Russian Campaign

Allowed Classes&Kits Fighter: All Thief: All Priest: Cleric,Nobleman, Peasent, Scholar, Shaman(of some "old" religion) Wizard: Enchanter, Diviner, Abjurer, Necromancer, Illusionist Bards: (limmited to one school of magic choose from Illusion, Enchant/Charm) Psionics: NO Psychoportive disipline.

Races: Fey Elves - must be multiclass bards(encantment/charm) Gnomes - must be multiclass bards(illusion) Subterrainean Dwarves - Humanoids Half Ogres Half Orc Half Elves Religions: Western Church Duties of the Priesthood Know, exemplify, and pass on the tentants of the faith. Preside over weddings, blessings, regular masses. Remain celebate, and avoid carnal pleasures.

Requirements: AB standard; AL any; WP Blunt; AR a; SP all, divination, 

healing, protection, animal, charm, necromantic, sun, weather*; PW 3) +2 save vs wizard spells; 7) lay hands as paladin; 10) Immune to Enchantment/Charm Spells; TU turn.

The Old Gods

Government Czarist Equipment Most anything is allowed Weapons
Fire Arms, Flintlock (misfire fire does 1d6 damage to wielder and requires 30 rounds to clear) (firearms ignore AC bonuses due to body armor) (firearms reroll damage on an 8, 10 or 12) Arquebus 10 M P 15 1d10 1/3 5/10/21 1-3 100gp Musket 12 L P 8 1d12 1/2 6/12/24 1 300gp Pistol 5 S P 6 1d8 1/2 2/4/6 1 200gp H-Pistol 8 M P 7 1d10 1/2 2/4/6 1 250gp Shot 3sp Stilletto as knife with +2 to hit vs plate armor Basket hilt weapons (+1 bonus when parring) (Main-Gauche, Broad Sword, Saber, Rapier) Wealth Options Standard Same As in book Noble Start x5 starting funds must pay x2 for all equipment to reflect higher quality more artistic construction. Poor Character starts with half starting funds. anything not spent is gone except 2d6 CP. Get +2 reaction adjustment amoung other poor/common people. good for getting deals and free room/board.