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Ninjas and Superspies, Heroes Unlimited, the Robotech Role-Playing Game, and all associated names and game mechanics thereof are copyright Palladium, except for Robotech, which is copyright Harmony Gold. However, this supplement is written without intent to profit, and is not intended to detract from Palladium or Harmony Gold's sales. In fact, as you need Ninjas and Superspies and the Robotech RPG to make any use of this supplement, you could say that it is intended to INCREASE their sales.

Other than the above, this supplement and all names, organizations, etc. contained within are copyright 1993 by Chris Meadows. All names and organizations contained within are fictitious, and all places are either fictitious or are real places that have undergone a fictitious 50 years or so.

Have fun!

Resistance Bulletin QQ96 URGENT--DESTROY IF CAPTURED BY INVID SYMPATHIZERS OR HIGH-TECH BANDITS Origin: D-Rocker Headquarters, New Detroit Destination: All Resistance sites, across the North and South American continents Subject: Proliferation of Espionage/Martial Arts Organizations

 We now know that the extensive devastation brought about by 

three successive invasions of the planet Earth was not enough to eradicate entirely all the numerous covert agencies that once operated worldwide. It has come to our attention that splinter groups of organizations such as the Advanced Terrorism Organized Machine Smashers (ATOM Smashers), the National Defense League, the Covert Action Group of New York (CAGNeY), and many others still exist. While most of these groups have no ties to the Resistance, they continue to carry on covert operations against the Invid and various high-tech bandit strike groups. It is also known that many schools for the teaching of martial arts ("dojos") are also active. These schools have been instrumental in reinforcing civilian morale, as well as providing fighting knowledge with which to strike back against Invid sympathizers and roving gangs. Our own intelligence divisions have been working to compile lists of these groups, sorted by area. These lists will be dispatched to individual Resistance posts upon completion, within the next 48 hours. You will contact these organizations and attempt to convince them to join the Resistance for a concerted effort to dislodge the aliens from their stranglehold on this planet. That is all. -----------------------------------------------------------------

 Superspies still do exist.  However, the worldwide

destruction in the wake of the Invid invasion has disrupted most communications and generally seen the end of the continent-spanning organizations seen in the 1980s and 90s. Nowadays, most secret agents are in small agencies, in the service of the few autonomous city/states left in the world, spying on other such nations and helping hold the line against the Invid. And naturally martial arts schools still exist, too. Who could deny the existance of kickboxing schools in Thailand, from which emerged Mecha Su-Dai, for example? These places remain largely unchanged, save that with the collapse of global communication and travel some of the more exotic schools may be difficult to get to, or even to find. NOTE: It is possible for Robotech characters to learn a martial art, simply by giving up as many "other" skills as it takes years to learn the form. This is counting the O.C.C. skills Hand to Hand Basic as one, Hand to Hand Expert as two, and Hand to Hand Martial Arts as three skills eligible for trade-in.
For example, if a Military Specialist (with Hand to Hand Martial Arts as an O.C.C. skill) wanted to take Pao Pat Mei, a martial arts form with a skill cost of 8 years, that person would have to give up 8-3, or 5 "other" skills.
Exclusive forms are NOT available to Robotech characters, nor can they take additional secondary forms. Whether or not a form may be taken depends upon its availability. For example, Snake Style Kung Fu, which had fewer than fifty masters in the entire Ninjas & Superspies world, is not very likely to be available to a Robotech soldier. Recommended martial arts include Aikido, Jujutsu, Tai-Chi Ch'uan, and Tae Kwon Do Karate, but others may also be allowed at the game master's option. Many mecha pilots, Cyclone Riders, and Military Specialists have been attracted to Tae Kwon Do Karate, for its great variety of moves and number of attacks (4 at first level). NOTE: This supplement is built on the REVISED NINJAS AND SUPERSPIES rules, not the original edition. I do not have the original edition, and therefore have no understanding of the variations in the system which it uses.


 The character-making process is much the same as in Ninjas

& Superspies, with the exception that there are changes to many of the available skills and training programs. If a superspy, the character is assumed to be from one of the last few remaining small intelligence organizations (such as those named above), which operate out of crumbling cities such as the remains of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and even New Detroit (it is a well-kept secret that many of the D-Rockers' roadies are often cybernetically enhanced agents); from hideouts dug into forests or hidden in caves; or from one of the few underground RDF/Southern Cross bases that survived the Invid bombardment. It is here that he received his training and augmentations. He may either be a part of the agency or just released from a period of service. His assignment may be a desk job, perimeter patrol, or an extended reconnaissance mission. Free agents are like the nomad scout--they've spent some time in the service of agencies, wandering from place to place, and prefer not to be tied down. Same old story. Gizmoteers are individuals with a knack for mechanics who perhaps received training from an REF Bio-Maintenance Engineer and/or various secret agencies. They aren't as skilled as those trained in the military, but know a great deal more than most civilians. NOTE: Unlike Bio-Maintenance Engineers, Gizmoteers CAN learn to pilot mecha. Mercenaries have spent some time in the Resistance or local militias, or perhaps even in the Southern Cross in the last days of the Second Robotech War, and some have picked up mecha skills along the way. Though not as skilled as REF-trained soldiers, they can certainly hold their own in a fight. Martial Artists are much the same as in the late 20th century, as indeed they have been since the birth of unarmed combat. They are easily as skilled over military or agency combat trainees as those trainees are over ordinary people. They hold much the same philosophies as they did before, with the addition of a conviction that the Invid have to go. Many of them wander from place to place, instructing others in their ways or helping defend against attacks from marauding gangs. Others form schools, so that others may find them and learn their ways. The more common forms, such as Tae Kwon Do and Jujutsu, are known to have schools in the ruins of most major cities, including New York, New Detroit, et cetera.


 On page 11-12 of Ninjas & Superspies, there is a table for

the characters to roll on to determine their background. The following changes should be made to the following results on this table.

26-30 Turned: Once a loyal and dedicated member of an Invid Sympathizer or Black Market group, the character has since "seen the light" and come over to the player group's organization. The character will know a lot about how his previous organization works, will be able to pass as one of them, and can recognize senior operatives of the Black Market or Invid Symp group he came from (the latter includes humanoid overseers of neighboring hives) 30% of the time. Unfortunately, the other player characters know about the switch and will never completely trust the character.

31-35 Hunted: After a falling out with the Invid or the Black Market (or some other organization), the character was labelled a traitor. The character is still on the run from the organization and must be constantly on the lookout for the hunters.

41-50 Traumatized: The character was witness to the Invid totally wiping out a small village (or shooting down one of his best friends, etc.). The character usually blames himself for the massacre, even though there is nothing he could possibly have done to stop it. Optional: Roll on Insanity Tables. NOTE: Lunk is the perfect example of a traumatized character.

61-65 Escaped: Was taken prisoner by the Invid and possibly used for Genesis Pit experimentation. Optional Invid modifications; optional Random Insanity.

66-70 Double-Agent: The other organization is likely to be an Invid Sympathizer group or a Black Market ring. See "Turned." Recognition ability same.

71-75 Mole: Possibly subject of deep hypnosis by Invid, or as usual per E.B.S.I.S. or Black Market. Interesting to role-play his indecision when activated.


 Ninjas & Superspies and Robotech have many differences,

because N&S is more of a superhero-oriented game, while Robotech is more realism-oriented (if you can really say that for any game that involves 40-foot tall robots that can turn into airplanes!). Therefore, there are several differences of note between the two games, most notably the attribute bonus tables, the base proficiencies on some of the skills, and the S.D.C. recovery rates. Wherever these differences arise, Robotech's rules take precedence. Other changes to the system are noted below.


 To play Ninjas & Superspies in Invid Invasion, some

adjustments must be made to the skill systems, as they are very different in places. These changes will not quite standardize the skills between Ninjas & Superspies and Invid Invasion; the Ninjas/Superspies characters will still get extra skills to choose from. The reason for this is that the Ninjas & Superspies characters received their training in a very different environment than the Robotech soldiers and freedom fighters. However, many of these skills may not be useful in this post-apocalyptic world because the things they were meant to be used on have been destroyed (Telephone Networks and Radio: Satellite, for example). When skills are present in both Invid Invasion and Ninjas & Superspies, use the percentages given in Invid Invasion for the character's skill proficiency. The following are changes to the Ninjas & Superspies skill set presented on pages 36 through 46.


 Because the following skills MAY have become obsolete, if

they show up in your skill programs they may be traded in for another skill in the same category with the same bonus, if so desired: Electronic Counter-Measures, Microwave Communications, Radio: Satellite, Telephone Networks, Computer Networks, Supercomputers, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, and Microfilm/Microfiche/Microdot Technology.


 Under Pilot Skills, Mecha Combat (Basic) may be taken as a

secondary skill. Under W.P. Modern Weapons, W.P. Energy Pistol may also be taken as a secondary skill. Archery, an Ancient W.P., may also be taken as secondary. Other than that, the restrictions from page 37 of Ninjas & Superspies still apply, except where exception is made below.

COMMUNICATIONS Radar/Sonar Operations is duplicated in Read Sensory Instruments. Therefore, Radar/Sonar Operations is replaced with Read Sensory Instruments.

CULTURAL In addition to those skills in Ninjas & Superspies, all the Domestic and Wilderness skills in Invid Invasion EXCEPT ARCHERY fall under this category, as well as Play Musical Instruments from Lancer's Rockers.


ESPIONAGE/MILITARY Streetwise (from Robotech's Rogue category) comes under this category. Note that Intelligence is found under Military Skills in Ninjas & Superspies.

MECHANICAL Helicoptor and Jet Aircraft Mechanics are unnecessary. They are therefore replaced with Aircraft Mechanics (which covers the same things).

MEDICAL No changes

MILITARY Aircraft Armor and Weaponry is the same as Invid Invasion Armorer. Therefore, that is what it becomes. Military Intelligence is the same as Espionage Intelligence. Demolitions and Demolitions Disposal may also be chosen under Technical Skills. W.P. Military Weapons are the same as normal W.P.s, and should be counted as coming under that category. The following W.P.s are all combined into W.P. Heavy: Machine Guns (from W.P. section), Artillery, Flame Thrower, Grenade, Grenade Launcher, Infantry Missiles, Mortar, Vehicle Mounted Weapons. Where "choose any (number) Military W.P." is listed, just choose from the following W.P.s, and if there is overflow, choose more modern W.P.s. Only if you have all the modern W.P. skills can you use Military W.P. to take ancient weapons: Heavy, Automatic/Semiautomatic Rifle, Submachine Gun, Energy Pistol, Energy Rifle, Gallant H-90.

PHYSICAL No changes

PILOT/PILOT ADVANCED AIRCRAFT Pilot Professional Race Car is now considered to be included in Pilot Automobile. Pilot Jet Fighter is now considered to be included in Pilot Jet. Pilot Basic Helicoptor is now Pilot Helicoptor. Pilot Combat Helicoptor is now considered to be included in Pilot Helicoptor. No other changes to skills that are there already, even though they vary widely from Invid Invasion's. The reason for this is the different training the Ninja/Superspy will have received through his agency. To the PILOT skills, add the following, as from Invid Invasion: Pilot Hovercycle, Pilot Military Hover Vehicle, Pilot Cyclone, Pilot Destroid, Pilot Battloid, Mecha Combat Cyclone, Mecha Combat Destroid, Mecha Combat Battloid. To the PILOT ADVANCED AIRCRAFT, add the following, as from Invid Invasion: Pilot Veritech, Mecha Combat all types Veritech (including Hovertank), Pilot Space Shuttle. Note that Pilot Spacecraft and Pilot GMU are NOT available, because those skills are not attainable by people not trained in the REF. Also, Mecha Combat is limited to BASIC for those people who did not take a military mecha training program. Even then, Expert Mecha Combat may only be taken for the type of mecha included in the training program.

PILOT RELATED Instrument Rating is eliminated; considered covered by Read Sensory Instruments. Aerial Navigation is eliminated; considered covered by Navigation. Orbital and Interplanetary Navigation is replaced by Navigation: Space.

SCIENCE No changes

TECHNICAL Demolitions and Demolitions Disposal are also available under this category.


WEAPON PROFICIENCIES Ancient Weapon Proficiencies remain the same as in Ninjas & Superspies, except that Archery is the same as that found under Wilderness in Invid Invasion. W.P. Energy Weapons is split into W.P. Energy Rifle and W.P. Energy Pistol. W.P. Pistol is split into W.P. Auto Pistol and W.P. Revolver. Modern W.P.s are for all practical purposes exactly the same as those found in Invid Invasion.


 The Ninjas & Superspies skill programs, as found on pages

26 through 35, have some changes and additions. These changes follow:


Electronic Communication Remove Radar-Sonar Operations Add Read Sensory Instruments (+10%)

Vehicle Construction Remove Aircraft Armor and Weaponry Helicoptor Mechanics Add Armorer (+10%) 5% bonus to Aircraft Mechanics May select secondary skills from all Mechanical in additon to standard restricted categories.

Weapon Construction Remove 1 W.P.

Mecha Repair (New!) Repair Mecha (same as Bio-Maintenance Engineer) 40% + 5% per level Mechanical Engineer (+10%) Mecha Mechanics (+5%) Mecha Electronics (+5%) Cyclone Repair (+15%) Weapon Systems (+10%) May buy Veritech Mechanics (+5%) at a cost of 2 Secondary skills. May select Secondary Skills from all Electronics or Mechanical skills with a +5% bonus applicable, in addition to standard restricted areas.

MEDICAL -- No Changes

ESPIONAGE May select secondary skills from all Espionage in addition to standard restricted categories.

Intelligence Specialist (New!) -- May be taken by Thief (Free Agent) as one of his available skill programs. Pilot Motorcycle (+5%) Pilot Cyclone (+5%) Mecha Combat Cyclone (Basic) Intelligence (+5%) Choose ANY TWO skills from among those in Communications and Espionage (that's TWO skills, total) Possible Covers (Pick ONE): Cartographer, Courier, Journalist, Media Representative, Mercenary or Weapons Dealer, Photographer, or Surveyor.

OPTIONAL: Remove a total of 20% from skill bonuses for the following Espionage skill programs and add to them Intelligence (+5%): Information Gathering Surveillance Specialist Deep Cover

OPTIONAL: Spy Network Administration Remove 35% in skill bonuses Add Intelligence (+15%)


Basic Military Remove W.P. Automatic Rifle W.P. Grenade Throwing Add W.P. Energy Pistol W.P. Energy Rifle

Advanced Infantry Remove 3 W.P.s OPTIONAL: Replace Pilot Automobile with Pilot Motorcycle or Hovercycle (+5%)

Guerilla Warfare Remove 1 W.P.

Electronic Warfare Skill Program Remove Radar-Sonar Operations Add Read Sensory Instruments (+15%)

Helicoptor Aviation Remove Helicoptor Mechanics Pilot Combat Helicoptor Add Aircraft Mechanics (+5%) 10% additional bonus to Pilot Helicoptor NOTE: May take Pilot AJACS and Mecha Combat AJACS, but no other mecha piloting skills. Mecha combat is limited to basic.

Combat Aircraft Remove Jet Aircraft Mechanics Add Aircraft Mechanics (+5%) NOTE: May take Pilot Veritech and Veritech Mecha Combat, but each Veritech (including Cyclone) requires a different piloting skill and a different mecha combat skill. Mecha combat is limited to basic.

Armor & Artillery Remove 3 W.P.s. Add W.P. Heavy

MILITARY MECHA COMBAT PROGRAMS (comes under Military) Only ONE mecha combat program may be selected, no matter how many military programs are available to the O.C.C.

Cyclone Combat (New!) Pilot Motorcycle (+5%) Pilot Cyclone (+10%) Mecha Combat Cyclone: Expert (one model of choice) (other Cyclones are Basic) Cyclone Weapon Systems W.P. One Modern of Choice May spend two secondary skills to buy Expert Combat for another type of Cyclone; spending 4 gets them both. May spend another for Land Navigation (+10%).

Destroid Pilot (New!) Read Sensory Instruments (+5%) Weapon Systems (+5%) Pilot Destroids: All (+5%) Mecha Combat Destroid: Expert (2 Destroids of choice) (other Destroids are Basic) W.P. One Modern of Choice May spend two secondary skills to buy Expert Combat for another model Destroid or Battloids; may buy as many as can afford. Zentraedi Destroids are NOT available.

Battloid Pilot (New!) Same as Destroid Pilot, except change Pilot Destroids to Pilot Battloids (+10%), change Mecha Combat Destroid: Expert to Mecha Combat Battloid: Expert, and add one additional W.P. May NOT select Destroid mecha combat.

Veritech Pilot (New!) Pilot Jet (+10%) Read Sensory Instruments (+10%) Weapon Systems (+10%) Pilot All Veritechs (+5%) Mecha Combat Expert Veritech (2 fighters of choice, including Battler Cyclone) (other Veritechs are Basic) W.P. Gallant May buy Navigation or Space Navigation (both +5%) at the cost of one secondary skill each. May spend two secondary skills to buy Expert Combat for another model Veritech; may buy as many as can afford. If chooses Mecha Combat Battler Cyclone, MUST spend one secondary skill to buy Pilot Cyclone (+5%).


Advanced Pilot NOTE: May take Pilot Veritech and Veritech Mecha Combat, but each Veritech (including Cyclone) requires a different piloting skill and a different mecha combat skill. Mecha combat is limited to basic.

Modern Weapon Proficiencies (New!) Choose TWO from among W.P. Energy Pistol, W.P. Energy Rifle, W.P. Gallant, or W.P. Heavy. Choose TWO other Modern W.P.s.


MECHA SU-DAI (Exclusive)

NOTE: Taking this form of Martial Arts disallows taking any mecha piloting program or skill whatsoever.

Entrance Requirements: P.E. 10, P.P. 10 or higher is preferred, as well as a high P.S., but it is not mandatory. No alignment requirements.

Skill Cost: 8 years (4 as secondary martial arts form)

 Usually taught only in Thailand, this is the art of

maneuvering the huge Battloids in hand-to-hand combat reminiscent of kickboxing. The professional Mecha Su-Dai warrior is a modern day gladiator who fights for fame and fortune. He is not likely to be military trained nor a freedom fighter. Many Mecha Su-Dai fighters are Zentraedi, both full-sized and micronized. Full details on Mecha Su-Dai may be found in Return of the Masters, page 25. For the purpose of Ninjas & Superspies hand to hand combat, Mecha Su-Dai provides some of the same bonuses and abilities as Thai Kick Boxing (pg. 107-8, Ninjas & Superspies).

Character Bonuses Add 2 to P.S. Add 2 to P.E. Add 1 to P.P. Add 2 to Spd. Add 10 to SDC

Costume, Stance: Same as Thai Kick Boxing

COMBAT SKILLS: See Pg. 24-6, Return of the Masters, for the Mecha Combat skills. What follows is Hand-to-Hand Combat (when not in mecha). Attacks Per Melee: Same as Mecha Combat; 1 to start with (level zero) Escape Moves: Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact, Maintain Balance. Basic Defensive Moves: Dodge, Parry, Automatic Parry Advanced Defenses: Multiple Dodge, Combination Parry/Attack, Breakfall. Hand Attacks: Strike (Punch), Backhand, Palm Strike Basic Foot Attacks: Kick Attack, Roundhouse Kick, Crescent Kick, Backward Sweep, Drop Kick, Shin Kick. Jumping Foot Attacks: Jump Kick Special Attacks: Death Blow, Leap Attack, Combination Strike/Parry, Combination Grab/Kick, Knee, Elbow, Forearm. Weapon Katas: None Modifiers to Attacks: Pull Punch, Knockout/Stun, Critical Strike.

SPECIAL KATAS: Lightning Form, same as in Ninjas & Superspies Thai Kick Boxing.

SKILLS INCLUDED IN TRAINING: Martial Arts Powers: Select one (1) Power from among Body Hardening Exercises, or Martial Arts Techniques, or Special Katas (note: Weapons Katas not allowed). If desired, any number of Powers can be traded, one-for-one, for any Basic Skill Programs (excluding physical). Languages: Thai Cultural Skills: Ritual Dancing Physical: Pilot All Battloids, except Cyclone, W.P. Sword, W.P. Staff, W.P. Zentraedi Mecha Su-Dai Weapons, W.P. Special Mecha Su-Dai Weapons.

 If this is your Primary Martial Art Form, then the following

other forms can be learned in a shorter time: Thai Kick-Boxing (5 years), T'ang-Su (4 years), Tai-Chi Ch'uan (5 years), Choy-Li-Fut (2 years), or Xing-Chiao (3 years).


 Mecha Combat: Use the table and system of level advancement
   found on page 25, Return of the Masters.
 Hand-to-Hand Combat: Use the table and system for level
   advancement for Thai Kick-Boxing on page 108, Ninjas and
   Superspies.  As soon as 1st level is reached, the number
   of attacks, bonuses, etc. for each system "go their
   separate ways"; i.e. it is possible to have different
   numbers of attacks, bonuses, levels, etc. for mecha and
   hand-to-hand combat.

Why study MECHA SU-DAI? Because, in its "natural form," (the above) it provides nearly unmatched combat abilities, both in and out of the mecha. Though lacking some of the techniques of Kick Boxing, it still provides a powerful alternative to the "hand-to-hand expert" that the Mecha Su-Dai Gladiator O.C.C. in Return of the Masters starts with.


 Creating spy organizations is much the same as described on

pages 60 to 65 of Ninjas & Superspies. However, there are changes in the equipment provided by some of the choices. All changes are IN ADDITION TO what is listed in Ninjas and Superspies, except where noted. If an option is not described, assume it remains the same as in Ninjas & Superspies, except where noted. Also note that the addition of mecha, armor, and energy weapons is OPTIONAL (however, the limitations are not); it is assumed that they found these things in wrecked REF spacecraft, bought them from the Black Market, got them from the Resistance, etc. The usual organization size is limited to Martial Arts School (50 points), Crime Buster Agency (100 points), and Paramilitary Organization (150 points). Anything larger should be cleared with the game master. NOTE: These smaller organizations are splinter groups, fragments of what used to be a larger intelligence agency but was split up due to breakdowns in communications. So organizations with the same names may exist worldwide and perhaps maintain some communication with each other (couriers, long-range radio, etc.); these were once consolidated together with satellite communication networks.

Outfits: Specialty Clothing: Includes CVR-3 armor and REF Uniforms. Gimmick Clothing: Includes CVR-3 and Southern Cross armor and uniforms. Unlimited Clothing: Includes all different kinds of body armor and uniforms, including RDF, Southern Cross, and REF.

Equipment: Ninja Equipment: If a Su-Dai school, may include one or two old, beat-up (-50% MDC) RDF Gladiators or Veritechs for training use, no weapon systems. Unlimited Equipment: May include Cyclone Cycles for intelligence specialists

Weapons: Ammunition: Includes a small recharge facility for recharging hand-held weapons' e-clips, and a few crates of Gallant clips. Armed Agents: Weapons can include Sal-9, Fal-2, Wolverine, Badger, Southern Cross pistols or rifles, or SDC weapons. Ninja Weapons: If a Su-Dai school, may include mecha staff, two-handed mecha sword or axe, or equalizers. The Arsenal: Includes all REF and Southern Cross energy rifles and pistols, as well as RL-2, RL-6, etc. Possibly Cyclone Cycles and CVR armor included, too. Unlimited Weapons: Same as above, but more of them.

Vehicles: Public Transportation: The reimbursement policy applies to paying freelance (Mercenary/Nomad Scout) pilots/guides to take them somewhere. Fleet Vehicles: Includes AAT-30 and AAT-40, Civilian All-Terrain Hauler, motorcycles, trucks, and a VERY FEW Cyclone Cycles with standard armament, etc. Spy Cars: Includes some Cyclone Cycles and a few older Veritechs (incl. hovertanks), with standard weapon systems. Specialty Vehicles: Cyclones, Battloids/Destroids, Hovertanks, Veritech Fighters. Unlimited Vehicles: Includes Specialty, plus a VERY FEW Shadow Fighters and/or Vindicators. Not available to just anybody who wants to fly them.

Communications: Limited to Computerized (Invid having knocked out all or most of the satellites when they invaded). None: As very few telephones (or none at all) still exist, this means that each agent has to have his or her own radio.

Offices and Distribution: Limited to Regional (due to communications breakdowns between the continents). The only truly international organizations are the Black Market and the Resistance, and even their international divisions aren't actually connected to each other. Usually all offices will be on one or two connected continents (i.e. North and South America). Usually "offices" will actually be underground hideouts. For 40 EXTRA points, the main headquarters of the organization can be located in an old RDF or Southern Cross base (small outpost from the REF Field Guide). These may have extra perqs, such as automatically having some mecha left around (without having to "buy" them with points), weapon recharge facilities, communications equipment, etc. It's up to the GM what this may include.

Military Power: Limited to Private Army (anything larger would be noticed and attacked by the Invid). Security Guards: Wear MDC body armor, carry Sal-9 or Wolff auto pistols. Militia: Includes CVR-3 armor, Cyclone Cycles with any optional weapon short of missile-launching sidecar, heavy weapon support (RL-2, RL-6 Rocket Launchers). Private Army: Same as Militia, but with six (6) larger mecha (Destroids, Battloids, or Veritechs).

Sponsorship: Secret: Could be the Black Market or even Invid sympathizers using them as a catspaw. Military: Run by a local chapter of the Resistance for spying and covert activities against the Invid and Black Market/high-tech bandit groups, or as part of the army of a small city or state. Private Industry: Could be a corporation, but as few of those exist any more, it is likely to be a Black Market group that is using the agency as other groups use high-tech bandits--to find mecha, weapons, etc. that they can sell. Not necessarily a bad branch of the Black Market (i.e. not one of those that kill people); just intent on turning a profit. Government: The government of a small city or state is footing the bill for the agency. This government is likely to have its own prerogative for the agency to perform: keep that government in power, make sure enemies don't invade, keep those AWFUL Resistance fighters out of town, etc. International Organization: As there are very few of those left, this agency is probably sponsored by the main Resistance governing body. As such, it will probably have access to the resources of almost any Resistance group on its home continent(s).

Budget: Limited to Large Loans. All "money" is in the form of barter. This barter might be food, water, and medical supplies, or perhaps Protoculture (dangerous), weapons, explosives, mecha spare parts, offers of military aid, or even mecha themselves.

Administrative Control: In this context, it refers to how free the agents are to do things that might attract the attention of the Invid/other enemy. Rigid Laws would mean they have to keep undercover at all times, not attack any Invid, etc. Limited to License to Kill (which means they will attack to save lives, defend against attack, but usually not attack directly).

Internal Security: Infiltrators are Invid symps, Black Market agents, or Resistance agents. While some of the security measures listed wouldn't be possible in the world of Invid Invasion, the results are the same.

External Infiltration: Refers to infiltrations into Black Market organizations, Invid symp. rings, even the Resistance. Same as listed.

Agency Credentials: Refers to their status with the Resistance/humans at large. Hunted: The agency is assumed to be Black Market or Invid symp. Faceless: Regarded as minor Resistance or governmental group, slow cooperation as in Ninjas & Superspies. Et cetera, same as in book.

Agency Salary: Limited to Civil Servants. Paid in barter, same as budget, above.


 As cybernetics implantation facilities are super-rare,

anybody with cybernetics (wired agent, cyber agent, etc.) should be a member or former member of one of the larger organizations (such as in New Detroit, New York, etc.). NO EXCEPTIONS. When making a character, "buy" cybernetics as usual.


 As it is generally impossible for characters to buy their

equipment (NOTE: Some organizations may, however, utilize a credit system within themselves) in the post-apocalyptic world of Invid Invasion, the following is a brief guide to what they should start out with.

NOTE: In addition to the equipment listed below, all characters will usually start with 3D6x100 credit/dollars' worth of miscellaneous equipment. Gadgeteer and Operative agents start with 4D6x100. Veteran Grunts start with 2D6x100. Remember, all this money must be spent, or it is lost (GM's option: the remainder may be "on account" with the character's spy agency, if he has one).

Dedicated Martial Artist: Weapon or set of weapons used by his art (Daisho, staff, etc.), 2D6 throwing knives or shuriken, martial arts outfit, ninja clothes and boots, regular clothes, some type of mega-damage body armor, and two more weapons of choice. If Mecha Su-Dai, there is a 50% chance of having a beat-up RDF Veritech or Gladiator mech (-10% MDC).

Worldly Martial Artist: Same as Freedom Fighter (Invid Invasion, pg. 14-15) but has martial arts weapon (such as daisho, bo staff, etc.) instead of Wolverine assault rifle. Also has martial arts outfit, ninja clothes and boots, and 2D6 throwing knives or shuriken.

Cyber Agent, Wired Agent: Along with his cybernetics, he gets CVR-3 or Southern Cross body armor, a Wolverine assault rifle with 2D4 clips and 2D6 grenades, an energy pistol and an SDC sidearm of choice, 1D6 clips for each, 2 weeks of rations, binoculars, wrist radio (short range--8 miles), and a ground vehicle of choice (or possibly mecha, if piloting skill program was taken; GM's option).

Gadgeteer Agent: CVR-3 or Southern Cross body armor, 2 .38 derringers, .45 Vest Pocket Automatic, energy or assault rifle of choice, SDC pistol with shoulder holster, energy pistol, 1D6 clips or reloads for each of the previously listed weapons, backpack, wrist radio (short range--8 miles), three knives (hidden various places about the body), binoculars, wrist radio, 2 weeks' rations, vehicle (jet pack, ground vehicle, or Cyclone if GM allows (esp. Saber or 38-Lite)).

Operative Agent: Same as military specialist. May or may not have Cyclone; GM's choice. Will have motorcycle or hovercycle instead of Cyclone if no Cyclone mecha skills.

Private Eye: Office (often in some crumbling building; at least there's no landlord...), MDC body armor, energy or SDC rifle, 2 rifle clips, SDC weapon (usually revolver) and shoulder holster, 2 speedloaders/clips, wrist radio (short range--8 miles), some type of vid-disk camera for gathering evidence, binoculars, trenchcoat with light armor (AR 12, SDC 40), and land vehicle. Cyclone or other mecha are NOT recommended for this character to begin with, even if he has the piloting skills--he's not a warrior as a profession, he's an investigator.

Professional Free Agent: Same as Freedom Fighter/Mercenary, for a mercenary is basically what he is.

Wandering Free Agent: Same as Freedom Fighter, but with the addition of an ancient weapon/set of ancient weapons (i.e. daisho) used by his/her martial arts form.

Thief (Free Agent): .45 Vest Pocket Automatic, energy rifle of choice, sidearm (energy or SDC), 1D4 clips for each, 3 knives (easily hideable), MDC body armor, set of lockpicks, dark clothing, backpack or duffel bag for carrying ill-gotten gains, wrist radio (short range--8 miles), binoculars, 2D6 cobalt grenades, 2D4 cobalt limpet mines, and ground vehicle.

Dreamer Gizmoteer: Tool kit, mini-tool pack, portable computer, utility belt, canteen, binoculars, CVR-3 or Southern Cross body armor, 2 energy weapons, sidearm, 1D6 clips for each, wrist radio (short range--8 miles), ground vehicle, and ancient weapon or set of weapons (i.e. daisho) used by his/her martial arts form.

Gizoid Gizmoteer: Tool kit, mini-tool pack, portable computer, utility belt, binoculars, canteen, CVR-3 or Southern Cross body armor, 2 energy weapons, sidearm, 1D6 clips for each, wrist radio (short range--8 miles), and a ground vehicle.

Tinker Gizmoteer: Same as Bio-Maintenance Engineer.

Academy Officer: Same as Freedom Fighter, with the addition of a full dress uniform from whatever army he used to serve in.

Commando Mercenary: If Cyclone or no mecha combat program selected, has same equipment as Military Specialist, with the addition of 2D4 more cobalt limpet mines and 2D6 cobalt grenades. If Cyclone combat not selected, has ground vehicle in place of Cyclone. If Destroid or Veritech combat program selected, however, has standard equipment of Destroid or Veritech pilot, also with the addition of 2D4 more cobalt limpet mines and 2D6 cobalt grenades. However, it is not recommended that he start with mecha heavier than a Cyclone (for reasons to be stated below).

Cyborg Soldier: CVR-3 or Southern Cross body armor (to hide cybernetic "deformities"), SDC or energy rifle, sidearm, 2 weeks' rations, 2-qt. canteen, wrist radio (short range--8 miles), binoculars, hovercycle or motorcycle.

Veteran Grunt: MDC body armor (often Southern Cross), older SDC assault rifle (usually M-16 or AK-47), Southern Cross or REF energy rifle (PR-30 is a favorite), SDC pistol and shoulder holster, small submachine gun or other SDC pistol, energy pistol, 4 clips for each weapon, backpack, utility belt, two boot knives, wrist radio (short range--8 miles), two ancient weapons of choice, binoculars, 4 weeks' worth of rations, two 2-qt. canteens, ground vehicle (often Southern Cross hovercycle) or mecha at the GM's discretion (if Veritech pilot-trained, most likely mecha is VF-1 Veritech or Southern Cross Hovertank).

 Ninjas & Superspies dollars are equivalent to Robotech 

credits. The weapons on pages 89-90 of Southern Cross are available at the prices given. The Fal-2 costs 5,200. The Sal-9 costs 3,000. The Gallant system costs 12,000. By itself, the pistol is 5,000. The Wolff is 1,000. The Badger SMG costs 2,200. The M-35 Wolverine costs 4,000. The Cobalt Limpet Mines cost 1,200 credits each. AM-1 mines cost 1,500. AM-2 mines cost 1,700.


 In the war-torn world of Invid Invasion earth, custom

auto-building firms are nonexistant. Thus beginning-level characters definitely will NOT start with vehicles with, for instance, anti-missile chaff, ejection seat hover vehicles, fusion generators, VTOL capacity, refreshment dispensers, submersible capacity, or most of the other "Optional Modifications, Equipment, and Accessories" found on pages 78 through 80. In fact, the vehicles they're assigned will probably not have much enhancement at all. Beginning-level agency employees will probably draw their vehicles from the agency motor pool or have their own beat-up old vehicles if the agency has no transportation. Either way, these will generally be standardized vehicles, with Ninjas and Superspies Light armor, or Invid Invasion Light or Medium armor, and possibly one or two turret or fixed-mount light weapons (weapons not likely; 30% chance). If they are present, they will only have one full load of ammo; no more. If the character's standard equipment or training includes Destroids, Battloids, or Veritechs, they really should NOT start out with any of these powerful mecha. In fact, even Cyclone cycles should be very sparingly dispensed. The reason for this? These characters had some military-type training from agencies, etc., but unlike most Invid Invasion character classes, they weren't actually in the military, and if they were (i.e. the Mercenary O.C.C.s), they got out several years ago, and whatever force they were in kept the mecha (usually). The exception to this is, of course, agencies with Fleet Vehicles and up. They have from a small amount to a great deal of mecha, which they may or may not assign to beginning-level agents. If they prove themselves, they will start drawing mecha from the vehicle pool. Though they may not START with mecha, it is very likely that the player/characters will inadvertantly stumble onto a wrecked REF spacecraft or some other cache of mecha, and gain a Destroid or Veritech in that way. This could provide good opportunities for creative role-play.

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