This file has two different sets of Modifiers for armor, Armor Bonus or Damage Reduction. The GM should determine which armor rules to use at the beginning of the game.

Shields may and probably should provide the shield bonus to AC even if using the DR system for Armor.

Armor Table

Armor Cost DR MDB ACP S10 S6 Weight
Light Armor
-Primitive 50 2 +6 0 10m 6m 7kg
-Blast Helmet, Vest 500 3 +5 -1 10m 6m 3kg
-Combat Jumpsuit 1500 5 +4 -3 10m 6m 8kg
-Padded Flight Suit 800 3 +4 -2 10m 6m 5kg
Medium Armor
-Primitive 1000 3 +2 -5 8m 4m 18kg
-Armored flight suit 4000 6 +3 -4 8m 4m 20kg
-Battle Armor, Padded 2000 6 +3 -4 8m 4m 13kg
-Battle Armor, Medium 6000 8 +2 -5 8m 4m 16kg
Heavy Armor
-Armored Spacesuit 10000 9 +1 -6 6m 2m 45kg
-Battle Armor, Heavy 12000 11 +0 -7 6m 2m 35kg
Powered Armor
-Battleframe 12000 5 +0 -8 6m 2m 20kg
-Corellian Powersuit 10000 6 +0 -4 8m 4m 18kg
-Stormtrooper Armor 8000 8 +2 -2 8m 4m 16kg
Shield SB
-Primitive 50 +1 -- -2 -- -- 5kg
-Modern 100 +1 -- -1 -- -- 3kg
Damage Reduction
Shield Bonus to Defense
Maximum Dexterity Bonus
Armor Check Penalty
Speed (10m base)
Speed (6m base)

Armor Mods

+2 to grapple damage, $500
+1d4+1 to grapple damage (Powered Armor only), $5000
Weapon Mount
Acts as extra hand for weapon (Powered Armor only), $1000

Damage Reduction (DR)

DR is the value remove from damage done each attack because of your characters armor. Each time damage gets by the DR the DR is reduced by one. When the armor is reduced to 0 DR it is disabled, still encumbering the wearer, but no longer providing any protection.

A sunder attack against armor can reduce its DR by multiple points. Attack as normal but any damage that gets past the DR is instead applied to the armor after reduced DR until the damage no longer exceeds the DR or the armor is disabled.

For example a sunder attack for 15 points of damage against armor with 7 DR would be applied thus:

Or 10 sunder damage done to DR 3 armor:

Armor repair

Armor that has lost DR can be repaired. An armor patch kit costs 1/20th of the base cost of the armor. It takes 15 minutes to repair armor that contains only soft layers and 1 hour to repair armor including hard layers. The DC to repair any damage is 20. The DR recovered by the repair is equal to the craft roll times the remaining damage to the DR divided by 40. Minimum 1 DR repaired, if the 20 DC is exceeded. A character can hastily repair a suit of armor as a full round action by taking a -10 to the repair roll.

 DR recovered = (Repair Roll * DR missing)/40