Merc 'Borg OCC Attribute Req: IQ 8 ME 15 Attribute Bonuses: none Combat Bonuses: +5 save vs insanity(due to extensive psyciatric evaluation) +3 save vs magic PPE: 1d4(regaurdless of race) ISP: none SDC: 1d4x10 HP: Standard Powers: see cybernetics Skills: math: basic(+20%) native language(96%) one additional language(96%) Radio: Basic(+10) Read sensory Equipment(+10) Weapon Systems(+5%) HtH: Expert can be traded for assasin or martial arts at cost of 1 other skill Other skills: 13 +1 at 4,8,12 at least 2 must be piloting and at least 4 must be WP. Communications: any(+10) Domestic: Any(+5) Electrical: only Basic(+5) Espionage: Intelligence and detect concealment only Mechanical: Only Basic or Automotive(+5) Medical: Only First Aid(+5) Military: any (+10) Physical: Only climbing, gymnatics, prowl, swimming, scuba (+5) Pilot: Any (+10) Pilot Related: Any (+10) Rouge: Any(+5) Science: none Technical: Any(+10) WP: Any Wilderness: Any(+5) Secondary Skills: 4 +1 at 2,5,8,13 Standard Equipment: 1 suit light 'borg armor, 1 e-pistol, 1 e-rifle, 4 e-clips for each, 4 grenades, utility belt, back pack Money: 1d6x1000 credits Cybernetics: choose 1: 1 assembly line model 'borg (ie. dragon borg, triax model, etc.) +$100,000 for custom fetures 2 $1,500,000 in bionics XP: as 'borg occ.

bionics and insanity: Each time the character goes "under the knife" for any weapon system or bionic limb the character must save vs insanity (12) or gain 2 insanities. This provides certain advatages to getting all bionics at once. While a slow change will slowly madden the character. If this insanity goes untreated it will lead to the formation of 1d4 insanities within 2 years. modifiers to save: reason(choose 1) better than being a grunt 0 must be strong to protect "home" +1 want to be able to crush peoples skull -2 only way to survive accident +3 style looks really cool 0 the power baby -2 the pay is better -1 duty calls +2 doctor mad jack -4 ripper doc -2 hospital 0 special bionic hospital with staff psychiatrist +2 other(cumulative) each new bionic limb -1 every 2 new weapon systems -1 every 4 points of increased PP or PS -1 every 10 points of increased spd -1

bionic insanity table: 01-25 Psychosis 26-50 A deep, overriding hatred and distrust of all: roll on phobia table 51-75 Obssesion 76-100 Other 01-25 Compulsive liar; lies at leats 50% of the time 25-50 Kleptomaniac; constantly walking off with other peoples stuff 51-75 Recluse; prefers to be alone or in company of other "machines" 76-00 God complex; character believes his is indestructable and worthy of worship Bionics Arm and Hand PS 10/22, PP 10/20, MDC 40 45,000 Leg and Foot PS 10/22, PP 10/20, spd 10/68, MDC 60 85,000 Torso PS 10/30, PP 10/26, spd 10/176, MDC 80 165,000 with torso all maxes go up to torso level Attribute increases +1 PP or PS per limb 1,000 +1 Spd per limb 200 Other sound suppression system as rifts japan p88 100,000 chameleon covering as rift merc p 124 provides no MDC 50,000 ambideterity co processor (equivilant to paired weapons) 26,000 Bio-systems Arm and Hand PS 8/20, PP 10/18, SDC 100 40,000 Leg and Foot PS 8/20, PP 10/18, spd 10/30, SDC 150 80,000 Finger or toe 1000 Hands or foot 10,000 Hip or shoulder 15,000

Alpha class 2 arms, 2 legs, torso, 2 mechanical eyes with polorized lenses universal headjack& ear implant, PS 24, PP 20, spd 40, 280 MDC 588,000 Eclipse 2 arms, 2 legs, torso, 2 multi-optics eyes, amplified hearing, universal headjack& ear implant with built in radio, sensor hand, retractable vibroclaw(2d6MD), concealed arm laser rod, chameleon covering wrist needle and drug dispensor, 2 L. concealed compartments in legs, sound suppression sytem, PS 24, PP 26, Spd 70, 280 MDC 987,000 Gemini(all parts are bio-systems) 2 infra/ultra eyes, 2 inner ears, universal headjack & ear implant, outer ear, nasal passage, outer nose, lips, tongue, larynx/voice box, artificial heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, spleen, intestine, 2 arms, 2 legs cyber-disguise type AA-1,PS 20,PP 18,Spd 30,SDC 500,PB 3-24 1,117,000 Dragoon 2 arms, 2 legs, torso, 2 multioptic-eyes, internal IV feed, 2 amplified hearings with ultra-ear with sound filtration universal headjack& ear implant radio with extended range and scrambler, Molecular Analyzer, built in loud speaker, computer & calculator, internal Ammo drum, sensor hand, left arm tandem mounted mini-railgun and particle beam, right arm retractable v-claws, HI-B3 borg armor PS 30, PP 26, Spd 170, 700 MDC 816,000 with internal energy supply (500 shots) 1,316,000 Shiva, close quaters assault/riot control borg 4 arms, 2 legs, torso, 1 multi optic eye, 1 video camera eye, optic nerve video implant, oxegen storage cell, toxin filter, builtin radio reciever & transmiter headjack, built in speech translator, climb cord, chemicalspray directed through all hands, sensor hand, back mounted 4 v-swords and locking scabards, ambidexterity coproccessor (WP paired bonus skill), PS 30, PP 20, Spd 100, 280 MDC 890,000