Other Rules


Crafting Specific Item

Practice your trade

Masterwork and higher quality weapons

Anyone can try to make a base masterwork weapon which grants +1 to hit.

A smith with at least 7 Ranks (including Skill Focus) in the appropriate craft can get the Craft Magical (Masterwork) Arms and Armor Feat, using 1/2 their total skill bonus as their caster level. Limited to creating +1-+5 enhancement bonus weapons.

Bonus DC Base Cost Parts Cost XP Cost
Masterwork 20 3000 750 12
+1 20 20000 5000 80
+2 23 80000 20000 320
+3 26 180000 45000 720
+4 29 320000 80000 1280
+5 32 500000 125000 2000

Generic parts

Often a character will want to carry parts to make something, but the don't know what they are going to craft. What the character needs to do is get a collection of common odds and end parts some of which will be wasted when they decide what it will be. To represent this in the game a character can buy generics parts. Generic parts cost twice as much and sell for half as much. so 100 credit of Generic Parts cost 200 credits to buy. That 100 credits could be used to craft something with a base price of 400 credits. It is less efficient than buying the specific parts you need, but more versatile than credits if stranded in space. It would cost half as much as the ship, but a ship with 1/4 it value in generic parts could be fully rebuilt from those parts or other things the crew needs could be built from those. A well stocked ship probably have about 10% of its base cost in parts on hand. The perfectly correct part might not be on hand The DM may decide that something built from generic or salvage parts has a small penalty to use -1 to hit or skill check, 10% heavier, etc.

Salvage rules

Roll Salvage check Salvage Generic Parts of a value equal to percent of base cost Time: It takes 2 hours per 1000 credits salvaged. 1 week if you take a 20.

Roll Parts % base cost
10+ 5%
15+ 5%
20+ 10%
25+ 10%
30+ 15%
35+ 20%
40+ 25%
45+ 30%

Crafting Lightsabers

Light Sabres are finely honed pieces of equipment. Characters attuned to the force are more easily able to craft them and will always have an innate connection to that weapon. However they can be crafted through technical skill alone though the process requires the painstaking hand cutting of a focus crystal. A DC 25 Craft: Energy Weapon skill check, 1/4 the base cost of the lightsaber in parts and 1/250th the base cost in XP (representing time taken away from other pursuits).

Force Sensitives

The character must gather the parts including the crystals. The character must spend 1 Force Point to start the process. The must then make DC25 Control, Sense and Alter checks to attune, align and assemble the lightsaber. The DC on one roll may be reduced by one for each day spent in doing nothing but preparatory meditation. The DC cannot be reduced beyond a minimum of all 14 after 33 days. All three checks must be made aot the same time. If any of the checks fail they must Spend a force process and begin the process anew. The first time a sensitive succeeds at these checks, they get +2 Force points. When wielded by the sensitive who crafted it the weapon grants +1 to hit.

Health Levels

Current HP Health Level
MaxHP and above Undamaged
MaxHP/4 to MaxHp Damaged
1 to MaxHP/4 Bloodied
-Con Stat/2 to 0 Disabled (Bleeding/Stable)
-Con to Con/2 Dying (Bleeding/Stable)
below -Con Stat Dead

Massive Injury Table

If weapon attack takes character to dying, 25% chance of taking a Massive Injury If weapon attack takes character to dead, 50% chance of taking a Massive Injury +25% if weapon was a light-saber or similar weapon

If character takes Massive Injury they are bleeding at top of dying range. Massive Injuries cannot be healed by normal healing.

Roll Massive Injury
2 Significant Torso Damage (only Head and Dominate arm are salvageable)
3 Left side of Torso, Arm and Leg
4 Lose both eyes
5 Permanently Deafened/Lose ears
6 Lose a foot
7 Cut in Half/Lose Both Legs
8 Lose Dominant Hand
9 Lose Dominate Arm
10 Lose Non-dominate Arm
11 Lose Both Hands
12 Face disfigured -2 CHA
13 Lose a Leg
14 Lose an eye
15 Right side of Torso, Arm and Leg
16 Significant Torso Damage (Full Conversion Required)


Tools Cost
First Aid Kit
Healing Kit +0 400
Healing Kit +1 500
Healing Kit +3
Healing Kit +6
Healing Kit +9
Healing Kit +12
Surgery Tools
First Aid Kit
Allows character to make a check to stabilize a bleeding or dying character.
Healing Kit
Single use item. To heal poisons and diseases, the healer must make a successful check against their difficulty class. If he is successful, the target is healed and is cured a number of hit points equal to the skill roll, plus all modifiers. If the target suffers from no poisons or diseases, it is still cured of damage. Cannot heal someone above 90% of Max HP.
Surgery Tools
Can be used to preform armor surgeries including treating Massive Injuries, Implanting or removing cyberware, etc.