It has been a very log time since I have updated this page. I am currently (2023-04) running a Moto G7plus (aka Revelry+ or lake). I love it simple yet feature packed design at a great price point. I actually have 2 of them so I can swap between them when testing out new ROMs. On it I run LineageOS currently 20 (based on Android version 13).

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I'm a really big fan of android. I decided to compile here all of my findings with android.

I have a G1. I've since rooted it and am now running the cyanogen froyo rom CM6. It is great. I recommend it. I partially created this list to keep track of what I installed when I blow out configurations and reinstall. It should be kept reasonably up to date , and is a live document. I have divided the list of apps into categories such as requires root. I hope this is helpful.

I'm also have a Debian chroot running on my phone for improved shell access. I'm a firm believe in compcache and will probably add a swap partition back to my phone soon.

Top Apps

Top Apps requiring root

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Hopefully there will be more info here soon.