Lycanthropy Common Lust: Full Moonlight Fear: Holy Water Powers: Resist Lunacy(Wil), Transform(End), Control Animals of same type(PRE), Horror Factor, Sense Supernatural

Animal: Canine Name: WereWolf Lust: Hunt Fear: Strong Scents (Garlic, WolvesBane) Sense: Smell Stat: End Natural Attacks: Claws (2d6), Bite (2d6) Powers: Danger Sense, Sense Aura

Animal: Vampire bat Name: Vampire Lust: Blood Fear: Light Sense: Sonar Stat: Pre Natural Attacks: Bite (2d6), Talons (2d6) Powers: Flight, Charm(Pre)

Animal: Bear Name: Bezerker Lust: Sweets Fear: Nothing(will not back down from any fight), Cowardice Sense: Taste Stat: Strength Natural Attacks: Claws (2d6), Bite(2d6), Bear Hug(3d6 damage lock) Powers: Ignore Pain

Animal: Big Cat(Jaguar, Tiger) Name: Capiango Lust: Kill Fear: Light Sense: Hearing Stat: Dex Natural Attacks: Claws (2d6), Bite(2d6) Powers: Invisibility

Animal: Raccoon/Badger/Rat/Rodent Name: Tanuki/Hengeyokai Lust: Shiny Baubbles Fear: Salt Sense: Hearing Stat: Cun Natural Attacks: Claws(1d6), Bite(2d6) Powers: Disorientaion, Shapeshifting: disguise

Animal: Bird (Swan, Crane, Drake, Sparrow, Eagle, Falchion, Owl, Crow, Raven) Name: Swan Maiden/Harpy/Tengu Lust: Hatred of the Opposite sex Fear: must have token to transform at Will Sense: Sight Stat: Agi Natural Attacks: Talons(2d6) Powers: Flight, Charm

Animal: Horse, Goat Name: Centaur, Satyr Lust: Alcohol Fear: Humans Sense: Sight Stat: END Natural Attacks: Hooves(2d6) Powers: Improved running (x2)

Animal: Bull Name: Minotaur Lust: Reproduce(Tend to kill men and Enslave women) Fear: Open Places Sense: Direction Stat: STR Natural Attacks: Horns(4d6), Hooves(2d6) Powers: Disorientation

Animal: Crustacean (Crab, Lobster, Scorpian) Name: Kappa Lust: Flesh Fear: Drying Out Sense: Taste Stat: End Natural Attacks: Claws(3d6) Powers: Natural Swimmer(x2), Breath Water

Animal: Fish (Carp) Name: Mermen Lust: Enslaving Surface Dwellers Fear: Being Seen Sense: Hearing Stat: Agi Natural Attacks: Bite(4d6) Powers: Natural Swimmer(x2)), Breath Water, Charm

Animal: Boar Name: Lust: Fear: Sense: Stat: Natural Attacks: Tusks(2d6), Hooves(2d6) Powers:

Animal: Frog Name: Lust: Fear: Sense: Stat: Natural Attacks: Powers:

Animal: Alligator Name: Lust: Fear: Sense: Stat: Natural Attacks: Powers:

Animal: Name: Lust: Fear: Sense: Stat: Natural Attacks: Powers:

Human Form As Human

Were Form Nature: Biological Size: 4 Stats: key stat is +20 Communication: growling Diet: by Lust or Omnivourus Actice Cycle: nocturnal Senses: improved key sense (+20 all related skills) AT: standard Attack: by powers/by weapon Defenses: Impervious to CD, BD, GD, except takes x2 from Silver and takes x2 from FD. Powers: by type Difficulty:

Animal form As Animal

Giant animal form As Animal Size +1