Seven Seas

Outer Sea

Mostly unknown edge of the world, Assumed populated with Sea Monsters

Frozen Sea

Northern, part of the Outer Sea, Legendary home of the Orcs, populated with Ice monsters and Artic Beasts. Home to the Ogres.

Tranquil Sea

No Currents Unpredictable Winds, Sea weed Forests, Home to the Gnolls.

Blazing Sea

Earth quakes, Volcanic Islands, Tidal Waves more frequent. Tropical Sea with associated monsoons. Home to the Dwarves and Draconics.

Shimmering Sea

Center Sea. Most civilized and well charted Sea. Home to Humans, Halflings.

Pearl Sea

Home to Elves and Cyclops and Minotaur and other Fey

Ebon Sea

Lots of small Islands, Murky Waters. Home to the Goblinoids.

Legendary Seas

Hidden Sea

The Sea the touches all seas and cannot be seen by mortal eyes. The dead must cross this sea to realms of the after life.

Forgotten Sea

Reputed to lead to the palaces of the gods


Zephyr, Harbinger of the four winds Common Alternate Names: Theyt Trismagistus (Hermes Trismegistus) Lord of Anemoi(the Four Winds) Enlil Fujin Portfolio: Air, Communication, Secrets, Weather, Knowledge, Teaching Celestial Object: Sky Color: White Number: 4 Weapon: Bow Animal: Raven, Bird of Paradise Vehicle: A boat pulled by four whales, winged sandals or hat Realm: Crossroad of the four winds Servitors: The Anemoi( The Four Winds ) Theology: Theytic Order of the Eastern Wind (Hermetic order of the golden dawn, guardians of occult knowledge) Domains: Air, Chaos, Luck, Trickery, Travel, Sun, Knowledge, Magic, War Monk 1: Dodge or Combat Reflexes 2: Mobility or Lightning Reflexes 6: Spring Attack or Blind Fight 10: Ki Strike (chaotic) 16: Ki Strike (sonic energy)

Ashanti, Earth Mother Common Alternate Names: Lono Emesh Zeme Rura Gaia Portfolio: Earth, Fertility, Law, Agriculture, Marriage, Wisdom Celestial Object: Moon Color: Green Number: 2 Weapon: Blade (Sickle, Knife) Animal: Ram Vehicle: Cart pulled by a two headed eight legged ram Realm: The Lost Forest Servitors: The White Hart, The Colossus, Theology: Ashanti Coven (Wicca coven, midwives etc) Domains: Earth, Law, Animal, Plant, Protection, Strength, Healing, Death, Destruction Monk 1: Toughness or Improved Grapple 2: Endurance or Deflect Arrows 6: Diehard or Improved Trip 10: Ki Strike (lawful) 16: Ki Strike (admantine/cold iron/silver)

Hyperion, The Invincible Sun Common Alternate Names: Ao Sol Invictus Freyr Alaunus Surya Portfolio: Fire, Sun, Healing, Volcanoes, Forge, Truth, Passion, Gunpowder Celestial Object: Sun Color: Red Number: 1 Weapon: Hammer Animal: Eagle (phoenix), salamander Vehicle: Solar Barge drawn by Phoenix Realm: The Azer Forge Servitors: The Sun (Phoenix), Azer and Fire Giants Theology: Hyperion Church (sun worshipers, mystery cult) Domains: Fire, Good, Animal, Protection, Strength, Sun, Knowledge, Healing, Magic Monk 1: Power Attack or Stunning Fist 2: Improved Bull Rush or Combat Reflexes 6: Improved Overrun or Improved Disarm 10: Ki Strike (good) 16: Ki Strike (fire energy)

Stygia, Mistress of the Seven Seas Common Alternate Names: Calypso Mistress Death Hekate Typhon Tiamat Lady of Atlantis Portfolio: Water, Death, Travel, Thieves(pirates), War, Wealth Celestial Object: Sea Color: Blue Number: 7 Weapon: Spear or Short Sword Animal: Shark Vehicle: Ferry of the dead Realm: City of Atlantis Servitors: Davey Jones, Kraken, Leviathan Theology: Cult of Typhon (WOD: followers of set, Doomsday cult) Domains: Water, Evil, Luck, Trickery, Travel, Plant, Death, Destruction, War Monk 1: Weapon Finese or Combat Expertise 2: Improved Intiative or Improved Trip 6: Improved Sunder or Improved Feint 10: Ki Strike (evil) 16: Ki Strike (cold energy)

Mythology of the Seven Seas

The Fate of Atlantis

Far east of the Pearl Sea, in the shadow of the home of the East Wind, was the marvelous metropolis of Atlantis. Ashanti had gifted them with more good earth that is in all the Shimmering Sea. The soil brought forth incredible wealth of vegetables and livestock. Zephyr placed them under the care of the East Wind, and the people of Atlantis paid great homage. This so impressed the East Wind that he guarded their ships where ever they sailed and taught them the secrets of capturing the wind so that they could make the largest sailing vessels ever seen. The Atlanteans used this knowledge to spread there wealth across the eastern seas. This pleased the East Wind. The trade brought the Atlanteans yet more wealth. And with that the Atlanteans developed science and magic such that they could grow independent from the gods. Their advancement and independence still further pleased the East Wind.

Others, Stygia, Mistress of the Seven Seas, was not pleased by this. All the gold and wealth of the Atlanteans was born on the backs of her sea and yet she was not offered any. All that came to her was what fell out of the ships during the storms that so seldom occurred under the watchful eye of the East Wind. Ashanti saw Stygia grow jealous of the wealth of the Atlantis and knew what horrors Stygia could bring upon the mortals there. Ashanti did not wish to see it. So she shook the earth so as to remind them of the power of the gods, where their place was and that they should honor the gods.

The violence of the earthquake was so intense that many Atlanteans called out to Zephyr to save them. Zephyr was not pleased that Ashanti would mettle with a city under his protection. He wished the Atlanteans to live free of the oppression of the gods. Thus he had the winds play a song to lull the Earth Mother to rest away from violence. He then had the East Wind blow the fear from the hearts of the Atlanteans. Seeing that things were restored he returned to the Crossroads.

Now this series of events sat no better with Stygia than before, the Atlanteans grew more independent and showed no fear of her might at all. This would not stand. As soon as Ashanti was asleep and Zephyr was distracted by the happenings at the Crossroads, she went about her dark business. She began to raise the sea over all the earth of Atlantis, dragging the city down into the depths of the sea. The East Wind saw the rising water and tried to blow it out to sea, but the wind had little effect against the rising tide. The resulting wind was so strong that it tore every sail in the eastern seas.

As the people began to cry-out the East Wind carried their message to Zephyr, who knew that only Invincible Hyperion could burn Atlantis out of Stygia's grip. Hyperion was at the Azer Forge which was as far from the Crossroads as they were from the eastern seas, but something must be done for the pride of the East Wind so they set out immediately. When they arrived at the Forge, Hyperion was hard at work smithing new islands for the Blazing Sea. Beating black ferrous rock into flaming domes, to cool in the sea. Now Hyperion had been long at work, but even he was not fully unaware of distant Atlantis. The Solar Eagle had told him of their mighty empire. He saw little reason to leave the Forge for prideful fools, more islands could be made. The Lord of the East Wind told Hyperion of their resourcefulness and the things they had created and he was intrigued. He was told of their fair treatment of one another and how the shared the wealth of their land with all of the eastern seas and his heart was turned.

He flew to the city as fast as the Sun could carry him. He struck the sea with his fiery hammer and boiled off the invading flood water, but it was too late. Atlantis was now only a city of the dead. Hyperion saw no further point in effort and left the remains of the city to be reclaimed by the sea. Hyperion told Stygia he would fight no further for her prize, but with it she must keep the dead, and use it as a city for the dead. She agreed to the fire gods terms. Now Ashati had been awakened by the sounds of Hyperion's hammer. She saw what had become of Atlantis, that Stygia had gotten her gold and her revenge. This saddened Ashanti and she shed a single tear. Her hope that this would show Zephyr the errors of his ways. The tear encircled Atlantis forming the Hidden Sea and Zephyr displeased with the entire outcome commanded that no wind would ever bless this sea, so Stygia would need to ferry the dead by hand. This was fine with Stygia too. She gather her wealth and moved into the greatest palace in all of Atlantis with the dead of all who have ever lived to serve her.

Rule Changes

for d20

Other Equipment Bullets(10) 3 gp 2 lb Gunpowder Keg (240 shots) 250 gp 20 lb Horn (32 shots) 35 gp 2 lb Bomb 150 gp (2d6/Fire in 5ft Radius) Smoke Bomb 70 gp (As Fog Cloud)

For Odyssey


Base Classes: Fighter (Grunt) Soldier (Grunt) Barbarian (PowerHouse)

Swashbuckler Pirate/Corsair Trader/Smuggler Mariner Navigator Shipwright Monk of Fire Monk of Water Monk of Earth Monk of Air Priest of Fire Priest of Water Priest of Earth Priest of Air Mage Sea Nomad Thief

Prestige Classes: Legendary Captain Spell Singer Blood Pirate Dread Pirate



H - Hyperion Fire Good Animal Protection Strength Sun Knowledge Healing Magic

Z - Zephyr Air Chaos Luck Trickery Travel Sun Knowledge Magic War

A - Ashanti Earth Law Animal Plant Protection Strength Healing Death Destruction

S - Stygia Water Evil Luck Trickery Travel Plant Death Destruction War


H - Hyperion Z - Zephyr A - Ashanti S - Stygia

HZ Positive SA Negative HA Creation SZ Destruction HA Healing/Life SA Death HA Protection/Peace SZ War H Light/Sun SZ Darkness/Void ZH Knowledge ZS Trickery/Illusion A Home SZ Travel ASH Animal AHS Plant ZS Weather/Sky HA Strength AZ Love HA Courage SHZ Magic A Virtue Z Vice

Element Single double double double

Ashanti Earth Law? Animal Destruction

Zephyr Air

Hyperion Fire Positive Creation

Stygia Water Negative Destruction