Scholar OCC Attribute requirements: IQ 14 OCC Skills: History(+60), read/write(+70), read/write/speak two additional language(+35) Elective Skills: choose 7 at 1, 3 at 3, 3 at 8, 3 at 12 Secondary Skills: choose 10 at lvl 1, 4 at 4, 4 at 10 XP: as Thief

Skills: Recognize Runes Study Circles Study Symbols Study Wards HtH: Non-Men of Arms Animal lore(+10) Art(+10) Astrology(Astronomy)(+15) Demon and Devil Lore(+10) Faerie Lore(+15) Heraldry(+20) History(+40) Identify Plants/ Fruits(Botany)(+20) Language(+35) Mathmatics(+5) Medical(+5) Navigation(+10) Play Instrument(+5) Poetry(+10) Read/Write(+30) Recognize Place of Power(+10) Recognize Poison(Chemistry)(+5) Recognize Precious Metals/Gems(+5) Recognize Weapon Quality(+5) Religious Lore(+30) Sing(+5) Use Poison(+5) W.P. Blunt W.P. Knives W.P. Short Swords W.P. Small Shield W.P. Spears W.P. Staves W.P. Throwing Ax W.P. Short Bow W.P. Sling