First choose a race. Next determine the max. number of points your charater can have, 400 for humans. multiply by 0.4 to get the number of points your character gets to divide between abilities, 160 for humans. An average member of the race gets 1/4 of their max. The ability scores are body, the strength and the damage potential of the character, agility, your characters ability to hit and not be hit, spd, how quickly your charater moves, and Psi, the psychic potential of the character.

Secound, choose an occupation. This will give you your starting skills and equipment. All characters know their native language free.

Third, learn some more skills, and get some more money. Each skill has a cost in months. Every time the character learns a skill increase the characters age by that many months. Additional money can be gotten at 1000 per month. This system doesn't mean the character spent a month doing nothing but making cheese and repairing shoes. The character spent two months doing a little of both, taking weekends off to visit friends.

Fourth, Buy equipment. Your character may have gotten a skill like auto mechanics. Now the character should buy the tools nessasary to repair cars.

Finally, take your character and begin play.


name damage att D.C. range cost ------------- ------ --- ---- ----- ---- E-blade 6d6 h/h inf. 1 5,000,000 +10 parry Similiar to a Star Wars light saber. Lazer Lance 5d6 h/h 60 1 3000 blast effect 4d6 2 -- 20 ---- a long two handed lance with the ability to fire laserbolts. Lightning bolt 2d6 h/h 20 5 100 a spear with a head charged like a taser or eletric fence. Ion staff 1d8 h/h 100 1 4000 blast effect 4d6 2 --- 6 ---- blast radius:3 +3 parry a two handed staff. able to lob ion charges out of one side. Cap chain whip 1d10 h/h 50 1 300 an electrified chain whip. can shockas well as other whip abilities. Razor katana 3d6 h/h 10 1 2000 wakizashi2d6 h/h 10 1 1500 treats oppents armor as half. In true oriental form the swords represent the exstream of their origins with molecular sharpening technology. Barbarian 2d20 .5h/h 200 1 800 min body=40 a claymore made of depleted uranium, very heavy, the opposite of razor weapontry. Thunder 2d20 .5h/h 300 1 500 min body=25 a depleted uranium sledge hammer. Titanite tonfa 1d6 h/h 1000 1 100 +15 parry simliar in design to the oriental weapon of the same name, but made from the stongest material available Battle sheild 1d4 h/h 2000 1 200 +15 parry(+5 more if not used as weapon) nearly indestuctable parring weapon Battle claw 1d12 h/h 70 1 300 + 1d6 damage hand to hand strikes. + 5 parry a metal claw stapped onto the hand. Neural bola stun h/h 20 4 60 body check at -15 a bola with the essenial workings of a taser. Boomerang 1d6 h/h 20 8 20 + 5 hit due to irregullar flight path all boomerrangs thrown by skilled charater return before next attack if they do not hit anything larger than a jackrabbit. no line of sight needed to hit. the same old trick with the addition of space-age materials and aerodynamics. Shuriken 1d4 h/h 10 3 5 infamous ninja stars. Bow 1d10 h/h 30 10 300 a x-bow or c-bow. see missles for more detailes. Missles-each can be fitted onto shurikens,arrows, or boomerang explosive 4d6 explosive radius:3 50 stun stun save:-10 150 blinding save vs body or -10 all scores 130 AP explosive 5d6 armor effect 3/4 100 armor piercing+3 armor efect 1/2 75 laser 3d6 double range 50 Hidden laser 2d6 3 15 25 700 Laser blaster 3d6 4 20 25 500 Ion blaster 4d6 3 20 12 1000 Plasma blaster 5d6 2 25 15 1500 Laser rifle 4d6 25 40 25 2000 Antimater rifle5d6 20 40 15 2200 rifles have burst firing Ion shotgun 5d6 1 30 5 2000 P-beam shotgun 6d6 1 35 5 5000 cone diameter:5 Heavy raygun 1d4x10 1 40 20 7000 Railgun 2d6x10 1/2 60 20 10000 Laser chain gun3d6 33 50 25 5000 Dragonbreath 1d10x10 1/3 40 100 10000 explosive radius:5 a missle launcher. Flamethrower 4d6 1 40 5 400 ignites all flamable objects(1d6 each round for 3 rounds) Striker 1d4x10 1 10 100 15000 +20% to hit. keeps attacking till it hits(ref 50%). Grenade 4d10 h/h 5 4 30 explosive radius 3 Plasma Sphere 1d10x10 2 3 60 20000 explosive radius 5 --------------------------------------------------------------------- ALIEN RACES ----------- Evolution points:175 Attribute adj. base -25 0(max +25 50) Biochemistry animal-cold 0 animal-warm 3 plant 30 self-contained 50 Natural attack damage hands or claws-> 1-0 1d4-3 claws-> 1d8-7 2d6-10 Natural AR base 0-0 max 50-50 Speech none-0 partial-5 full-10 Biped partial-0 full-5 Jump 0-0 1/4-5 1/2-10 1-15 1 1/2-20 2-25 Hands & arms 7 per arm Tentacles/tail 5 per tentacle Extra attack 10/attack Poisonous bite 7 Wings(gliding) 20 Wings(flying) 30 Claws(climbing) 2 Claws(retractable)3 Envirormental 15/environment Improved senses: Distance vision5 Night vision 5 UV vision 5 IR vision 5 Sonar 5 Broadband hearing5 Improved hearing5 Improved touch 5 Improved smell&taste5 Psionics & Powers: Shape shifting 50 Immune to cold 15 Immune to fire 20 Immune to poison 20 Mind block 15 Electrokinesis 35 Hydrokinesis 35 Pyrokinesis 40 Resist pain 20 Speed Reading 15 Total recall 20 Hypnosis 35 Healing touch 4d6/day 35 Induce Sleep 15 Death Trance 5 Empathy 20 See aura 20 Sense Evil 15 Sense Magic & Psionics15 Sixth sense 15 Telepathy 35 -------------------------------------------------------- SKILLS ------ cost(mo.) Athletic survival 12 +10 D.C. climb 1 swim 3 endurance 4 +5 D.C. running 3 +20 spd jumping 2 double jumping distance resist pain 2 +5 D.C. strength feat 3 +10% to body for lift sports 3 +5% natural AR meditation 4 sleep twice as fast and with full awareness improved darkness sight6 stealth 4 acrobatics 6 +10 natural AR awareness 4 dancing 1 escape 3 +5 natural ar ambidexterity 10 no off hand penalty(normally -10%) Technical first-aid 6 security system 5 brewing 1 cheesemaking 1 cooking 1 armorer 3 weapon tech 5 sewing 1 gem cutting&apprasing 2 automotive repair 4 chemistry 2 electronics 3 programming 3 shoemaking 1 instrument making 1 pottery 1 trapping 2 cyber tech 10 aero tech 8 basic tech 5 singing 1 play instrument 1 forgery 2 pick pocket 2 voice imitation 3 lip reading 2 acting 3 Knowledge religion 1 history 4 occult 2 language 3 navigation 4 zoology 3(biology) botany 3(biology) law 3(history) accounting 2(twice as long if character has math:basic) anthropology 3(history) biology 4 geology 4 physics 4(math advanced) math basic 2 math advanced 3(math basic) human anatomy 4(biology) Empathy animal training 3 gambling 2 read body language 2 persuation 2 leadership 4 begging 2 ettiqutte 1 story telling 1 intimdation 2 art 1 teaching 3 Pioleting car 2 plane 3 boats 2 space fighter 5 hover craft 3 helicopter 3 motorcycle 2 space frieghter 4 animal 3 Weapons(each weapon must be trained individually +5% to hit) vehicle mounted 3 melee weapon 3 modern missle 3 ancient missle 4 thrown 4 parring weapon 4 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT ------------------- Base 3 att Moves additional attacks gives 1 additional att. first att(E) sec att(M) third att(H) fingerstrike(M)-1 +10% to hit knockout strike(H)-0 2d4 rounds defender is stunned( -20 parry, cannot attack) vital point paralysys strike(H)-1(finger strike) paralyses defender for 1d6 rounds hand strike(E)-1d4 karate chop(M)-1d6(hand strike) backhand strike(M)-1d6(karate chop) counter rear att. uppercut(M)-1d8(power punch) only can do once per round power punch(E)-2d6(hand strike) uses up 2 att sweep(E)-1 defender loses one attack standing up. backsweep(M)-1(sweep) defender loses one att. counter rear att. kick strike(E)-1d6 round house(M)-1d10(power kick) only can be done once per round. axe and cresent kick(M)-1d8 power kick(E)-2d8(kick strike) uses up 2 att jump kick(M)-2d6(kick strike) range 2 spaces. uses up 3 att leap attack(M)-2(any easy strike) Must choose type of strike( only one). uses up 3 add att. gyroscopic flying jump kick(H)-4d6(jump kick) range 4 sps. uses up 3 atts. chartwheel kick(M)-1d8(kick strike) range back 2 spaces. backflip kick(H)-3d6(cresent kick) uses up 2 att. can only be used once per round. elbow(E)-1d4 counter rear att. forearm(E)-1d4 tackle(E)-1d4 knock down move. cannot be parried. grab(E)-1 grabbed character cannot parry next att throw(E)-1d6(grab) defender loses one attack standing up disarm(E)-0(grab) weapon land 1d4 spaces away. choke(E)-2d4 does damage every att maintained. requires both hands.Body combat to maintain. one hand choke(H)-2d4(choke) same as choke however only requires one hand. crush(E)-1d4(tackle) requires both hands to maintain. does damage each att maintained. body combat to maitain/escape hold(E)-1d4(grab) defender is defenseless. +20% to strike with a lock. requires both hands. ref combat to excape (attacker +20% to maintain) lock(M)-1d6 defender is defenseless. requires one hand. ref combat to escape. escaping causes 3d6 damage and a broken joint. dislocate joints(M)-3d6(lock) forces character out of maintained lock. automatic hit. knee(E)-1d6 improvised weapons(H)-1d6 thrown 1d4 range 4 concetrated push(M)-1 pushes defender back 1d4 spaces and off of feet. loses one att getting up head bash(E)-1d4 lightning attack(H)-1(any easy (1 att) attack) doubles number of att all must be prechosen easy att. character cannot parry and - 10% hit(-30% with weapon). +20% to intimidation(+40% with weapon) death blow(H)-(vital points paralysys strike) charater become stunned(- 20% parry, cannot attack) for 1d6 rounds. the charater slowly loses 1 D.C. every week. Even if cured lost D.C. remains body hardening(M)- character gains 30 D.C. hand toughening(M)-+2 to hand strikes foot toughening(M)-+3 to kick strikes double jointed extended reach(H) +1 space to move ranges. clap sonic strike(H)-2d4 area of effect 2 spaces. body save vs stun(-20% parry, cannot att) for rest of round yell sonic strike(H)-2d4 cone range 4 diameter 3. body save vs stun(-20% parry, cannot att) for rest of round. land fall(M)- character takes half damage from falls,throws,etc if ref save is made. maintain balance(M)- character does not lose att getting up from falls, throws,etc if ref save is made. special stance(H)-0(maintain balance) + 10% maintain balance/parry/hit martial art awareness(H)- character gains +25% initiative, +10% parry automatic defense/attack(H)-by att the character learns to auto attack with one easy one att move after every successful parry. the opponent doesnot get to parry. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- PSI-POWERS ---------- Minor powers blast:1d4 per psi calm minds:2 psi per 4 square yards create emotion:1 psi per use deaden pain:2 psi heal all hit piont mentally not physically flight:5 psi per hour of flight know direction:2 psi tell wich ways north 10 psi location of item mind read:7 psi tell what person is thinking psi-awareness:0 psi tell if other psionics are in 30ft radius psi-breaking:4 per use break anything useing your psi power psi-detection:2 psi tell level of psionic powers of person psi-healing:1 psi for every 2 hit pionts healed psi-protection:5 psi stops mental attacks psi-stealing:tap 2 psi of unknowing 4 from knowing host sheild:5 psi for 20 hit it can take suggestion:8 psi for a suggestion ten words or less +1 psi each word over see psi aura:2 psi see what type of person he or she is Major powers animate object: astral-projection: blast: broad cast: empathy: item creation: object read: psi-absorbtion: shift psi-aura: super sheild: telekenise: telepathy:


Space-knight source of power belief in flow motiation protect the innocent and destroy evil skills 2 melee weapons 1 missle weapon first aid survival math:basic meditation religion history animal training piolet:animal improved darkness vision 2 minor psi-manipulation power( seen as religious power) 5 easy/2 medium equipment 1 melee weapon knightly armor AR:50 -10 spd book containing Space-Knight creto and religious powers. considered holy item. cybernetics only as replacement of lost pieces interferes with religious power. Combat specialist source of power combat skills and equipment motivation love of country and the armed forces skills 1 melee weapon 3 missle weapons first-aid survival basic tech running endurance awareness 6 easy/3 medium/1 hard equipment 1 missle weapon grunt armor ar:70 -30 spd nightsight goggles communicator $10,000 cybernetics-yes Cyborg source of power cybernetics motivation to discover new cybernetics skills 2 missle weapon basic tech cybertech only loses 3/4 of psi as listed under cybernetics 4 easy moves 1 medium equipment 1 missle weapon no armor $35,000 cybernetics-I refuse to answer that silly question. Psi-entist source of power study of psi particals and their effect. motivation discovery of other psi occurences skills occult physics math:advanced math:basic 1 major psi-manipulaion powers 5 minor 3 easy equipment boot knife 1d6 damage 2 att basic armor AR:30 -0 spd psi-meter space-web linked computer notepad psi-optic $3,000 cybernetics-never, reduces amount of controlable psi-energy Martial Artist source of power years of study under a master motivation adventure in newly discovered world outside of dojo skills 3 melee weapons meditation survival jumping acrobatics awareness escape art human anatomy 1 minor psi-manipulaition power(seen as chi or ki power) 7 easy/4 medium/2 hard equipment 2 melee weapons(not E-blade) no armor +10 to natural AR $3,000 cybernetices-never, not natural ability. ISO(Information System Operator) source of power computer knowledge and technology motivation new technology ,challenge and survival skills programing 3 langauges, computer math:basic math:advanced basic tech improved darkness vision(monitor work out style) 2 easy equipment "please, don't kill me" armor ar:80 -50 spd access to main frame in a large computer lab. $10,000 cybernetics-yes, mostly computer oriented Galactic Marshal source of power training, a gun and a badge motivation promote law and order skills handgun 1 weapon running endurance climb awareness first-aid security system lip reading read body language 5 easy/2 medium/1 hard equipment handgun riot armor ar 40 -10 spd $7,000 cybernetics-yes, espionage preferable Smuggler source of power street smarts motivation money or rebelion skills 1 missle weapon 1 melee weapon survival(large city) stealth awareness escape security systems gem cutting&apprasing basic tech forgery pick pockets gambling persuation 4 easy/2 medium equipment 1 missle weapon 1 melee weapon(not E-blade) armor ar:45 -15 spd $6,000 cybernetics-yes, espionage type Historian source of power knowledge of history motivation to document the happenings of modern life skills 1 melee or bow-type missle weapon history +20% religion +10% 2 langauges +10% survival play instrument law anthropology story telling awareness 5 easy/4 medium equipment melee or bow-type missle weapon(not E-blade) "ancient" armor ar:30 -20 spd very high coolness factor spaceweb linked computer history book/notepad $5,000 cybernetics-will get them, but no particular need Doctor source of power knowledge of the healing arts motivation to keep everyone healthy and discover new&better medical techniques skills knife biology human anatomy +10% first aid +20% basic tech cyber tech math:basic ettiquette language 2 easy equipment 3 knife 1d6 2 2 knife 1d4 2 "medic" armor AR:55 -15spd first aid kit including: disenfectant and bandages nessary parts to set bones pain killers aenestetic other common drugs anti-bacterial agent usually penesilin hypodermic needle folding stretcher colapsable crutches magnifing lenses needle and sanitary thread thermometer psi-meter(for quick health level check) spaceweb linked medical book/notepad/health monitor checks pulse,psi,brain activity,body temperature,and respiration $15,000 cybernetics-yes, no particular need Mechanic source of power knowledge of machine repair motivation keep everything working and find new technology skills(add 20% to any 2 non-weapon skills listed) vehicle mounted weapons 2 missle weapons automotive repair security system armorer weapon tech electronics aero tech basic tech math:basic math:advanced physics 4 easy/1 medium(medium move can be improvised weapon) equipment 1 small missle weapon "tool" armor AR:40 -5spd holds all tools complete set of portable tools access to a larger repair & design shop spaceweb linked technical manual/notebook $10,000 cybernetics-yes, useful tools prefered Pilot source of power skill in pioleting motivation adventure outside natural enviorment skills vehicle mounted weapons 3 missle weapons awareness basic tech aero tech navigation math: basic leadership piolet: space fighter 5 easy/2 medium equipment 1 handgun space suit armor AR:50 -20 spd fully envirmental 24 hours protects from fall ,crash and high-G damage night sight and anti-glare face mask communication device $40,000 cybernetics-yes, usually allows ship interface Scientists: All scientists source of power knowledge motivation to study the universe skills 1 missle weapon math:basic math:advanced basic tech history teaching 3 easy equipment 1 small missle weapon "feild study" armor AR:45 -10 spd spaceweb linked research book/notepad on individuals subject $5,000 cybernetics-yes, no particular need Chemist skills cooking chemistry+20% astro-chemistry equipment chemisty lab with most common chemicals Physisist skills physics+20% astro-physics piolet: space frieghter Geologist skills ax&pick geology+20% astro-geology equipment mining tools mining pick 1d8 2 Botanist skills biology+10 botany+10 astro-botany Zoologist skills animal training biology+5 zoology+10 astro-zoology Anthropologist skills history anthropology+20 astro-anthropology Linguist skills read body language 5 languages+5 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- EQUIPMENT cost --------- Communications crystal 5 am/fm 25 media player 300 recorder +200 media 20 per memory unit broadcast 100 per mile range reciever 10 two way com 150 per mile range phone call 1 cellphone 300 periodical 2 Misc tools and equipment camera 100 36 pictures 5 locksmith's tools picks 100 keymaker 200 automaic mechanical 1000 chisel set 2 hacksaw 3 file 1 electronics tools 100 wire cutters 1 crowbar 1 glasscutter 3 flashlight 30 ratchet set 90 block & tackle 10 matches/100 5 watch,waterproof 100 ladder 40 lock 5 chain heavy 4/yard light 3/yard magnifiging glass 2 scale 10 paper ream 5 candles 10 1 sewing needle 4 1 thread 1 whistle 1 soap 1 tent sleeping bag 30 oneman 100 5man 200 circus 400 pen 10 1 adjustable wrench 2 tape measure 200' 5 surveying equipment 100 lighter, refillable 10 fluid, liter 5 telescope 500 binoculars 25 hammer 10 drill 25 nail gun 100 aircompressor 50 screwdriver set 5 rope 1/10 yards wire&cable 1/5 yards spray paint 3 glow paint 5 bugspray gallon 10 tool set 100 Optic mount 2000 Psi particle 3000 targeting sight +5% to hit 2000 night sight 1500 thermo-imager 1000 infrared 1000 ultraviolet 1000 telescopic 500 microscopic 500 Video recorder 200 media 30 per memory unit T.V. screen 100 range finder 100 camera 100 polorized lenses 75 color filter 50 Computer processor Int spd prog. calc 20 10 100 portable 40 20 500 desk top 60 40 1000 main frame 80 80 10000 9000 series 115 100 100000 math coprcessor(+10 Int) 1/4 proccesor cost clock doubler(+25 spd) 1/4 proccesor cost memory(max memory=int10) 80 per memory unit programs memmory used skills months 200 security 1 per point 100 per point(max 2int) control 10 per device 1000 per device AI(Int>=70) 5 10000 (+5 to interface spd) interface OS spd MU keypad HEX -25 5 0 keyboard text -20 100 2 mouse GUI -15 300 5 voice v-inter -10 1000 10 directlink V.R. -5 30000 30 hardware monitor 10 per diagnol " monochrone x1/2 LCD x2 printer 500 sound card 400 scanner 600 modem half processor holograph 1000 per ft^2 mill 1500 sonar shaping device 2000 optic mount 3000 Cybernetics cost Psi arm(+5% natural AR,+20 D.C.,+2 damage) 3000 -5 additional arm(max 4)(2 arms +1 att) 5000 -10 leg(+7% natural AR,+25 D.C,+ 3 kick damage) 4000 -5 torso(+10% natural AR,+40 D.C.) 6000 -10 wings(fly at spd 1 space turning radius) 10000 -10 coverings magnetic sheilding 500 -1 plastic or chrome covering 100 0 armor(+3% natural AR, +10 D.C.) 1000 -3 bio-skin 2000 +3 hands claw hand(1d8) 1200 -3 tool hand 500 -2 rope hand(15 meter) 800 -2 plug hand(attach any equipment) 300 -3 feet climbing foot(+10%) 600 -2 swimming foot(+10%) 600 -2 blade foot(1d10) 1200 -4 implants jet pack(fly at 200 spd,3 space) 5000 -7 24cubic in storage space 300 -1 hidden holster(handgun) 400 -1 AV recorder 600 -2 readout screen 400 -2 weapon mount(double weapon cost) 300 -3 cybereye(options as optics mount) 2500 -5 color change disguised 1000 +2 laser(1d6,2 att) 1000 -3 air storage lung(10 hours) 1000 -2 chemical analyser 2000 -3 ear and jawbone radiation detector 500 -2 psi-detector 1000 -1 memo minder 400 -1 radio reception 300 -1 radar detector 500 -1 comm(2 Km range) 400 -2 lie detector 400 -1 bug detector 400 -1 weapons shapened nails(1d6) 500 -1 finger claws(1d8) 800 -1 retractable knuckle claw(2d6) 1000 -3 JAWS(1d8) 800 -2 steel knuckles(+1 punch damage) 900 -1 cybernetic computer(int-50,spd-50,mem-500) 8000 -15 link 1000 -1 modem(weblinked) 3000 -4 cryptography chip 4000 -1 scanner 2000 -1 medical monitor(+10% to body saves) 5000 -1 radar system(+10% to parry) 4000 -1

sensors temperature 20 motion 30 sound intesity 10 frequency 10 light intensity 15 frequency 15 radiation 20 chemical(smell&taste) 100 hardness/brittleness 50 sonar shaping 50 sight darkness 50 micro/distant 60