Goulash Fusion

Ever notice Eastern European dishes such as Hungarian Goulash and Paprikash share a lot with central Asian dishes such as Indian Curries?

There are things where fusion between these recipes can really benefit both for example Chicken Tikka Masala or German Currywurst.

It is a fun place to play with the recipe and look at alternative spice profiles to other recipes. They are very tolerant to adjustments and rough measurements.

This recipe is mostly Hungarian goulash, but finished with yogurt instead of Sour cream.



  1. Cut the meat into large bite sized chunks.

  2. Brown the meat. Choose one:

    • Couple minutes on a hot grill to put a little color on the out side
    • Mix the dry spices, coat the meat and brown it in the pot with a little oil
    • Brown it with the onions
  3. Put it all in a pot and let it stew. Again options

    • fry every thing up then braise it in minimal liquid
    • stew it in lots of water
    • Crockpot it all day.
  4. When everything is well cooked, pull the meat out. It can be easily de-boned now, if desired. A stick blender can be used on the sauce if a more even consistency is desired.

  5. Mix the yogurt and flour together this should help protect from curdling or clumping. adding some oil or fat might help as well. Then add that mixture into the stew to lighten it, and add richness and thickness.

  6. Add the meat back in.

  7. Serve with a plain starch: egg noodles, white rice, spaetzle, mashed potatoes, etc.

Vegetarian Alternatives

Use spinach, large chunks of carrot and/or potato instead of browned meat.

Cook it up without any meat then add cubes of grilled paneer at the end.

If you wanted to go vegan the dairy in the finish could be replaced with coconut milk and maybe a little extra flour, and definitely add the olive oil.