Non-magical Elixers/Posions

mixing time: 3d20 minutes Name Ingredients Hemloch Hemloch Nightshade Nightshade Mandrake Mandrake root Dragons Venom Posion Tree Frog Viper Spitting Cobra Venom Scorpian's Blood Scorpian, Spider, Snake Venom Witch Bane Hemloch, Witch Hazel Basilisk's eye Spider, rattle snake venom Dragon's Breath Hemloch, King Cobra venom, mosquitos Acid(organic) lemon juice Acid(cleanser) vinegar Acid(metal dissolver) salt, brimstone Blurred vision specific plant extract Convulsions specific plant extract Sneezing(powder) animal fur Dizziness specific plant extract Fever specific plant extract Itching(powder) ground dried flowers Mental confusion specific plant extract Nausea milk, vinegar Paralysis specific plant extract Stomach cramps Lime(the mineral) Weakness rotten eggs Hallucinations Hemp Goblin dust ash, sand Gunpowder Charcoal, brimstone, Lime Herbal Healing Salve Witch Hazel, Alcohol Herbal Anti-toxin milk, fruit juices Herbal healing elixer eggs, fruit juices Smoke bombs coal dust, charcoal Stimk bombs Brimstone, rotten eggs Fire Candles Charcoal, wax Roman Candles Charcoal, brimstone

Magic potions

mixing time: 3d12 x 10 minutes Name Ingredients Charm Hot pepper, talc, tin Love Charm Rose, powdwered oyster shells, vinegar Chameleon mercury, chameleon skin, leaves Fleet Feet rabbit's foot, quick silver, orange juice Fly eagle's feather, quartz, sparrow feces Forsee the Future gold dust, quartz, demon bones Healing prunes, honey, lard Healing(superior) Gold, dragon blood, powdered jade Invisibility silver, faerie folk hair, talc Impervious to Fire salamander skin, brimestone, onions Impervious to cold butter fat, lard, polar animal fur Negate magic potion gold, dragon liver, white lead Sleep poppy seeds, rice vinegar, fat from the back of a pig Shrinking termite antenaee, salt, prunes Size of Behemoth giant tooth, copper, dried centipedes Strength of Utgard Loki wild cat meat, silver dust, minotaur blood Speed of the snail butter fat, molasses, snail shell Turn self to Mist white wine, vampire blood, quartz Truth serum peach pits, faerie wings, salt Youthful appearance nymph hair, onion, unicorn horn Metamorphosis quick silver, human hair, blood of a shape changer Blind King cobra venom, ash, lead Mute cat tongue, crow feather, gold dust Tongues owl tongue, lard, newt eyes Swim as Fish Mermaid scales, salt, clam shells Might of the Palladium minotaur meat, iron, salt Sneezing Power black pepper, alcohol, sugar Itching powder lard, egg whites, clamshells Fire dust brimstone, salamander bones, frog teeth Pixie dust pixie wings, cinnabar, powdered oyster shells Moon beams white wine, green cheese, fire flies Heart of flame salamander's heart, vinegar, lime Fumes: Drive away evil spirits Bee's wax, holy water, silver dust
Divination Bee's wax, poppy seeds, ground diamond Raise strange shapes Bee's wax, poppy seeds, ground glass Apparition Bee's wax, poppy seeds, ground quartz Daze clear wax, hemp, clam shells Vapors of weakness clear wax, vinegar, brimstone