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Why tyrfing.org?

I get many questions about why tyrfing.org?

The short answer is simple: it's cool.

The long answer is the machines on my home network are named after types of swords. So I thought a famous mythical sword would be a good domain name. excaliber.* was taken and was a little to commercial. The mythical Norse sword tyrfing immediately came to my mind. Tyr being the Norse god of swordsmanship. Fing meaning fang, a common way to refer to one's blade. So Tyrfing was Tyr's Fang. The sword of the perfect swordsman. It seemed fitting. To find out more than you want to know about this subject, try Wikipedia.

Hobby How-Tos

I figure this information may be useful to someone out there. It's at least useful to me, and this keeps it all centralized. Some of these are how-tos. Some of these are just lists of technical info. Some are discertations on the nature of the feild of study. And some are just stories of my own humiliating misadventures. I hope you can learn something from them. DISCLAIMER: Life is a gamble. Following any of these guides may not lead you to the same results. In some cases, worse yet they may lead you to the same results. If in doubt consult a professional.

Who am I?

Many people who have read this far (I'm pretty impressed), are probably wondering who I am. I imagine your thinking, "This guy just rants on and on. Who does he think he is anyway?"

My name is Ted Kotz. I setup this page because I had the domain for networking reasons and my brother wanted to setup some web space. So I figured we'd split the cost on a VPS. Then I just sort of threw together some info I had lieing around and called it a Website. Maybe with time it will also gain order.

I graduated with a BS in Computer Science with a minor in Computer Engineering from NJIT in 2000. I'm an Embedded Systems Programmer for ITT Industries. I live in Newark, NJ with my brothers and housemates. I recently bought the house we live in and spend a good portion of my free time trying to fix it up.

I'm a practicing Roman Catholic. Meaning I go to church every Sunday and on holy days. I'm a fairly moderate Catholic. Meaning I probaly won't burn you at the stake for not. Feel free to hold this against me, suffering is good for the soul.

When I get around to setting up a mail server, there will be link around here to contact me. And now the what you've been waiting for:
Ted Porn(Link Down).


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