Better Living thru Chemistry

This section covers the things that can be crafted with the Chemistry related craft skills (Reactive Chemicals, Pharmacuetical Chemicals and Alchemical Potions). The magic and tech level of your game will determine what can be made or purchased. A character with a focus in design on chemistry research should be able to unlock slightly more advanced chemicals as he will be toward the front of the research. However as this may be deemed super science the GM maybe justified in charging a little more x10-x100. Mixing in alchemical potions is also an option to give a scientist character a game place. If the character wants to determine what a chemical is they should use Scientific Analysis. This check may be required to indentify a substance before it can be replicated. In real life chemicals are not magically made in labs. Most are harvested and refined from natural sources(plant/animal extracts). This is a realistic cost reducing agent that could be worked into a game. Maybe there is a plant from which you can extract a chemical that acts as a potion of fire breath. The world is a wierd place, consult your GM.

Don't play with drugs Drugs are a dangerous game. Body chemistry is a pretty happy balance. Muck with it and bad things will start to happen.

Initial Save

Everytime a character takes a drug they must make a Resist Poison check. If they critically fail, they experience an allergic reation. If they succeed by 10 or more, they build up a tolerance.

Allergic Reaction

Anytime a character takes a drug or toxin, if they critically fail their save they have an allergic reaction to the drug or a chemical in the processing. Make a resist fatigue vs DC 20, if the character succeeds the reaction is minor, -2 to all checks for until daily resist fatigue vs DC 25 is made. If the character fails the intial save the character has a major reaction, The character begins suffocating. The character may attempt a DC 40 Resist Fatigue check once per minute to try to recover breathing. On any reaction, the character is now susseptible to this allergen, double the threat range for critcal failure (i.e. if you needed a natural 1 before now a natural 1 or 2 will result in a reaction) and add +2 to the DC to have only a minor reaction. These effects are cumulative.


Anytime a character takes a drug or toxin, if they succeed their save by 10 or more they begin building up a tolerance to the drug. Every 10 the save is exceeded by the character gains an addition +1 tolerance bonus to save vs this drug. This increases the chance of building up even more tolerance in the future. Every month without exposure the tolerance halves.


The list information is for nominal doses. Small Doses: Great for building up tolerance. Treat the drug strength as 2 lower(minimum 1) and +5 to save Large Doses: "Great" for overcoming tolerance. Cannot be easily forcible dosed(i.e. more then sits on a blade). Drug strength remains the same however -5 to Save, also doubles range of critical failure. Critical failure on large doses always results in an overdose. OverDoses: The character and must make a Toughness check vs 20 or die. Each minute an additional check with +2 DC must be made or the character dies. A DC 30 First Aid check is required to stabilize the character


Psychological Addiction save
Must be made every time a dose is willingly used before the drug is completely out of system(effect Time x 10). Resist Mind Altering Drugs vs drug save DC or become addicted
Physiological Addiction save
Must be made every time a dose of a Physiologically Addictive drug is taken. Resist Posion vs drug save DC or become addicted
Aquiring an addiction costs the character 1 Karma point(no roll allowed) When not under the effect of the addiction the character begins to experience withdrawl. As the characters tolerance increases more of the drug will be needed to prevent withdrawl.
While experiencing withdrawl gets -2 on all checks and a -1 penalty to any stat normally boosted by the drug. A character going thru withdrawl may not use karma points.
If a character tries to quit, he must make hourly Resist Mind Altering Drugs/Torture vs the drugs save DC. after 24 hours of successful saves the character must make daily saves until all Tolerance has gone away, minumum of 1 week. If the character does not use again the withdrawl penalties are removed. If the character ever uses again a psychological addiction check is made on each dose. Each time the character fails a save: lose 1 point of Karma, double the withdrawl penalties, and restart the quiting procedure back to the begining of the hourly checks. If a character loses all of his karma this way he is handed over to GM and will do anything for another dose.

Onset Time = 1d6-strength one lower duration level Example: a drug with duration 1d10+3 hours would have an onset time of 1d6-3 minutes

Common Drug List

Name Method Str Time Diff Cost Effect
Anti-venom, general Ingest 2 hours 31 $31 +2 Resist Poison
Aminorex Ingest 2 days 23 $23 Appetite suppressant, END Damage
Amanita Ingest 3 days 29 $290 END Damage
Arsenic Ingest 3 days 29 $290 END Damage
Alcoholic Beverage Ingest 1 hours 15 $1.50 Euphoric, WIL Damage
Aspirin Ingest 1 hours 25 $2.50 Negate Pain, Blood Thinner
Bee Sting Injury 2 days 31 $31 Allergen
Belladonna Ingest 3 hours 27 $270 END Damage, Increased blood pressure
Birth control pills Ingest 5 days 41 $41 Contraceptive
Botulism Toxin Ingest 4 hours 33 $330 AGI Damage then END Damage
Black Adder Venom Injury 1 min 15 $150 END Damage
Black Widow Injury 1 days 17 $170 Illness
Caffeine Ingest 1 hours 20 $2 Increase CUN
Chloroform Inhale 3 hours 43 $43 Sedative, END Damage
Chloral hydrate Ingest 4 hours 47 $47 Sedative, AGI Damage
Cobra Venom Injury 4 hours 41 $410 AGI Damage and END Damage
Curare Injury 5 minutes 59 $590 AGI Damage and END Damage
Crack/Cocaine Inhale 3 hours 49 $490 Increased AGI/CUN, Euphoric, Paranoia, Physiologically Addictive
Cyanide Ingest 4 hours 43 $430 Convulsions, AGI Damage then END Damage
Dopamine Injury 5
Epinephrine Injury 5 minutes 39 $39 +5 Resist Fatigue
LSD Ingest 3 hours 27 $270 Hallucinagen
Morphine Ingest 4 minutes 35 $35 Negate Pain, Physiologically Addictive
PCP Ingest 4 hours 33 $33 Negate Pain, WIL Damage, Psychotic Rage
Penicillin Ingest 2 days 25 $25 +2 Recovery
Pepper Spray Inhale 3 minutes 46 $4.60 CUN Damage, Blindness
Poison Ivy Contact 3 hours 42 $42 Allergen
Rattle Snake Venom Injury 3 hours 25 $250 AGI Damage and END Damage
Ricin Injury 5 days 39 $390 END Damage
Sarine Inhale 5 min 41 $410 END Damage
Strychnine Ingest 4 hours 43 $430 Convulsions, AGI Damage then END Damage
Scorpion toxin Injury 2 hours 19 $190 AGI Damage then END Damage
Sodium Pentathol Ingest 3 hours 27 $270 WIL Damage
Steroids Ingest 2 days 21 $210 Increase STR, WIL Damage, Carcinogenic
Tear Gas Inhale 3 minutes 36 $36 CUN Damage, Illness/ Nausea
Tobacco Smoke Inhale 1 minutes 24 $2.40 Increase WIL, Carcinogenic, Physiologically Addicting

Special Drug List

Name Method Str Time Diff Cost Effect
Anti-hystamine Ingest 1 hours 25 $25 Immune to allergic reactions, STR or CUN Damage
Antitoxin serum Injury 2 weeks 30 $30 +20 save vs specific toxin
Vaccine, Disease Injury 2 perm 30 $30 +20 save vs specific disease

Super Drug List

Name Method Str Time Diff Cost Effect
Super Soldier Juice Injury 3 weeks 85 $8500 Increased AGI, STR, END, Increased Healing Rate, Negate Pain, Side: Physiological Addiction, Sterility, Carcinogenic.

Disease List

Not really drugs, but can be cultivated with Microbiology

Name Method Str Time Diff Cost Effect
Allergic, Minor
Allergic, Major
Bubonic Plague
Small Pox
Syphilis/The Pox

Laboratory Drug Rules

Strength Save DC Damage Diff 1 17 1 5 2 20 1d3 11 3 23 1d4+1 17 4 25 1d4temp+1perm 23 5 28 1d4temp+2perm 29

Duration: Multiplier minutes x1 +2 hours x2 0 days x4 +2 weeks x8 +5

Method: Injury -2 Ingested 0 Inhale +2 Contact +5

Stimulants (+STR enhancement bonus while drug remians in effect) Increase STR 15 Increase END 15 Increase AGI 15 Increase DEX 15 Increase WIL 15 Increase PRE 15 Increase CUN 15 Increase KNO 15 Positive Effects Increase healing 15(+END) Anti-toxin (+strength vs Poisons/Disease) 20(+END) Anti-toxin, Specific 10 Negate Pain 10(+PRE/+WIL) Antibiotic +strength to save vs Death 10(+END) Euphoric 5 (-WIL) Sedative 20(-CUN/-END/+DEX) Antiinflamatory 15(+End) Anti-Psychotic 5(+WIL) Anti-Depressants 5(+PRE) Depressants( Damage to stat ) 1 STR damage 10 2 END damage 10 3 AGI damage 10 4 DEX damage 10 5 WIL damage 10 6 PRE damage 10 7 CUN damage 10 8 KNO damage 10 Non-positive Effects 9 Contraceptive/Sterility 10 10 Physiologically Addictive 10 11 Hallucinogen 10(-CUN) 12 Appetite suppressant 10(-END) 13 Appetite stimulator 5 (+STR) 14 Psychotic Rage (-str to Karma) 20(-WIL/-PRE/+STR) 15 Carcinogenic (critical failures cause cancer) 15(-END) 16 Blood Thinner 10(-END) 17 Mute 10(-PRE) 18 Allergen (increase critical failure threat range 1-Str) 20 19 Increase Blood Pressure 10 20 Paranoia 5(+PRE) 21 Convulsions 15(-AGI) 22 Illness/Nausea 10(-PRE/-CUN) 23 Necrotic (1d6+str damage) 15(-END) 24 Blindness 20(-CUN/-END) 25 Deafness 15(-CUN)

Side effects: Randomly choose from list of non-positive effects(1d100/4+1) Side effects lasts 10 times as long as drug at 1/2 strength(minimum 1) roll: number of side effects:
0-10 4 11-30 3 31-50 2 51-80 1 81-100 0

cost = (diff - total side effects diff) Common x0.1 Poison x10 Controlled x10 New x100

Reactive Chemicals

Not really drugs, but can be crafted with Craft: Reactive Chemicals.

Name Method Str Time Diff Cost Effect
Metal Corrosive(20)
Organic Corrosive
Burning oil
Glowing liquid


Spells Effects

Potions - The creature that drinks is considered both the caster and the target. Oil - The inanimate object bathed in the oil is the target. Potions DC = Same as effect Price = (DC-15)(DC-14) x $250

Legendary Brews

Lead to Gold Elixer of Life Ultimate solvent Frictionless Oil Unbreakable Glue Love Potion Strength Potion PSI Restoration +3 minutes 20 5 PSI Flush +2 minutes 20 5 Aphrodisiac Ingest Days Euphoric, Lose Inhibitions