Merchant/Appraiser OCC Attribute requirements: IQ 10 OCC Skills: Mathmatics(+15), Swindling(+15), Speak 2 additional languages(+35) Elective Skills: choose 7 at 1, 3 at 3, 3 at 8, 3 at 12 Secondary Skills: choose 10 at lvl 1, 4 at 4, 4 at 10 XP: as Thief

Skills: Animal lore(+10) Begging(+10) Breeding Dogs(+5) Charioteering(+10) Cook(+10) Concealment(+5) Etiquette(+10) Falconry(+5) Forgery(+16) Gambling(+15) Gaming(+10) Heraldry(+10) History(+10) Identify Plants/ Fruits(Botany)(+10) Interrogation(+20) Language(+20) Locate Secret Doors/ Compartments(+5) Navigation(+10) Palming(+5) Play Instrument(+10) Read/Write(+30) Recognize Precious Metals/Gems(+40) Recognize Weapon Quality(+40) Religious Lore(+10) Sense of Direction(+10) Sing(+5) Use Poison(+3) W.P. Blunt W.P. Ball & Chain W.P. Knives W.P. Paired character can use weapons paired effectivly doubleing the number of attacks per round ,but the character loses automatic parry. W.P. Short Swords W.P. Small Shield W.P. Staves W.P. Throwing Ax W.P. Black Powder W.P. Blow Pipe W.P. Cross Bow W.P. Short Bow W.P. Sling W.P. Small Thrown(shurikens, knives, spikes, etc.) W.P. Targeting