Part 1: Geography


  Marsi is a land which is located in the outer ring. It lies in the north-western part of the ring. Marsi is full of mountains. The climate is very cold.

Part 2: Ecology


  Personality: Fomorians are much friendlier than most giants. That is not really saying that much. They believe they are better than anyone they are bigger than. They are easily amused.

  Physical DescriptionFomorians are a race of giants. They are cousins of the Greater Giants. The Greater Giants are Storm, Cloud, Frost, Fire, Stone and Hill. Fomorians are not as large or as strong as the Greater Giants. Fomorians are not as intelligent as their most of their cousins. They are about as smart as Hill Giants.

  Fomorians range from 10 to 12 ft. They wiegh about 900 to 1,100 lbs.

  Fomorians do not have a culture of their own. Fomorians usually tag along with another group of Giants. Most commonly they tag along with Hill Giants. Hill giants are the most accepting of the Greater Giants. It is not unheard of of Fomorians living with Stone, Frost or Fire Giants. It is however very rare for a Fomorian to live with a Storm or Cloud Giant.

  Relations Fomorians have no love for the dwarves. The dwarves and giants have been battling for years. Fomorians just assume since they are bigger than all the races that they are better then them. They have no real love or hate for any other humanoid races though. Fomorians are however are impressed by their cousins(the greater giants). They would do just about, what ever the greater giants told them to do.

  Alignment Fomorians are usually neutral evil. They do what benefits them. Fomorians do range a lot by their up bringing. Fomorians who have a lot of contact with good giants are usually good.

  Lands They live in the mountains and plains of Marsi.

  Religion They follow the religion of the greater giants. They do not have their own gods.

  Language Fomorians speak a language which is very simple. Their language is very slow and does not say a lot.


  Adventurers Fomorians would become adventurers because they think they can bully people or to change the stereotype about them.

  Racial Traits

Part 3: Economics

  Fomorians are not ones for trade. Fomorians usually just take what they want by brute force. Who ever is the biggest and strongest gets what he wants. this is why most Fomorians live alone or with just their nuclear family

  The greater races usually trade with other races and have currency systems. Fomorians who live in these systems follow these rules or are kicked out of the community.

Part 4: Politics:

  Fomorians are not known for being political. They are very solo creatures who believe in migth makes right. Their are some cases of families but these consist of the Father being the ruler of the house and when the children become of age they usually just leave to make their own families or to live in their own caves, alone.

  Fomorians who live with the greater giants follow the rules of the community in which they are in. Fomorians usually have no political power with in the communities and are just lucky that the community allows them to live among them.

Part 5: History

Friends of Dwarves

   In the beginning of time the dwarves and the giants were friends. They helped each the best they could. They were both creatures of the mountains. They made excellent partners in mining and building. Dwarves were able to get minerals from the deep by moving through small tunnels and the giants were able to move large amounts of mineral and dig bigger tunnels.

   They made perfect allies in battle for the giants were large and overwhelming and the dwarves were small and sturdy. Dwarves would build weapons for the giants and for the most part the giants would protect the dwarves. The dwarves still at some times fought along side the giants, but few races would challenge the giants.

  The giants and dwarves share much of the same religion. Their gods are linked because they were once brothers.

Dwarven Giant Wars

   After awhile some of he giants started to take advantage of the dwarves and actually enslave the dwarves. The giants that did this were a tribe of frost and fire giants. They enslaved the dwarves and used them as workers in their mines and blacksmiths. The giants treated them very harshly. The dwarves knew that they could not match the giants in open field battle so the dwarves dug in fortifications in the mountains. They dug themselves deep. The giants were never able to take the dwarven mountains and that their started the kingdom of Jugurtha. Shortly after this the Six Towers were raised and all of the giants were pushed out of Jugurtha by Thorbain.

Part 6: Religion

  The Giants religion is one large religion. Each greater race does not have their own religion. They do however each have their own gods which they take as their racial gods. All of the giants believe in Ymir. Ymir is the patron god of all giants.

  The lesser giants, like the Fomorians, believe in the gods of the greater Giants. Some Fomorians creat their own gods by saying that Ymir had another son who is not in the mythology. His name was Olvadi, They say he was the greatest of the sons but that he died in the flood of Ymir's blood. This however is not true.

  The religion of the giants has a connection with the religion of the dwarves and orcs. This shows that in non-recorded past that giants, dwarves and orcs lived together. In the myth however their was some disagreement or some reason for the dwarves killing the giants lord, Ymir. This brought an end to the friendly relationship between the Giants and dwarves and orcs. Ever since this time the Giants and the Dwarves have been hated rivals and enemies.

  Some Giants and dwarves have been able to look past their differences and have been able to live together. this cann be seen in the story of Gerda and story of Grid. But most have not been able to look past their differences.


Father of All Giants

  Ymir is the primordial giant and the progenitor of the race of giants. He was created from the melting ice of Niflheim, when it came in contact with the hot air from Muspell. From Ymir's sleeping body the first six giants sprang forth.

  The frost kept melting and from the drops the divine cow Audumla was created. From her udder flowed four rivers of milk, on which Ymir fed. The cow itself got nourishment by licking hoar frost and salt from the ice. On the evening on the first day the hair of a man appeared, on the second day the whole head and on the third day it became a man, Buri, the first god. His grandchildren are Odin, Ve and Vili.

Odin and his brothers had no liking for Ymir, nor for the growing number of giants, and killed him. In the huge amount of blood that flowed from Ymir's wounds all the giants, except his six sons and their wives, drowned. From the slain body the brothers created heaven and earth. They used the flesh to fill the Ginnungagap; his blood to create the lakes and the seas; from his unbroken bones they made the mountains; the giant's teeth and the fragments of his shattered bones became rocks and boulders and stones; trees were made from his hair, and the clouds from his brains. Odin and his brothers raised Ymir's skull and made the sky from it and beneath its four corners they placed a dwarf. Finally, from Ymir's eyebrow they shaped Midgard, the realm of man. The maggots which swarmed in Ymir's flesh they gave wits and the shape of men, but they live under the hills and mountains. They are called dwarfs.

  Lord of All the Giants

Symbol:River of Blood

Domain: Air, Death, destruction, Earth, Healing, Law, Strength, Sun, War(sword), Water

Alignment: any lawful

Storm Giant Gods


   Kari is the lord of the Storm Giants. He is one of the six sons of Ymir.

  Lord of Storm Giants

Symbol:Ligntning Bolt

Domain: Air, Fire, Good, Healing, Law, Magic, Protection, Strength, Sun

Alignment:any good


  Mimir is the eldest son of Kari. Mimir guards the "Well of the Highest Wisdom", situated in Jotunheim under of the roots of Yggdrasil, the World Tree.

  The chief god Odin sacrificed an eye for a drink from the Well.

  Giant of Wisdom

Symbol: well

Domain:Air, Good, healing, Knowledge, Magic, Strength

Alignment:any good

Cloud Giant Gods


  Mundilfari is the second oldest son of Ymir. He is the first cloud giant. He has a huge castle in the clouds of the sky. He is able to ride his his cloud chariot from one cloud to another. He is married to Glaur

  Lord of Cloud Giants

Symbol: Cloud Castle

Domain: Air, Destruction, Fire, Protection, Strength, Sun, War(spear), Water

Alignment: any-non good


  Glaur is the wife of Mundilfari. She mothered two children named Mani and Sol. Through her braging of how beautiful they were to the dwarven and orc gods, her children were cursed. They placed the children into the sky and made Mani the moon and Sol the sun.

  Giantess of Pride

Symbol:Son and Moon

Domain: Air, Destruction, Evil, Sun, Water

Alignment: any evil


  Mani is the personification of the moon, son of Mundilfari and brother of Sol, the sun. At night he rides a chariot pulled by horses through the sky, and determines its waxing and waning. Mani is chased by the wolf Hati ("hate"). Whenever the wolf managed to catch the moon, a lunar eclipse would take place. This caused great consternation, and by making a lot of noise people tried to scare the wolf away.

  A man named Vidfinn had two children named Hjuki and Bil. He sent them to the well Byrgir to fetch a cask of water. When Mani saw the two children he took them away with him to the moon. The two children, together with their cask and pole, can be seen on the face of the moon (the moon spots).

  Giant of the Moon


Domain:Air, Healing, Luck, Magic, Strength, Travel, Water



  Sol is the sun goddess, daughter of Mundilfari. She is married to Glen. Sol rides through the sky in a chariot pulled by the horses Alsvid ("all swift") and Arvak ("early riser"). Below their shoulder-blades the gods inserted iron-cold bellows to keep them cool.

  She is chased during the daytime by the wolf Skoll who tries to devour her, just like her brother Mani is chased by the wolf Hati at night. It was believed that during solar eclipses the sun was in danger of being eaten by Skoll. Both wolves are the offspring of the giantess Hrodvitnir who lives in the Iron Wood. Eventually, the wolf will catch her. The goddess Svalin stands in front of the sun and shields the earth from the full intensity of its heat.

  Giantess of the Sun


Domain: Air, Fire, Healing, Law, Magic, Protection, Strength, Sun, Travel


Frost Giant Gods


  He is the twin of Surtr. He is the lord of the frost giants. He is an evil vengeful giant who hates all non-giants. He uses a large frozen axe in battle which will turn any foes into ice.

  Thrym is married to Bergelmir. They have two sons, Geirrod and Thiazi.

  Lord of Frost Giants

Symbol: White Double-bladed Axe

Domain: Air, Chaos, Death, Evil, Strength, War(axe), Water

Alignment: any evil


  Bergelmir is a very cunning giant. It was her plan to have the giants climb into hollow tree trunks while the blood of Ymir spiled onto the world.

  Giantess of Intelligence

Symbol:Hollow Tree Trunk

Domain: Knowledge, Luck, Protection, Strength, Travel, Trickery, Water



  A frost giant and father of two daughters, Gjalp and Greip. He was a bitter enemy of Thor, and having captured Loki (when Loki was flying around as a hawk) received from him a promise that he, Loki, would bring Thor to Geirrod's castle without Thor having his magic belt and magic hammer. Loki did as promised and led Thor into the trap. On the way there, though, they stopped to rest at the home of a giantess named Grid. She told Thor what was up when Loki left the room, and gave him her magic belt, iron gloves and magic staff. Needless to say Thor used each with supreme efficiency and slew Geirrod, his daughters and all other frost giants in the vicinity.

  Giant of Death

Symbol:Three Skulls

Domain: Chaos, Death, Destruction, Healing, Strength, War(axe)

Alignment: any evil


  the giant Thiazi is a son of the giant Olvaldi. He is also the father of the giantess Skadi, wife of the Vanir god Njord. Thrymheim is Thiazi's mountain stronghold in Jotunheim, land of the giants. Like all giants, he is well versed in the use of magic.

  With the aid of a magic eagle skin, he flew to Midgard where the gods Honir, Loki and Odin were cooking an ox. Still in the form of an eagle, he asked the gods for some of the meat. The gods agreed, but he ate so much that Loki became angry and impaled the eagle with a wooden staff. The eagle took flight with Loki still grasping the staff, unable to free himself. Thiazi released Loki on the condition that he would bring him the goddess Idun and her apples of youth.

  Loki returned to Asgard and, a week later, went to the hall of Idun and told her that he had found a tree in Midgard that bore golden apples like hers. He offered to show her the tree and together they crossed the rainbow bridge Bifrost and entered Midgard. Idun carried her basket of apples as usual.

  Still in the form of a giant eagle, Thiazi swooped down and carried Idun and her basket of golden apples to Thrymheim. Without the apples of youth the gods began to suffer the effects of old age. Loki soon fell under suspicion and admitted his role in the abduction of Idun. The gods then threatened him with death if he failed to return Idun and her apples to Asgard.

  Borrowing a magic falcon skin from the goddess Freya, Loki assumed the form of a falcon, flew to Thrymheim, located Idun and transformed her into a nut. Then he took wing and began the long flight back to Asgard. When Thiazi returned to his stronghold he realized that Loki had taken Idun and the apples of youth. Taking the form of an eagle, Thiazi flew after Loki as fast as he could.

  Thiazi was close behind Loki as the two birds neared the outer wall of Asgard. As soon as Loki flew over the wall, Odin ordered the gods to set fire to piles of wood and shavings. Thiazi's wings were badly burned, and he plunged to the ground where he was killed by the gods. Loki then returned Idun and her apples to their normal form. Odin transformed the giant's eyes into two stars.

  Giant of Magic

Symbol: Giant Eagle

Domain: Fire, Knowledge, Magic, Trickery

Alignment: any non-lawful


  A giantess, called the 'snow-shoe goddess', and the embodiment of winter. She is the wife of the god Njord. When her father Thiazi was slain by the gods, Skadi wanted to take revenge. The gods thought it wiser to reconciliate and offered her a marriage with one of them. She was free to marry any god, but while she made her choice she was only allowed to see the feet of the potential candidates. She noticed a very elegant pair and, convinced that their owner was the fair god Balder, she choose them. Unfortunately for her, those feet belonged to the older god Njord.

  The marriage between Njord and Skadi was not a happy one. She wanted to live where her father had lived, in Thrymheim in the mountains, and Njord wanted to live in Noatun, his palace by the sea. So they agreed to spend the first nine days in the mountains and the following nine days by the sea. This arrangement did not work out very well, and they separated. Eventually, Skadi left Njord for the god Ull.

  Giantess of Winter

Symbol:Snow footprint

Domain: Healing, Strength, Travel, War(axe)

Alignment:any non-lawful

Fire Giant God


   Surtr is a Fire Giant who lives with the People of Muspel in Muspelheim, the realm of fire to the south. There he stands ever alert, brandishing his great, fiery sword which shines brighter than the sun. In Ragnarok, he is the one who sets the world on fire and burns it down.

  Lord of Fire Giants

Symbol: Flaming Sword

Domain: Destruction, Earth, Evil, Fire, Law, Strength, War(sword)

Alignment: any evil

Stone Giant Gods


  Gymir is the fifth son of Ymir. Gymir was in charge of making sure that the dwarf population was under control when Ymir was alive. He loved his father very much, and hated all dwarves for what happened to his father. He hates them even more for taking his daughter, Gerda, away from him. He also hates his daughter Grid who helped the dwavren god Thor.

  Lord of Stone Giants

Symbol:Severed Dwarf Head

Domain:Death, Destruction, Earth, Law, Strength, War(sword)

Alignment:any evil


  Gerda is a beautiful giantess, the wife of Frey and daughter of the giant Gymir. She is an earth goddess, the personification of the fertile soil. She was so beautiful that the brightness of her naked arms illuminated both air and sea. Gerda never wanted to marry Frey and refused his proposals. Frey sent his messenger Skirnir to woo her, but he did not succeed in winning her over with the eleven golden apples and the ring Draupnir he had with him. Eventually Skirnir threatened to use Freyr's sword, which would cover the earth in ice, and powerful magic which would doom Gerda's life to misery and sadness. She finally agreed to meet Frey in a wood, nine days hence, and later became his wife.

  Giantess of beauty and Nature

Symbol:Arms with light coming off of them

Domain: Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Protection, Strength, Sun, Water

Alignment:any non-evil


  Grid hates her fathers vengful heart and has befriended the dwarves. She befriend the dwarves after her sister had to marry one. She saw that the stories of her father were not all in fact true.

  Giantess of Forgiveness

Symbol:Heart with Hammer over it

Domain:Good, Healing, Knowledge, Law, Protection, Strength

Alignment:any good

Sea Giant Gods


  Hymir is the youngest son of Ymir.Hymir is a sea giant, the husband of Hrod, who lives at edge of the heaven. He possessed an enormous cauldron which the Aesir coveted to brew beer in and Thor was sent to obtain it.

  In the final battle against the gods, Hymir will sail the terrible ship Naglfar, which is made entirely from the nails of the dead. The flood that precedes Ragnarok will free the ship after which the giants will board it and, with Hymir as commander, sail towards the battlefield of Vigrond.

  Lord of Sea Giants

Symbol:Naglfar the ship

Domain:Air, Death, Destruction, Evil, Strength, Travel, War(trident), Water

Alignment:any evil

Part 6: Technology

  All of the equipment produced in Marsi is produced for giants. Daggers that are produced in Marsi can be as tall as a man. The most high-tech giants are just as high-tech as most of the world. The least high-tech giants are just as high-tech as cave men who only just discovered stone tools and fire.

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