Clerics, Priests, Druids, Witches, Shaman, Warlocks

Clerics, Priests, Druids, Witches, Shaman, Warlocks are all mediums thru which an outside power acts. These mediums have some control over how this power is used. These outside powers (Deities) can turn off the abilities, if the Medium fails to serve, but this is seldom the case. When the medium makes the promise to serve(see the Pact feat), he is granted access to two trees of feats that can be activated using the mediums PSI. Devotees may use these powers at 3/4ths the PSI cost. Each time the character gets a feat from both domains they are granted an additional ability from the all domain.

Charlatan, hucksters and false prophets may also use this system. They must take the Trickery domain as one of their domains, and use the Illusion skill instead of Concentration for activation checks. Their other domains may be limited by the GM.

Negative Energy Deities

Negative Energy Deities will usually require that the character already have Aura of Evil, and the medium may live on negative PSI like an undead.

Sample Deities

Father Time (blue)

Mother Earth (green)

Invincible Light (white)

Mistress Death (black)

Lord Volcano (red)


All Domain

  1. Bless/Curse
  2. See Aura
  3. Atonement
  4. Commune
  5. Combine
  6. Gate
  7. Miracle

Specific Domains



  1. Obscuring Mist
  2. Repel Creatures (Air or Earth)
  3. Fly
  4. Control Weather
  5. Wall of Wind
  6. Gaseous Form
  7. Summon Anima (Air Elementals)


Wild Empathy

  1. Enhance Natural Attack
  2. Command (Animal Beasts)
  3. Polymorph Self (Animal Beasts)
  4. Summon Anima (Animal Beasts)
  5. Polymorph Allies (Animal Beasts)
  6. Repel Creatures (Animal Beasts, or Magical Beasts only)
  7. Polymorph Permanently (Animal Beasts)

Courage (Faith/Hope)

Resist Horror/Insanity

  1. Iron Will
  2. Heroes' Feast
  3. Growth
  4. Restoration
  5. Rending Shout
  6. Righteous Might (Divine power/Heroism (Greater)/Aid/Divine Power(HP/STR Boost))
  7. Geas (Oath, Mark of Justice)


Craft: Any One Skill

  1. Mending
  2. Enhance Item
  3. Fabricate
  4. Creation (Minor, Major, True)
  5. Summon Anima (Provided Body)
  6. Contingency
  7. Genesis



  1. Obscuring Mist
  2. Fear
  3. Obscure
  4. Dispel Magic
  5. Blindness
  6. Summon Anima (Undead)
  7. Enervation


Resist Horror/Insanity

  1. Preserve
  2. Life Drain
  3. Summon Anima (Undead)
  4. Death Ward
  5. Kill (Harm, Finger of Death, Slay Living, Power Word Kill, Circle of Death, Wail of the Bansheel)
  6. Soul Container
  7. Revivify


Demolitions or WU: Cleaving/Crushing

  1. Rending Shout
  2. Contagion
  3. Call Lightning
  4. Dispel Magic
  5. Kill
  6. Disintegrate
  7. Storm of Vengeance



  1. Thick Hide
  2. Repel Creatures (Earth or Air)
  3. Shape Earth (Burrow, Dig, Tunnel, Soften Earth and Stone, Heat metal)
  4. Enhance Item (Metal and Stone only, i.e. not wood)
  5. Fabricate (Stone Shape)
  6. Wall of Stone
  7. Summon Anima (Earth Elementals)


Craft: Reactive Chemicals

  1. Produce Flames
  2. Repel Creatures (Fire or Water)
  3. Control Fire (Quench Fire/Feed Flames)
  4. Sunburst
  5. Wall of Fire
  6. Fire Shield
  7. Summon Anima (Fire Elementals)



  1. Heal
  2. Preserve
  3. Restoration
  4. Regenerate (Heal)
  5. Heal, Mass
  6. Death Ward
  7. Revivify


Craft: Architecture and Craft: Food

  1. Mending
  2. Sanctum
  3. Heroes' Feast
  4. Preserve
  5. Genesis (Secure shelter, Tiny hut, mordenkainen's magnificent mansion)
  6. Returning (Exorcism, Dismissal, Teleport Home)
  7. Restoration


Any One Knowledge Skill

  1. Polyglot
  2. Identify
  3. Knowledge of the Owl
  4. Light of Truth
  5. Telepathy
  6. Navigation
  7. Foresight


Craft: Agriculture

  1. Dancing Lights
  2. Produce Flames
  3. Light of Truth
  4. Sunburst
  5. Fire Shield
  6. Astral Projection
  7. Rainbow


Resist Mind Control/Persuasion

  1. Command (Humanoids or creatures that share a creature type with medium)
  2. Heal
  3. Geas (Oath, Mark of Justice)
  4. Preserve
  5. Iron Will
  6. Freedom
  7. Restoration


Read Scrolls

  1. Dancing Lights
  2. Identify
  3. Dispel Magic
  4. Protection from Magic
  5. Spell Storing (Spell Staff, Imbue with Spell Ability)
  6. Contingency
  7. Antimagic Field (Mordenkainen's disjunction, NUll Magic Zone)



  1. Life Drain
  2. Fear
  3. Enervation
  4. Summon Anima (Undead)
  5. Contagion
  6. Kill (Harm, Finger of Death, Slay Living, Power Word Kill, Circle of Death, Wail of the Banshee)
  7. Soul Container


Craft: Agriculture

  1. Thick Hide
  2. Control Plant Growth
  3. Spike Growth (Wall of Thorns)
  4. Polymorph Self (Plants)
  5. Repel Creatures (Plants only)
  6. Summon Anima (Plants)
  7. Command (Plant Creatures)



  1. Heal
  2. Preserve
  3. Sunburst
  4. Restoration
  5. Returning (Exorcism, Dismissal, Teleport Home)
  6. Death Ward
  7. Revivify



  1. Sanctuary
  2. Enhance Item (Armor & Shields only)
  3. Protection from Energy
  4. Calm Minds (Sleep, Mass Sanctuary, Calm Emotions)
  5. Sanctum
  6. Foresight
  7. Repel Creatures


Lift and Bend Bars

  1. Enhance Natural Attack
  2. Thick Hide
  3. Strength of the Bull
  4. Rage of the Berserker
  5. Growth
  6. Righteous Might (Divine power/Heroism (Greater)/Aid/Divine Power(HP/STR Boost))
  7. Earthquake



  1. Brisk Pace
  2. Polyglot
  3. Freedom (Knock Escape Freedom of movement)
  4. Fly
  5. Navigation
  6. Teleport (Gate, Dimensional Door)
  7. Astral Projection



  1. Dancing Lights
  2. Illusionary Sound
  3. Obscure
  4. Illusionary Image
  5. Illusionary Flavor
  6. Illusionary Temperature
  7. Shadow



  1. Sleep /Sloth (laziness/idleness)/
  2. Life Drain /Greed (avarice)/
  3. Rage of the Berserker /Wrath (anger)/
  4. Command (Humanoids) /Lust (excessive sexual appetites)/
  5. Enervation /Gluttony (over-indulgence)/ -
  6. Righteous Might /Pride (vanity)/
  7. Geas /Envy (jealousy) - Cause Obsession


Resist Mind Control/Persuasion

  1. Heal /Charity (giving)/
  2. Iron Will /Temperance (self-restraint)/
  3. Fear /Humility (humbleness)/
  4. Command (Humanoids) /Kindness (admiration)/
  5. Restoration /Chastity (purity)/
  6. Calm Minds /Forgiveness (composure)/
  7. Geas /Diligence (zeal/integrity/Labor)/


Weapon Use: By Deity Weapon

  1. Rage of the Berserker
  2. Enhance Item (Weapons only)
  3. Spiritual Weapon(Summon/Animate Weapon)
  4. Enhance Item (Armor & Shields only)
  5. Righteous Might (Divine power/Heroism (Greater)/Aid/Divine Power(HP/STR Boost))
  6. Kill
  7. Blade Barrier



  1. Summon Water
  2. Repel Creatures (Water or Fire)
  3. Water Breathing
  4. Control Water (Part Water)
  5. Cone of Cold
  6. Protection from Energy
  7. Summon Anima (Water Elementals)


Skill: Survival

  1. Obscuring Mist
  2. Protection from Energy
  3. Call Lightning
  4. Fly
  5. Control Weather
  6. Rainbow
  7. Storm of Vengeance

Other Potential Future Domains

Psionic Power Tables

Roll A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P
15+ 1 15 10 2y 1 +1 +2 4 10 4 1rnd +1 1 0 1 1
20+ 2 18 16 4y 3 +2 +4 6 20 15 3rnd +1 2 -2 4 2
25+ 3 20 26 6y 5 +3 +6 8 50 60 1min +2 2 2 9 4
30+ 4 23 42 8y 7 +4 +8 10 60 240 3min +2 3 -4 16 8
35+ 5 25 70 10y 9 +5 +10 15 110 1k 10min +3 3 4 25 16
40+ 6 28 110 12y 11 +6 +12 20 160 4k 30min +3 3 -6 36 32
45+ 7 30 190 14y 13 +7 +14 25 210 16k 2hour +4 4 6 49 64
50+ 8 33 300 16y 15 +8 +16 30 260 250k 6hour +4 4 -8 64 128
55+ 9 35 500 18y 17 +9 +18 40 330 Any 1day +5 4 8 81 256



PSI spent to use power at this level


Save DC


Range in Yards


Area of Effect




Stat Bonus


Skill Bonus


Move Object Strength


Damage Style Effect Progression










Size Level





Pact Powers

Antimagic Field (Mordenkainen's disjunction, NUll Magic Zone)

Astral Projection


Blade Barrier



Brisk Pace

Call Lightning

Calm Minds (Sleep, Mass Sanctuary, Calm Emotions) /Forgiveness (composure)/ /Sloth (laziness/idleness)/



Situation Resave Save Mod.
Multiple targets in one effect No +2
Reasonable commands, something it might have done anyway No -2
Request opposes target's nature Yes +2
Request opposes target's karma path, if karma > 10 No +2
Request opposes target's karma path, if karma > 15 Yes +2
Currently being attacked by medium or allies Yes +5
Takes DED from lack or food, sleep, etc. Yes +4
Request Self destructive (won't do it even if save fails) Yes +2
Target is mindless i.e. simple undead No -4
Target is already under mind control No -2


Cone of Cold


Contingency (Permancy, Guards and wards)

Control Fire (Quench Fire/Feed Flames)

Control Plant Growth

If applied instantaneously to a single plant or plant creature, it takes Table I PED(+) or NED(-), unless it Resist Poison/Disease for half.

The energy can be spread over Table E 1 klick radius areas for 1 year, production from the area id cultivated is increased(+) or decreased(-) by Table C %.

If spread over the entire range for Tables x 10 minutes, it causes an overgrowth(+/-) that impedes movement by 1/2.

If spread over Table D burst for Table E minutes, it causes an overgrowth(+/-) that impedes movement by 1/2. Additionally, any one in one of the spaces when the effect goes into effect and once a round after that, must make an escape artist save or become entangled, then grappled, then pinned. On their turn, a victim may attempt an Escape Artist, Grapple, or Bend Bars check vs Table B to move from pinned to grappled, grappled to entangled or entangled to free.

Can be used to counter a control plant growth effect.

Control Water (Part Water)

Control Weather

Creation (Minor, Major, True)

Dancing Lights

Death Ward


Dispel Magic (Break Enchanment, Remove curse)



Enhance Item

Enhance Natural Attack

Fabricate (Stone Shape)


Fire Shield



Freedom (Knock Escape Freedom of movement)

Gaseous Form


Geas (Oath, Mark of Justice) /Diligence (zeal/integrity/Labor)/ /Envy (jealousy) - Cause Obsession

Genesis (Secure shelter, Tiny hut, mordenkainen's magnificent mansion, rope trick)

Growth (animal GRowth, Enlarge Person)


Heal, Mass

Heroes' Feast



Illusionary creatures have offensive and defensive skills matching the controlling illusionist's. They can be considered to have 1 HP and no armor. If they are hit, they are dispelled in a cloud of smoke.

Normally only one illusion(i.e one creature or swarm) can be maintained at a time. The exception to this is disguising a party of characters. The individual disguises can mimic the actions of the character as long as they stay in the area of effect.

If mimicking themselves, the activation roll gets +5 (i.e. one table row better). The medium can create Table A copies of themselves, all performing the same action and/or saying the same thing.

An illusion may combine multiple illusionary effects as aspects. Each additional aspect reduces the activation roll by 5, but may increase the difficulty to disbelieve. For example an Illusionary Image with Sound and Flavor would get -10 to the activation roll, but would apply a -8 to attempts to disbelieve it. The GM may rule that an illusion is inherently unbelievable without certain aspects. and thus will not work or grants a save bonus. For example, a guard reporting that everything is fine would probably need to make sound to be believed.

If someone is more familiar with a subject than the illusionist, they may have information that will help them see thru the illusion. For every level more familiar someone trying to disbelieve is with the subject of the illusion than the illusionist they get +2 to their attempt.

No familiarity
Heard about it
Studied a good description
Experienced one once
Studied one carefully
Intimately familiar

Illusionary Flavor

Illusionary Image

Illusionary Sound

Illusionary Temperature

Iron Will

Kill (Harm, Finger of Death, Slay Living, Power Word Kill, Circle of Death, Wail of the Banshee)

Knowledge of the Owl

Life Drain

Light of Truth

The light intensity may be reduced to Well Lit, becoming ordinary light but increasing the duration by 10 times.


Mind Blank



Obscuring Mist


Polymorph Allies

Polymorph Permanently

Polymorph Self


Produce Flames

Protection from Energy

The effect can be weakened to only protecting against environmental extremes not damaging attacks or effects, increasing the duration by x 10.

Protection from Magic

Rage of the Berserker


Roll Color Effect Save Negates/Destroys Negated by ??Creature Type??
20+ Red 60 HED Roll half Mundane ranged attacks CED Fire elemental
25+ Orange 120 AED Roll half Magical ranged attacks WED Earth elementals
30+ Yellow 240 EED Roll half Poisons and petrify Disintegrate Plant creatures
35+ Green Death Poison P negates Breath weapons ??passwall?? Water elementals
40+ Blue Petrify-480NED P negates Mind and divination TED Air and electricity ceatures
45+ Indigo Insanity H negates All Spells PED Acid and Poison
50+ Violet Gate Random T negates All effects or objects Dispel Magic Metalic and regenerating

Regenerate (Heal)

Rending Shout

Repel Creatures

Creature types Includes
Animals Animals, vermin and things made from leather, bone, tooth, etc
Plants Oozes, plants, fungi and things made from wood
Humanoids Fey, giants, humanoids, monstrous humanoids
Magical Beasts Magical beasts, aberrations, dragons
Negative Energy Animated dead, true undead, ghosts, demons, devils, etc
Positive Energy Angels
Outsiders Any creature not native to the plane
Constructs Golems, robots, animated dead, cyborgs not their parts
Specific Element Elementals of that type and other creatures from that plane


Returning (Exorcism, Dismissal, Teleport Home, Undeath to Death, refuge)


Righteous Might (Divine power/Heroism (Greater)/Aid/Divine Power(HP/STR Boost)) /Pride (vanity)/



See Aura


Shape Earth (Burrow, Dig, Tunnel, Soften Earth and Stone, Heat metal)


Soul Container

Spell Storing (Spell Staff, Imbue with Spell Ability)

Spike Growth (Wall of Thorns)

Spiritual Weapon(Summon/Animate Weapon)

Storm of Vengeance

Strength of the Bull

Summon Anima

Anima Type Conjured(-3) Found(-2) Prepared(-1)
Animal(0) Animal Beast N/A N/A
Plants(-2) Plant Creature Shambling Mound Tree
Earth(-2) Earth Outsider Earth Elemental Statues, Golem
Air(-2) Air Outsider Air Elemental N/A
Fire(-2) Fire Outsider Fire Elemental N/A
Water(-2) Water Outsider Water Elemental Simulacrum
Undead(-1) N/A Spirit,Ghost,Entity Skeleton,Corpse,Mummy,Flesh Golem
Contructed(-2) N/A Mundane Objects Statues, Golems
Number summoned Lvl Adjustment
1 0
2 -2
3 -3
4 -4
5 -5
6 -5
7 -6
8 -6
Duration Lvl Adjustment
rounds 0
minutes -4
x10 minutes -8
hours -12

Summon Water



Teleport (Gate, DImensional Door)

Thick Hide

Wall of Fire

Wall of Stone

Wall of Wind (Wind Wall, Wall Of Force, Control Winds, Make sure doesn't collide with control weather)

Water Breathing