Thief OCC Attribute requirements: PP 9 OCC Skills: HtH: Thief, Climbing(+10) Elective Skills: choose 7 at 1, 3 at 3, 3 at 8, 3 at 12 Secondary Skills: choose 7 at lvl 1, 4 at 4, 4 at 10

Skills: Begging(+5) Charioteering Disguise(+10) Escape Artist(+10) Forgery(+10) Gambling(+10) Horsemanship: Men of Arms Impersonation(+5) Juggling(+10) Knot Tieing(+10) Language(+20) Locate Secret Doors/ Compartments(+10) Pick Locks(+15) Pick Pockets(+20) Prowl(+15) Read/Write(+15) Recognize Poison(Chemistry)(+5) Recognize Precious Metals/Gems(+15) Recognize Weapon Quality(+10) Sailing(+5) Sense of Balance(+10) Sense of Direction(+10) Swindling(+15) Tumbling(+10) Use Poison(+10) Ventriloquism(+10) W.P. Blunt W.P. Forked W.P. Knives W.P. Paired W.P. Short Swords W.P. Small Shield W.P. Spears W.P. Staves W.P. Throwing Ax W.P. Whip or Chain W.P. Black Powder W.P. Blow Pipe W.P. Cross Bow W.P. Long Bow W.P. Short Bow W.P. Sling W.P. Small Thrown(shurikens, knives, spikes, etc.) Fencing