Q: How Does magic fit into my game? A: The magic system of the game allows for multiple levels of magic knowledge. All should be treated as Skills. The Amount of Magic in a game can be set by allowing certain skills, and not allowing others. In a game of ancient magic where few know how to Create Spells. Just allowing Read Scrolls and Copy Scrolls sets up a strict spell system, requiring spell books and extensive time. In a world where powerful wizard/lords have epic battles the raw power of Primal might be more fitting.

Q: What kinds of magic can humans use? A: In a default game humans can use OBE, Scrolls and Enchantments. however they all require finding someone to teach the character how to use them. Humans may learn Cast Spell, but it will slowly kill them.

Q: I see Illusion where is my old pal necromancy? A: Most death magic is either: - enchantment used to animate the dead, - rituals that require sacrifices, or - Cast spell can avoid the 1d4 damage by killing a sacrifice based on spell

Magic Skills (KNO Based): Seance/Exorcism The simplest of magic this Power lets The Character open himself to the supernatural. This skill can also be used to perform some rituals.

OBE This skill is used to leave the body and enter the Astral Plane.

Power Words(OBE) Give The character a basic understanding of all Power words and the Magic language that formed them. note: This Skill makes magic tremendously powerful do not include it in games without powerful mages.

Illusion This quick form of magic lets the character create shadows of reality that may trick the foolish. Roll vs Resist Mind Control to make targets believe you're effect.

Read Scrolls This skill lets the character read previously Written Scrolls. A read scroll becomes a blank page.

Copy Scrolls(Read Scrolls) This Skill lets a wizard become self perpetuating. Now able to Copy Scrolls before he reads them. each attempt to copy a scroll cost 1 IP representing the time that could have been spent studying lost to detailed copying.

Cast Spell: be specific This Skill lets the Wizard recite spells from memory. Removing the need for a spell book. Each separate spell requires a different skill. Anyone who casts spells without the Cast Spells Power(ie a normal human) takes 1d4 damage. Can be used instead of Copy Scroll to create a Scroll(still costs 1 IP).

Enchant Item This Skill Lets A character inscribe mystical writing onto an item in order to give it mystical powers. The Item then imbues a plus when used for its intended purpose. the plus is equal to 1/8 the roll (remember critical x2). This costs 10 IP plus material costs.

Enchant w/ Power Word(Enchant Item, Power Words) This Skill Lets A character inscribe mystical writing onto an item in order to give it mystical powers mimicking a power word. The Item then casts at a skill level equal to 1/2 the roll. This costs 20 IP plus material costs. Quick single use or contingency items can be made for 1 IP.

Enchant w/ Spell(Enchant Item, Read Scrolls/Cast Spell) This Skill Lets A character inscribe mystical writing onto an item in order to give it mystical powers like a spell. The enchanter must know the spell or have it on a scroll. The Item then casts at a skill level equal to 1/2 the roll. This costs 30 IP plus material costs. Quick single use or contingency items can be made for 1 IP.

Animate Object(Enchant Item, Power Words) This lets the enchanter create animated dead, golems, or demented brooms. each animated object has an IP cost based on stats.

Create Spell This Skill lets the Wizard try to write new spells using his broadening knowledge of the workings of the universe. This will have an IP and possibly monetary cost determined by GM at game time. the character gets the Cast Spell skill for the newly created spell at whatever they roll.

Primal(Illusion, Power Words, Create Spells) This Skill reflects the wizards understanding of the primal workings of the universe. This lets him create and cast new spells on the fly. This works very similarly to Illusion ,but there is no check to see thru the illusion. I really happens.


Seance/Exorcism and Other Rituals

These most often are rituals used to contact gods, demons and other alien beings of unimaginable power. They often do favors when requested assuming that they will get favors in return. The more distantly exiled/banished ones tends to require a sacrifice to contact the worst/most powerful of these may even need multiple human sacrifices.

Seance Exorcism Animate Dead Protection Circle Effect: protects against supernatural beings entering the circle. Sanctuary Effect: when cast on mages dwelling no other mage may cast a spell there without permission.

Illusion and Primal

These skills are limited only by the characters imagination, knowledge, and to a lesser degree the laws of physics. That is if a character doesn't know how a car works his creation might be missing important parts even though it might move if he wills it to. Seeing a sports car buzz around at 100kph then the hood pop open to show a hamster wheel might alert the observer unless it's in a dream. People who see a flaw in this type of magic can try to disbelieve it out of existence.

Power Words

All Powerwords . Range: touch at best Casting time: 1 AT Duration: instantaneous

Shield-parries 1 incoming physical attack. Tremor-all who hear it must maintain balance. Fire-creates a spark to fling from mages finger does 1 point fire damage. Smoke-creates a Plume of smoke obscuring mage. Purify-Rids mage's body of toxins/disease Concentrate-Rids mage's mind of outside influences Power-increases mage's bend/lift Extinguish-puts out all flame's in 100m radius Null- cancels all spells in 100m radius Flinch-causes target to flinch Wake Up-causes short burst of life energy in target True Form- negates all shape shifting/invisibility for 100m radius Pain- everyone in 100m must roll vs resist pain or lose 1 AT Fuel - causes 1 roaring fire to flare up Flash - creates flash of light Thunder - causes crash of thunder

OBE, Meditation and Astral Projection

Q: where can a character go when he OBE? A: The place the character can go include: 1) wander the astral plane - full of entertaining beasties 2) contact someone in the astral plane (including sleeping people)

Q: how does one move in the astral plane? A: easy one of two ways: 1) float around 2) teleport just requires thinking of the place or person to which they want to go and roll there OBE skill.

Q: how aware is the character of there body? A: in order to notice anything first make a OBE+CUN check then the regular roll.

Q: how hard is to come back to your body? A: it just requires returning to your entry point. often a teleport roll.

Q: What kind of contact to I have on the real world? or can I use this to spy on people? A: You can not fly around undetected this way you are completely immersed in another dimension. it touches ours in many place but doesn't overlay.

Q: What can I do then? A: Besides communicate with other OBE types you can try to enter dreams and talk to them or use illusion to alter the dream. Remember though it is still just a dream. As a matter of fact nothing you do can hurt the character in any way. No matter how disturbing or disruptive the dream it still counts for REM. In fact the outsider is in far more risk as they can take damage while in some else's dream.

Q: How does combat work? A: If you get into a fight with some kind of astral plane beast you're in trouble. Magic works. combat is completely physical and if you die game over. The key problem is that astral plane creatures are likely to have fangs or claws, and you can't bring equipment into the astral plane.

Q: Seance

Q: Counts as Sleep

Spells and Enchantments

Spell description: Range: range of spells in meters Personal(0) Touch(2) Close(15) Medium(60) Long(240) Unlimited Area of Effect: Radius of effect in meters Target - A number of a specified targets Burst - odd value center on space, even center on corner caster may drop area of effect by 1 to change centering Line - Choose start point in range and endpoint area of effect from start. All spaces within the shortest path, between the points, are effected. If multiple paths exist the caster may select right or left leaning preference for path selection. Meaning if two spaces are equally closer to the endpoint it will travel through the space in the direction it is leaning. Cone - A cone has center line as described above. Each step out the area expands one more space first to the expansion preference. Then to the other side in a balanced fashion. The expansion prefernce of the cone is always opposite of the leaning preference of center line. Ring - Similar to the burst however is only the 2D ring at the outermost edge of the effect Dome/Sphere - Similar to the ring, but extends in to 3D Copying Time: Copying time in min Duration: duration in min Instant - 1 actions/secounds Fleeting - rounds Temporary - min Lengthy - hours Enduring - days Permanent Concentration Save: Skill used to save against Usually one of these: BB Bend Bars F Resist Fatigue/Hunger/Thirst P Resist Poison/Disease Att Dodge (This is really just an attack, Range increment = Spell Range/5) EA Escape Artist MB Maintain Balance R Roll (successful saves usually only reduce effectiveness default half damage) H Resist Horror/Insanity MAD Resist Mind Altering Drugs/Torture MC Resist Mind Control/Persuasion combined Saves or target may choose which skill to use
and target must fail both saves for full effect DC: Difficulty to use Crafting Points: points spent to make copy. Effect: the spells effect

Alignment: Fire - Red Air - Cyan Earth - Green Water - Blue Light - White Dark - Black Mind - Yellow Time - Magenta

Attack DC: Crafting Points: Copying Time: Material Cost: Range: self touch close medium far LOS LOE Both Neither Area of Effect: Target Line Cone Burst Duration: Save vs: Effects:

DC Scroll Cost Spell Level 10 25 11 30 12 40 13 50 14 60 15 80 16 100 17 125 18 160 19 200 20 250 21 300 22 400 23 500 24 600 25 800 26 1000 27 1250 28 1600 29 2000 30 2500 31 3000 32 4000 33 5000 34 6000 35 8000 36 10000 37 12500 38 16000 39 20000 40 25000 41 30000 42 40000 43 50000 44 60000 45 80000 46 100000 47 125000 48 160000 49 200000 50 250000 x f(x)=f(x-10)10=10^(x/10)2.5



Spell DC(where X is Power DC) Spell DC = 2/3(X+15)

Spells Level Cost Mult C Lvl Stat DC Conc Save 0 0.5 1 5 19 20 15 1 1 1 6 20 21 17 2 6 3 6 22 22 18 3 15 5 7 25 23 20 4 28 7 7 27 24 21 5 45 9 8 30 25 23 6 66 11 8 32 26 24 7 91 13 9 35 27 26 8 120 15 9 37 28 27 9 153 17 10 40 29 29 10 190 19 10 42 30 30 Cost = CL * SL * $250 Stat = (11 + SL)/2 CL = (SL* 2) - 1 DC=CL+Stat+10+3(1 for base skill, 2-6 for feat) DC=(SL * 2) -1 + (11 +SL)/2 + 13 = 2.5 SL + 17.5 SL = 2/5 * DC - 7 CL= 4/5 * DC - 15 Cost = 8/25 x^2 - 58/5 x + 105 Cost = X^6/26000000 Cost = (X-10)^2/6 Cost = (X-10)^3/180 Cost = 1.25^(x-10)/5 Cost = 2^(x/3)*2.46