General Clerics Positive Energy Negative Energy Neutral Good (allows Lawful Neutral) Neutral Evil (allows Chaotic Neutral) Turn Rebuke Domains: Domains: Air Earth Good Evil Healing Destruction Knowledge Magic Law (Cleric must not be Chaotic) Chaos (Cleric must not be Lawful) Plant Animal Protection War Strength Trickery Sun Death Travel Luck Water Fire Favored Weapons: Favored Weapons: Mace, Light Dagger Club Half spear Mace, Heavy Morningstar QuarterStaff Short Spear Sling Dart Favored Martial Weapon: Favored Martial Weapon: War Hammer Battle Ax

Other: Druidic deity Nuetral Turn Domains: Air Animal Earth Fire Plant Water Favored Weapons: Club Dagger Dart Quarterstaff Sickle Shortspear Sling Spear Favored Martial Weapon: Scimitar