OCC Attribute requirements: OCC Skills: Elective Skills: choose 7 at 1, 3 at 3, 3 at 8, 3 at 12 Secondary Skills: choose 10 at lvl 1, 4 at 4, 4 at 10 XP:

Skills: Animal lore Agriculture Armorer Art Astrology(Astronomy) Begging Blacksmithing Boat Building Breeding Dogs Brewing Carpentry Charioteering Climbing Cook Concealment Dance Demon and Devil Lore Disguise Dowsing Engineering/Basic Mechanics Escape Artist Etiquette Farie Lore Falconry Fasting Fishing Forgery Gambling Gaming Gardening Heraldry History Horsemanship(by OCC) Hunting Identify Plants/ Fruits(Botany) Impersonation Interrogation Juggling Jumping Language Locate Secret Doors/ Compartments Masonry Mathmatics Medical Mountaineering Navigation Palming Pick Locks Pick Pockets Play Instrument Poetry Pottery Preserve Food Prospecting(Geology) Prowl Read/Write Recognize Place of Power Recognize Poison(Chemistry) Recognize Precious Metals/Gems Recognize Weapon Quality Religious Lore Rope Works Sailing Sense of Balance Sense of Direction Sewing Sing Skin & Prepare Animal Hides Sleight Of Hand Spelunking Swimming Swindling Tracking Tumbling Use Poison Ventriloquism Weaponsmithing W.P. Battle Ax W.P. Blunt W.P. Ball & Chain W.P. Forked W.P. Knives W.P. Lance W.P. Large Shield W.P. Large Swords W.P. Paired W.P. Pole Arms W.P. Short Swords W.P. Small Shield W.P. Spears W.P. Staves W.P. Throwing Ax W.P. Whip or Chain W.P. Black Powder W.P. Blow Pipe W.P. Cross Bow W.P. Long Bow W.P. Siege Weapons W.P. Short Bow W.P. Sling W.P. Small Thrown(shurikens, knives, spikes, etc.) W.P. Targeting