Ultimate Toolbox Contents

This is the list of the portable tools I think everyone should keep on them when doing home repair. I'll probably add more description of there secret value later. I divide what I keep in my toolbox into two categories. Tools that I use to do the jobs. Hardware that get used up by the jobs. I keep this list of tools in my tool box that I take when I'm going to fix something for friends or family. However, it would also be a good list for a toolbox somewhere space is limited like a condo or apartment.

I don't keep power tools in my toolbox, but a good cordless drill should be owned by everyone with a permanent residence. After that a good circular saw or reciprocating saw are good choices, but that begins the slippery slope to power mitre saws, table saws, band saws, radial arm saws, routers, etc. It's a terrible addiction. Plus none of these things are really portable enough to keep in most general purpose tool boxes.

I also keep a bag of assorted wrenches and jewelers screwdriver in my toolbox, mostly because they need to be somewhere and they are have proved useful for me in the past. The only other major thing in my toolbox is my Digital MultiMeter. I have this because I do mostly house wiring for people and it comes in handy. Which brings me to my final point, please add stuff to this toolbox for the projects that YOU do. Maybe you do a lot of network and telephone wiring and keeping a punch down tool makes sense (when I need one I just make due with the back of a utility knife). Only you know what your key projects are. If you start with this tool box, I imagine you'll be able to do most things. If you find yourself wishing you had a portable ratchet set, then add one.