Part 1: Geography


  Minervium is set up into two provinces. The upper and lower province. Minervium is in the south east part of the outer ring. It is a land full of many different types of land. From the deserts, to the grassland around the rivers to the mountains to the north.

Places of Note


  Pyramids are temples to the living god pharaohs. Pharaohs build pyramids as temples to themselves. They always try to build improved pyramids then their ancestors. Usually after a Pharaoh dies the construction of his pyramid is continued by his heir. Sometimes the heir and the pharaoh do not see eye to eye and his pyramid is never finished. This is very rare though. A lot can be told of the king by his pyramid. If the time was prosperous then the pyramid is grand if on the other hand the time was not prosperous then the pyramid will not be grand.

  Each pharaoh has a different idea of what he wants his pyramid to look like or have but they all still have the basics.

Secret Room

  There will be secret rooms in which the pharaoh’s body will be laid to rest. There will also be treasure placed in the room. The reason for the placing of the treasure is that the pharaoh wants to be the last person to ever possess these goods and to have them in the divine life. The goods are not always just expansive goods it is also rare and unusual goods.

  To get to these rooms one will have to go through traps magical and non-magical.

Temple Room

  This is where the people would go to praise the pharaoh after his death. This room could include a history of the pharaoh or pictures of him or her. These rooms varied a lot but they all had the same purpose of praising the pharaoh. The temple rooms usually have rooms near them for the temple priests. These include places for them to sleep and to entertain.

Part 2: Demographics


  Personality Pumas are a race of traders. They buy and sell goods from places out of the outer ring. They have trade with people who do not live near the empire of Atlantis. They are a very out going race that people enjoy the company of. They are a very curious race that wants to be able to get goods people will want to buy.

  Physical Description The Pumas are a race of cat-like humanoids. They are a little shorter then Humans, ranging from 5 ft. to 6 ft. They are also leaner then humans. Fur covers their whole body. The patterns of the hair varies from region to region. Some are spotted like leopards or striped like tigers, others are solid black like panthers, solid white exists but is very rare. Even though they appear different they are one kind. They have claws but they are to small to use as weapons. Their eyes are yellow and slitted like cats. They have tails which are about 2 to 3 ft. long.

  Pumas have strong powerful legs. They are a very fast humanoid who can run down most races with ease. Their strong legs also make them excellent jumpers too. They have an amazing sense of balance. They are able to climb with ease up most surfaces. Since their feet are padded like most felines they are very quiet on there feet.

  Relations Pumas are very friendly toward all of the races except lizardmen. Pumas have used lizardmen as slaves for thousands of years. Pumas see lizardmen as nothing but muscle.

  Alignment Pumas are usually neutral. They will try to do anything to get a rare item that could be sold.

  Lands Pumas live in Minervium. It is a land which is mainly desert but it does have two rivers which make for very fertile ground.

  Religion Pumas worship dead pharaohs.

  Language Pumas speak a very complicated language. It has a name for every thing. There is a completely different name for a blue hat and a green hat. They love to explain about items that they have found.


  Adventurers Pumas are very likely to adventure because they will want to explore the world because they are a very curious race and they will want to get new items too.

  Racial Traits


Monochromatic Pumas

  These pumas are puma which are all one color. The color which they are usually colors which blend into the surroundings. Common colors are white, brown, gray, orange. Black is dealt with later.

Ability Score Adjustments: +2 Cha, -2 Wis

Advantages: as above

Hindrances: as above

Spotted Pumas

  These pumas are pumas who have spots like leopards. The spot make good for camouflage. They are usually yellow with black spots.

Ability Score Adjustments: +2 Cha, -2 Wis

Advantages: as above

Hindrances: as above

Stripped Pumas

  The stripped puma is the largest of all the pumas. Striped pumas have reddish-orange fur and dark vertical stripes. They are the most savage of all of the pumas. They are usually guards of the pharaoh or in the army.

Ability Score Adjustments: +2 Con, -2 Wis

Advantages: +2 Move Silently, Jump

Hindrances: as above

Fleet Pumas

  Fleet Pumas are very light built pumas. Their fur is sand colored and covered with dark spots.

Ability Score Adjustments: +2 Cha, -2 Wis

Advantages: +2 Move Silently, Jump

Hindrances: as above

Maned Pumas

  Maned pumas are larger then most of the other pumas. They have yellow or golden brown fur. The males are distinguished by their flowing manes. Most of the pharaohs have come from this subrace of pumas. They are natural leaders and their appearance demands respect.

Ability Score Adjustments: +2 Cha, -2 Wis

Advantages: +2 Move Silently, Jump

Hindrances: as above

Dark Pumas

  Dark Pumas are not like dark subraces in other races. Dark pumas are not evil. They just happen to have dark skin. Their skin is dark from top to bottom. They are an example of the monochromatic subrace, except that they are more special due to the fact that they can hide better.

Ability Score Adjustments: +2 Cha, -2 Wis

Advantages: +2 Move Silently, Hide, Jump, Climb

Hindrances: as above

Part 3: Economics

  The economics of Minervium comes from their import and export of goods. They are a society which trades goods with other countries. They manly trade with Atlantis. Atlantis has most of the world's money and Minervium does most of the world's trade. Outer most parts of Minervium do trade with races that are not seen in the known world. They make trade with strange and alien races. They get many strange goods which the people of the known world love. The only people to have excess to this is the pumas. Pumas are world known traders.

Part 4: Politics

  Minervium is ruled by a monarchy of living gods. They are called pharaohs. They have the whole of Minervium under their control. They pass their rites as pharaoh to their eldest son and he becomes the next pharaoh. The maned pumas are the pumas which are pharaohs.

Part 5: History

Rein of Zoser 0-190

  The pumas begin their history with the birth of the first living god Zoser. Zoser was a great pharaoh who untied the pumas under his divine leadership. He was the greatest pharaoh to ever walk the planet. He civilized the whole kingdom. He invented rules and laws, calendars, and most of civilization.

Rein of Djoser 191-274

   Djoser was the son of Zoser. After his father died the empire went into chaos. The people did not think that their land would be safe in another person's hand. They did not know that Djoser was also a god because he was related to Zoser. Djoser made more exact rules then his father did he called them the 33 Laws of Zoser. These rules were rules his father enforced but never wrote down. The land prospered under the leadership of Djoser.

Rein of Imhotep 275-306

  Imhotep was the son of Djoser. Before he became pharaoh, he explored the world. He traveled up and down the coast along the outer ring. He was the first puma to see the mountains of Sulerium. He explored Hadrain and Cotta as well. He opened the land of Minervium to the trade with the world. When he became the pharaoh, the empire hit an economic boom. Imhotep organized trade routes and made Minervium the rulers of trade.

Rein of Snerfu 307-307

  Snerfu was a pharaoh for a very short time. He was the eldest son of Imhotep. He was only pharaoh for 62 days. His brother Khufu killed him.

Rein of Khufu 307-378

  Khufu was a great warrior. He conquered what is now Minervium Superior He was the greatest general that Minervium ever knew. He was jealous that his father picked his older brother to be the next pharaoh. Khufu therefore killed his brother so that he would become pharaoh. Khufu was a blood thirsty but fair pharaoh. He conquered much of what is today Acerrae. He was the first puma to enslave lizardmen. He always busied himself with war and did not worry much about raising an heir who would become a good pharaoh.

Rein of Bastet 379-396

   Bastet was the youngest son of Khufu. He was chosen to be pharaoh because he was the only son still living at the time of Khufu's death. All the rest of Khufu's son died in battle. Bastet was a weakling and was not warrior. Under his rule, the kingdom started to fall apart. He lost what is now Minervium Superior and lost all of Acerrae. No one traded with Minervium because of all the wars and Minervium's economics started to fall apart. Bastet was considered the worst pharaoh. He killed himself and his son became the pharaoh.

Rein of Geb 297-533

   Geb was a very smart and savvy pharaoh. He lived his life by his wits. He was able to talk to people and get what he wanted by guile. When he became pharaoh the kingdom was in ruins. People were not trading with them anymore and armies were trying to invade. Geb with his guile was able to stop the armies from invading and actually was able to convince the humanoids that were living in Minervium Superior to take the pumas as their leaders because it would be the best for them. He made peace with the lizardmen but still went there to get slaves by trading for slaves from tribes that were at war with each other and had taken prisoners. Geb in all effect had saved the kingdom.

Rein of Amun-Re 534-567

  Amun-Re was one of Geb’s middle sons. He was a very smart puma. From his travels with his father, he was able to learn the use of arcane magic, which no puma had ever known before. He became a powerful wizard and became an even more powerful pharaoh. He was wise beyond his years and was able to use his magic knowledge to help with his kingdom. He used his magic to build his pyramid. He also used his magic to build the Minervium empire to new heights by using his magic. He turned Minervium into a place of beauty.

Rein of Thoth 568-599

  Thoth was a famous merchant before he became pharaoh. He explored to lands that were not located on any of the tree rings of known world. He explored to far off lands. He brought back with him new and exciting treasures. When he became pharaoh, he was no longer able to travel the world. One day he became bored with the kingdom and decided that he could take an adventure in to more uncharted territories. On his adventure, his ship sank and he died.

Rein of Renenet 600-691

   Before Thoth died he was never able to have a male heir. This caused a problem among the people of Minervium. They did not think that a woman should become pharaoh. They decided that there should be a contest for who would become the pharaoh. The battle went on and there was a victor. When the victor won the victor took their helmet and it was the Renenet the daughter of the Thoth. After besting all the people in battle they knew that she was worthy of being the next pharaoh.

Providence of Atlantis

   Minervium was not conquered like most of the world by Atlantis. Minervium was instead absorbed into the empire of Atlantis. The pharaoh is still the pharaoh and most of the society was not changed. The only battling that occurred was the battling between the two brothers and when Atlantis came into the aid of the "true pharaoh of Minervium".

Part 6: Religion

  Pumas worship the pharaohs of old. In Puma society, the pharaohs are considered to be living gods. When the pharaohs ascend to their kingdom in the sky they are able to grant spells to priests. Living pharaohs usually have people who worship them as gods but at this point the pharaohs can not grant spells to anyone.


  From the sea rose a great flower. In this flower was earth. In this flower were great kingdoms and people. The greatest of the kingdoms and people were the pumas. They were the greatest because they were ruled by a god who lived among them called Zoser. When Zoser died, he became a god and protected the people of Minervium.

The First Ten Pharaohs


Domains: Good, Healing, Knowledge, Law, Protection, Water


Domains: Good, Law, Protection


Domains: Good, Luck, Sun, Travel, Water


Domains: Death, Sun


Domains: Chaos, Death, Destruction, Fire, Strength, War(sword)


Domains: Chaos, Destruction


Domains: Knowledge, Luck, Trickery


Domains: Air, Knowledge, Magic, Protection


Domains: Knowledge, Sun, Travel, Water


Domains: Animal, Healing, Plant, Sun, War(whip)

Part 6: Technology

  Pumas are just as technological as any other culture in the world. They are great traders who are able to get good which have never been seen in Atlantis before. These goods get top dollar from the people of Atlantis.


   Pumas ride giant insects

Type of Insectcost
Large Scorpion500gp
Riding Spider
Huge Beatle

  Scorpions are used to pull chariots. It requires two scorpions to pull a chariot.

  Riding Spiders are large tranlanchalas which are trained to be riden. They have special saddles for this purpose

  Huge beatles are riden like elaphants. They have special harnasses which go on top of the beatle.

Part 7: Names

Male Names

Akert Akeru Akh Am-heh Amathaunta Amaunet
Amenhotep Ament Amentet Amenthes Amenti Ammit
Ammon Amun Amun-Re Andjety Anhur Ankh
Ankt Anouke Anti Anubis Anuket Apep
Apis Arensnuphis Ash Astennu Aten Atum
Auf Ausaas Ba Ba-Pef Babi Bakha
Banebdjetet Bastet Bat Beb Behedti Benu
Bes Beset Buchis Buto Chem Chensit
Chentamentet Chenti-cheti Chenti-irti Cherti Chnum Chons
Chontamenti Dedun Djebauti Dua Duamutef Duat
Ennead Geb Ha Hah Hapi Hapi
Har-em-akhet Har-mau Har-nedj-itef Har-pa-khered Har-sa-iset Har-wer
Harakhti Harmerti Hathor Hatmehit Hauhet Hedetet
Heh Heket Hemen Hemsut Hermanubis Heron
Heryshaf Hesat Hetepet Hez-ur Hike Hor-Hekenu
Horus Hu Huh Ihu Ihy Imhotep
Imiut Imset Inmutef Ipet Isdes Isis
Isten Joh Juesaes Junit ka Kauket
Kebechet Kebechsenef Kematef Kemwer Khem Khentamenti
Khentimentiu Khepri Khnum Kis Kuk Maahes
Ma'at Mafdet Mahes Mehen Mehturt Mendes
Menhit Menthu Mentu Meret Meretseger Mert-sekert
Mesenet Meskhenet Mihos Min Mnewer Mut
Naunet Neb-er-tcher Nebtuu Nechmetawaj Neferhor Nefertem
Neheb-ka Nehebkau Neith Nekhbet Nenun Neper
Nephthys Nepit Neter-khertet Nu Nun Nunet
Nut Ogdoad Osiris Pachet Petbe Petesuchos
Ptah Ptah-Seker-Osiris Qeb Qetesh Ra Rat-taui
Re Renenet Renenutet Renpet Reret Resheph
Ruti Saa Sai Sakhmet Satet Satis
Seb Sebek Sechat-Hor Sed Seker Sentait
Sepa Septu Serapis Serket Serq Seshat
Sesmu Seth Shai Shait Shu Sia
Sobek Somtus Sopdet Sopedu Ta-tchesert Tanen
Taouris Tasenetnofret Tatenen Taurt Taweret Tefnut
Tenenit Thoth Toeris Tuat Un-nefer Uneg
Unut Urthekau Wepwawet Wosyet Yaaru Zenenet

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