Martial Arts

  1. Tien-Hsue Touch Mastery

    • Language: Chinese
    • Culture: Confucianism
    • Skills: Roll, Dodge, Parry
    • Improved Unarmed Strike

    • Finger Tip Attack

    • Inflict/Relieve Dizziness

    • Inflict/Relieve Muteness

    • Inflict/Relieve Pain

    • Inflict/Relieve Blindness

    • Inflict/Relieve Deafness
    • Inflict/Relieve Paralysis

    • Touch of Death

    • 3 powers from: invisibilty/atemi/chi mastery

    • 1 zenjoriki power
    • Skills: Metaphysics(Geomancy)
  2. Bok Pai Crane Style Kung Fu

    • Language: Chinese
    • Culture: Taoism
    • Skill: Roll
    • Skill: Balance
    • Skill: Parry

    • Multi-Dodge

    • Circular Parry - Deflecting Parry
    • Crane Fist (1D8) - Claw Attack
    • Improved Unarmed Strike
    • Kick
    • Death Blow
    • Throw/Flip
    • Knock-Out Strike
    • Crane Stance: can't advance/retreat/dodge +4 Parry +6 Balance +2 strike

    • 2 powers from Body Hardening / Specialty Katas

    • 2 powers from Body Hardening / Specialty Katas /Atemi
    • 1 powers from Body Hardening / Specialty Katas /Chi
    • 1 powers from Zenjoriki

    • 1 Skill from: gardening, calligraphy, chinese cooking

    • Skill: Resist Fatigue/Hunger/Thirst

    • Skill: Balance
    • Roll with Attack??
    • *
  3. Mien-Ch'uan Cotton Fist Kung Fu

    • Language: Chinese
    • Culture: Taoism
    • Skills: Roll, Balance, Dodge, Parry
    • Multi-Dodge
    • Auto-Dodge
    • Circular Parry
    • Improved Unarmed Strike
    • Blocking Parry
    • Knock Out Strike
    • Skill: Sneak Attack
    • 3 powers from: body hardening/chi mastery/special katas
    • 2 skills from: gardening, calligraphy, poetry, music(instrument or singing), cooking
    • Skills: Metaphysics(Geomancy)
  4. Fu-Chiao Pai Tiger Claw Kung Fu

    • Language: Chinese
    • Culture: Taoism
    • Skills: Roll, Balance, Jump, Tumbling, Dodge, Parry
    • Multi-Dodge
    • Power Block
    • Claw Attack
    • Power Punch
    • Flurry of Blows
    • Kick
    • Sweep Attack
    • Jump Attack
    • Blocking Parry
    • WP: Claws
    • Knock-Out Strike
    • Skill: Sneak Attack
    • 2 powers from: Body Hardening/Special Katas
    • Karumi-Jutsu Zenjoriki (weight reduction)
    • Skills: Gardening, Cooking
    • Survival: Fasting, Wilderness Survival, Tracking
    • Physical: Climbing, Gymnastics, Prowl, Swimming
  5. Aikido

    • Language: Japanese
    • Culture: Zen
    • Improved Unarmed Strike
    • Knock Out Strike
    • Reflexive Grappling
    • reflexive Throw/Flip
    • lock
    • breakfall
    • evasion
    • Skill: roll
    • Multi-dodge
    • disarm
    • auto parry
    • circular parry
    • 2 powers from chi mastery / atemi abilities
    • 1 Zenjoriki power
    • 2 skills from: Ikebana, Bonsai, Calligraphy, Ukio-e, Haiku, Go
  6. Drunken Style Kung Fu

  7. Isshin-Ryu Karate
  8. Jujutsu
  9. Ninjitsu
  10. Shaolin Kung Fu
  11. Sumo
  12. Tai Kwon Do
  13. Thai Kick Boxing
  14. Tai-Chi Ch'uan

Style H/Soft Dir/C Off/Def Range Hand/Foot Primary Power Weapons Philosophy
Water Soft Direct Off Grapple Preasure points Tien-Hsue Touch Mastery Air Soft Circ D Strike Leap Attacks/Movements Bok Pai Crane Style Earth Hard Direct D Grapple Body Hardening Mien-Ch'uan Cotton Fist Kung-fu Fire Hard Circ off Strike Fu-Chiao Pai Tiger Claw Kung Fu

Styles Water Aikido Water BOk pai Crane Water / Earth Ch'in-na Water Drunken Style Kung Fu Air Ch'a Ch'uan Kung Fu Air Choy-Li-Fut Kung Fu Fire Fong Ngan Kung Fu Earth Fu-Chiao Pai Air Chi Hsuan Men Air Isshin-Ryu Earth Jujutsu

Hard Soft

Direct Circular

Close Long



Hand Foot


Martial Art Skills(DEX Based): Claw Attack (Pummeling) A hand strike that is treated as a 1d6 damage melee weapon Defensive Grappling (Off Hand Parry, Grapple) Works like an unarmed parry, but if successful results in having attacker grappled. Hold (Grappling) As Grapple, but does punch damage each round maintained. Lock (Hold) As Grapple, but escape results in dislocation(3d6 damage). To escape with Bend Bars, requires Resist Pain roll, and does additional damage equal to escaper's Melee Power Bonus. Dislocate (Lock) Requires Target to be in a Lock. forces them out of lock doing 3d6 damage. Throw/Flip (Grappling) Target is thrown to the ground, treat as 3m Fall. Defensive Throw/Flip (Defensive Grappling, Throw/Flip) Works like an unarmed parry, but if successful results in having attacker grappled.
Power Block (Pummeling/Weapon Kata) This active parry does damage to attacker. Reflexive Dodge (Dodge) Just like dodge however costs one less AT (can be reduced to zero). Jump Attack (Tumbling, Running, Pummeling/Kicking/Weapon Kata) Character can attack any one in there jump range Weapon Kata (Weapon Use) Allows use of Weapon in Martial art moves. Finger tip Attack Treats attacker as on size smaller Vital Strike (Stun Strike) does damage straight to Endurance Stun Strike Target loses 2d6 AT KO Strike Target must make toughness roll. Stance: Offensive Martial Artist can add to all Attack rolls on round while in stance. The only defensive action allowed while in stance dodging. Stance: Defensive Martial artist can add to all Defensive rolls on round while in stance. The only offensive actions allowed are attacks against grappled foes. Power Punch A 1d6 damage hand strike that takes an extra AT to perform

NASS Martial Art conversions: Program Cost: same a skill cost in years x N Culture: by language skill included/ philosophical training Stance: choose based on nature of style. Keep key moves. Other skills may be added. Powers: Zenjoriki Astral Projection Weight Control Meditation Empathic Transmission Divert incoming PSI Presence Sense Sixth Sense PSI CHI Mind Block Weight control Meditation Fill Object with PSI Heal the Mind Healing touch PSI attack positive PSI attack negative PSI Damage bonus PSI Damage reduction PSI Parry Radiate Darkness Radiate Light Gravity Increase Find Weakness PSI Awareness See Aura Flush PSI PSI Absorb positive PSI Absorb negative PSI Atemi Finger tip Attack Stun Attack KO Strike Vital Strike Deaden Pain Dim Mak Disrupt Dark Usage Disrupt Light Usage Induce Sleep Inflict Amnesia Inflict Blindness Inflict Deafness Inflict Dizziness Inflict Illness Inflict Muteness Inflict Pain Inflict Paralysis Psychic Surgery Body Hardening Toughness Recovery Impervious to Cold Impervious to Poison Impervious to Fire Impervious to Fatigue Impervious to Hunger/Thirst Impervious to Pain Summon Inner Strength Death Trance PSI Damage Reduction PSI Damage bonus Special Katas Weapon Kata Mind Block Stance: Offensive Stance: Defensive Blind Fighting Sword PSI Find Weakness Arts of invisibility Stealth Hide Disguise Impersonation Invisibility Alter Aura Escape Artist