal family. The King was Grundi. He was a very old dwarf who had spent his whole life in his stronghold he was born their and he wanted to die there. His eldest son was the exact opposite. His name was Ovzur and he did not want to live in the stronghold for his whole life. To solve this problem King Grundi allowed his son to become the King of the Hill dwarves and Grundi would remain the ruler of his stronghold. Ovzur named the tower after himself.

  Gilaimjak is the Gully dwarves' stronghold. It contains 400 gully dwarves. Gilaimjak was built on an iron mine.

  History: Thorbain went to the largest clan of gully dwarves and told them that they too would need to send a King. Now none of the gully dwarves wanted to be the king. They thought it would be to much of a responsibility to rule over people. So the smartest gully dwarf came up with an idea on how to choose the king. His name was Gilaim. He came up with the idea that there would be a lottery for who the king would be. In this village of gully dwarves there was one gully dwarf that was even undesirable by their standards. His name was Smid. The way the lottery worked was that every dwarf would put their name on a piece of cloth and then put the cloth in a barrel full of water. They would mix the barrel up and Gilaim would pull out the name of who would be the king. All the dwarves put their name on pieces of cloth and put them in the barrel. Gilaim mixed the barrel with an oar and pulled out the name. To his surprise the name had run off the cloth so Giliam decided that if Smid became the King, it would be a good way to get him out of the village. Gilaim called Smid's name. When Smid heard the news he was upset for he did not place his name in the barrel because he could not read or write. Gilaim told him that he entered his name and then showed Smid the cloth, Since Smid did not want to look dumb by not being able to read the cloth, Smid just assumed that it was his name and he became King. Smid latter learned that his name was not pulled and became bitter about it. So when he had to name the tower he named after Gilaim because he was so angry when he thought about being the king all he would grumble was Gilaim name and then mumble curse about him under his breath and that became the towers official name.

  Dwgolaest is the Duerger dwarves' stronghold. It contains 600 Duerger dwarves. Dwgolaest was built on a diamond mine.

  History: Thorbain I wanted a representative of each of the dwarven subraces to be the king of their subrace and to live in the respective tower. While the Duerger dwarves did not have one accepted king. So Duerger being greedy as they are started to fight with each other for the title of King. The battles last for over 30 years. At the end it came down to two Duerger clans each Headed by who they want as King. Svidi was a head of one clan and Hosvir was the head of another. The two clans fought for 5 years before the last epic battle. Svidi to his troop of warriors and invaded Hosvir stronghold. Svidi's army dug tunnels into Hosvir's Stronghold and surprised Hosvir's army and defeated the army and slued all the members of Hosvir's army including Hosvir's eldest son, Fjori. Hosvir accepted to the defeat of his army but he could not handle the murder of his son. That night while Svidi and his army was celebrating Hosvir sent an assassin to kill Svidi's beautiful older daughter Dwgola as revenge for his son. When Svidi saw what happened to his daughter Svidi could not handle to see that his daughter dead because of his greed and He killed himself. Svidi's chief general became King. His name was Hedin and he named the stronghold after Svidi's slain daughter Dwgola.

  Fjolnirdukr is the Deep dwarves stronghold. It contains 700 deep dwarves. Fjolnirdukr is built on a gold mine.

  History: When the deep dwarves had to choose a king from their clans they remembered there was an old rune written in one of the most ancient caverns of the deep dwarves strongholds. This cavern was supposedly written by Odin himself. The writing one the walls were written in ancient runes that none of the deep dwarves could read. The end of the message said that the "much-knowing one" (Fjolnir) will be able to read and use this magic language and will become King when the dwarf lords unite. Upon this all the scholars of the land tried to interpret the script. Finally a young deep dwarf no older then 23. He was an outsider from the villages. He was strong and looked to be almost carved from stone. He came and read the script. At this point a loud voice rained down from the heavens and it was the voice of Odin. He told them that this was Fjolnir and he was given the secret of runes and he will be the new King. Fjolnir was an orphan of a dwarven family that was slain by orcs. He was risen in a cave by an avatar of Odin in the shape of a raven. Fjolnir became the King.

  Bofmormeik is the sundred dwarves stronghold. It contains 500 sundred dwarves. Bofmormeik is built on a silver mine.

  History: The sundred dwarves had an established King in King Austri. He was the grand son of the sundred's greatest hero and liberator Bofmor. At the time of Bofmor's birth the sundred dwarves had been in the captive of Verdandi a clan of stone giants. The stone giants used the dwarves to mine for them and work as pack animals. From the time Bofmor was a young boy he was a very stout dwarf. He was also very cunning. When he was older and had a child of his own he did not want his son to grow up in captivity as a slave. Bofmor decided that he would trick the giants by getting them in a cave and then causing an avalanche and trapping the giants in a tomb of stone. They got the giants to go into the cave by saying that they needed a hand carrying out a diamond the size of three dwarves. All of the giants were excited by the news and want to see the diamond. The whole clan of giants went into the cave and the dwarves tried to cause an avalanche but the rocks got jammed. The only way for the rocks to fall was if a dwarf jumped on the rocks and caused the avalanche. Bofmor with out a second thought jumped on the pile of rocks and the collapsed and buried him with the giants in a tomb of stone. Bofmor made a sacrifice that liberated the whole race of dwarves. When Bofmor is mentioned in a conversation all sundred dwarves known who they are talking about. Ever year there is a pilgrimage to the sight of Bofmor's tomb. Bofmor's son became King and then passed his title to his son, Austri.

  Tokifzar is the newly added orc tower which was added to the seven towers. It is composed of 800 orcs.

  History: After the Orc were allied with the dwarves for long enough and had spilled blood on each other side they saw that they were as not different as they thought. Orc and Dwarven culture were very similar. Thorbain XIII decided to let the orcs join the dwarves as brothers in there mighty kingdom. The only thing the orcs needed was to appoint a king. The orcs were not a well organized monarchy like the dwarves and had to decided how to get a king from their people. The way they decided to accomplish this was to have any one who wanted to become king to go into a free for all battle with the other contestants, the last person to survive would be king. Over 400 orcs from around Jugurtha came for this big battle that would take place in the creator of an inactive volcano. The battle lasted for 6 days. The battle was down to two orcs Toki and Ulf. Ulf was a great warrior among the orcs. He had killed more foes then any other of the orcs in the contest. Toki on the other hand was a smaller then Ulf and had not killed many foes at all. Toki and Ulf squared off in the middle of the crater. Toki knew he was no match for Ulf, this large and powerful warrior. Toki instead tried to fool Ulf. Toki set up a dead contestant with strings and told Ulf that he was alive. Toki said if they both teamed up against this new foe that it would guarantee that one of the two would become the new King. Ulf fell for the trick and when Ulf attacked the already fallen foe, Toki stabbed Ulf in the back. Toki had become the new king and named the tower after himself. Toki became a very unpopular, because he had won by back stabbing one of his own kind. The orcs rebelled and killed Toki and his supporters. A new king had been raised and his name was Yngvi and he became a popular king during his life time.

River Roads

  The mountains of Jugurtha are split by many flowing river. The rain collects against the mountains and forms rivers. These rivers allow for the dwarves to trade with the world. These mountain rivers are very shallow and are uncrossable by most ships. The dwarves however have been using a orcish ship for years, the longship. The ship is light weight and can be carried over parts of water were it is to shallow for the ship. The boat also floats high on the water and can venture in the shallow rivers. These rivers are very interesting because they even go through mountains to underground springs.

Chapter 2: Ecology & Demographics

  Jugurtha is inhabited by dwarves and orcs. They have a strong fortified kingdom which has never been conquered. Their mountain fortresses are considered to be unconquerable. The elves were never able to conquer Jugurtha in all their years of attempts. The Jugurthans are some of the most fierce warriors in the world. Orcs and the dwarves have allied after years in which they were foes. The alliance started after the Elves tried to conquer them. The orcs and dwarves knew that if they worked together they would be able to hold off the elves and now the Atlanteans. Their alliance is now about 500 years old. Through this time there has been relations between Orcs and Dwarves, they are called Vigors.

  The Jugurthans have no love for the Seraphs. In the time of the Hadrianic Empire the Seraphs allied with the elves to conquer the dwarves and orcs. The dwarves and orcs are currently in war with the seraphs.

Dwarven Subraces

Name: Hill Dwarves

   Description: Hill dwarves are dwarves that live in the lower mountains of Jugurtha. These lower mountains would be considered average mountains in the rest of the world but in Jugurtha they are considered hills. They are the closest cousins to the mountain dwarves.

   Ability Adjustments: +2 Con, -2 Cha

   Special Advantages: as in Players Handbook

   Special Hindrances: as in Players Handbook

   Life Expectancy: 350 years

Name: Mountain Dwarves

   Description: Mountain dwarves are dwarves that live in the high mountains of Jugurtha. They are considered to be the most ancient dwarves. All dwarves are supposed to have derived from the mountain dwarves.

   Ability Adjustments: +2 Con, -2 Cha

   Special Advantages: as in Players Handbook

   Special Hindrances: as in Players Handbook

   Life Expectancy: 400 years

Name: Deep Dwarves

    Description: Deep dwarves are dwarves who live very deep in the mountains. Many deep dwarves spend their lives with out seeing the sun. They are considered to be dwarves who where once mountain dwarves but due to an invasion or other problem had to dig deeper for safety.

   Ability Adjustments: +2 Con, -4 Cha

   Special Advantages: as in Players Handbook

   Special Hindrances: as in Players Handbook

   Life Expectancy: 380 years

Name: Duerger Dwarves

   Description: Duerger dwarves are dwarves who dwell in deeper in the mountains then deep dwarves. Duergers are an eviler breed of dwarves. They are considered to be dwarves who were once mountain dwarves who were driven underground because they were kicked out of their clan.

   Ability Adjustments: +2 Con, -4 Cha

   Special Advantages: as in Players Handbook

   Special Hindrances: as in Players Handbook

   Life Expectancy: 400 years

Name: Sundred Dwarves

   Desription: Sundred are surface dwelling dwarves. They are claustrophobic and will not go underground like their cousins. They are considered to be mountain dwarves who were for some reason forced out of their underground homes (maybe invasion or disater) and made their homes on the surface. While deep and Duergers went deeper, sundred went shallower.

   Ability Adjustments: +1 Str, +2 Con, -3 Cha

   Special Advantages: as in Players Handbook

   Special Hindrances: as in Players Handbook