Skill Programs

Gizmoteer(NaSS) Computer Hacking Comp Operations(+15) Computer Networks(+20) Computer Programs(+20) Computer Repair(+5) Cyptography(+5) Math: Basic(+10) Math: Advanced(+5) Super Computer(+20) AI Programing(+10) Electronic counter measures(+10)

Cybernetic/Robot construction Biology(+10) Computer Operation(+10) Computer Program(+10) Robot Electronics(+10) Robot Mechanics(+10) Optics Systems(+10) Radio: Basic(+10) Surveillance Sys(+10) TV/Video(+10) Armorer(+10)

Electronic Communication Computer Operations(+10) Electrical Engineer(+10) Laser Communications(+5) Microwave Communication(+5) Electronic Counter Measures(+5) Radio: Basic(+25) Radio: Scambler(+5) Radio: Satellite(+5) Radio: FTL(+10) TV/Video(+20) Includes: morse code

Special Effects Computer Operation(+10) Super Computers(+10) Electrical Engineer(+10) Robot Mechanics(+10) Art(+20) Disguise(+15) Forgery(+10) Concealment(+10) Chemistry(+15) Photography(+10)

Microchip Technology Computer Operations(+10) Computer Programing(+10) Computer Repair(+20) Electrical Engineering(+15) Circuit Board Micro Electronics(+25) Robot Electronics(+15) Optic Systems(+10) Radar/Sonar Operation(+10) Math: Basic(+5) Math: Advanced (+10)

Vehicle Construction Automotive Mechanics(+25) Aircraft Armor & Weapons(+10) Aircraft Mechanics(+20) Electrical Engineer(+10) Helicopter Mechanics(+5) Mechanical Engineer(+20) Armorer(+10) Weapon Systems(+10) Jump Drive Repair(+5) Pilot/Related: 4 skills

Weapon, Energy Electrical Engineer(+10) Basic Mechanics(+5) Weapon Systems(+15) Math: Advanced(+10) WP 4 energy weapons

Weapon, Explosive/Projectile Basic Electronics(+10) Mechanical Engineer(+15) Demolitions(+20) Demolitions: Disposal(+10) Weapon Sys(+15) Chemistry(+20) choose 4 modern weapons

Weapon, Melee Armorer(+20) Basic Mechanics(+20) Chemistry(+15) Mono/razor tech(+5) Smithing(+10) Carpentry(+10) choose 5 melee WP

Scientist: Geologist: Geology(+20) Chemistry(+20) Chemistry: Analytic(+20) Cartography(+20) Lore: Geomancy & Lines of power(+10) Computer Operation(+20)

Cultural Anthropologist: Psychology(+20) Psycotherapy(+20) Anthropology(+20) Archeology(+20) Langauge: Any(base=2% per language known, +3 per level)

Astrophysicist: Astrophysics(+20) Astronomy(+10) Astrogation(+10) Pilot: Space Freighter(+5) Jump Drive Operation(+10) Jump Drive Repair(+10) Math: Advanced(+10) Computer Operation(+10)

Bio-Chemistry Biology(+20) Chemistry(+20) Chemistry: Pharmecuticals(+20) Botany(+20) Lore: Demons,Monsters, and Clones(+10) Computer Operations(+20)

Medical(NaSS) Doctor: NOCHANGE Cybernetic: NOCHANGE

Phaurmacueticals: Chemistry(+20) Chemistry:pharmacuetical(+20%) Biology(+10) Paramedic(+15) Pathology(+10)

Military Espionage Professional Thief: Concealment(+15%) Escape artist(+10%) Forgery(+5) Hojo-Jutsu(+10) Locksmith(+10) Palming(+10) Microfilm/Microdot/Microfiche Technology(+6) Pick Pockets(+15) Safe-Cracker(+10) Surveillance systems(+10) WP Pistol or WP EPistol

Criminal Science: Biology(+10) Chemistry(+10) Chem: Analytic(+5) Math: Advanced(+10) Criminal / Forensic Sciences(+15) First Aid(+10) W.P. E-Pistol

General Espionage(can be gotten more than once): WP E-pistol any eight : espionage (+10) comunication (+10) computer operation (+10)

Basic Military Zero-G combat Demolitions (+5) Demolitions: Disposal (+5) Land Navigation (+5) WP E-Rifle WP: choose 1 Physical: choose 2

Officer Training Interogation(+5) Computer Operations(+10) Read Sensory Equipment(+5) Detect Concealment(+5) Pilot: choose 1(+5) Radio: choose 3(+15) WP: E-pistol WP: choose 2

Assasin/Guerilla Detect Ambush(+15) Detect Concealment(+15) Sniper Tracking(+10) Espionage: choose 2(+10) WP: choose 4

Pilot Weapon sys(+15) Pilot/Related: choose 8(+15) WP: choose 3

Basic Programs Wilderness Survival: Wilderness Survival(+20) Tracking(+10) Land Navigation(+10) Prowl or sniper any 2 cultural/domestic(+20) W.P. Bolt Rifle or Archery

Stage magic select 5 from stage magic or espionage type(thief)(+10)

Journalist Computer Operation(+5) Writing(+10) pick 3:(+10) Intelligence Pilot: Basic Photography T.V./Video Radio:Basic Research

Language program(can chosen as many times as desired): get 5 languages or one family at (+10%)

Communication(HU) choose 6 from communication or computer operations at (+5%)

Occult History(+15) Lore: Demons & Monsters (+5) Lore: Ghost and Faerie (+5) Lore: Geomancy & Lines of Power (+5) Lore: Religion (+5)

Repair Automotive Mechanics(+10) Basic Mechanics(+10) Basic Electronics(+10)

Mechanical(HU) Basic mechanics(+10) choose 3 mechanical at (+5)

Electrical(HU) Basic electronics(+10) choose 3 electrical or communication (+5)

Science Computer Operation(+10) choose 4 sciences at (+5)

Physical 4 physical skills 2 physical can be traded for an ancient wp.

Computer Computer Operation(+20) Computer Programming(+10) Computer Repair(+5) Read Sensory Equipment(+10) SuperComputer(+5)

Cultural/Domestic Program select 5 cultural or domestic skills at (+10)

Weapon Program any 4 WP