Most standard equipment & costs are listed in BtS & NaSS


E-blade Similiar to a Star Wars light saber. One handed. length: 5"-3.5'. weight: 0.5 lbs. damage:6d6 cost:5,000,000 Lazer Lance a long two handed lance with the ability to fire laserbolts. length: 10'. weight: 6.5lb. damage:2d6 lazer bolts feed: 10 shot e-clip. range: 200ft damage:4d6 cost:4000 Lightning bolt a spear with a head charged like a taser or electric fence. one handed. length: 5' weight:4lbs damage:2d6 and save vs toxin or be stunned for 2d4 melee cost: 100 Ion staff a two handed staff. able to lob ion charges out of one side. length:6' weight: 3.5 lbs damage:1d8 ion blast: feed:10 shot e-clip range: 200 ft damage 4d6 cost 3000 Cap chain whip an electrified chain whip. can shock as well as other whip abilities. length: 8ft weight: 3.5lbs damage:2d6 cost:300 Razor katana/wakizashi In true oriental form the swords represent the extreme of their origins with molecular sharpening technology. length: 3ft/2ft weight:3.5lbs/2lbs damage:3d6/2d6 cost:5000/2000 Thunder a depleted uranium sledge hammer.requires a PS of 16 to use. two handed. length: 4ft weight: 25lbs damage:2d10 cost:500 Battle claw a metal claw stapped onto the hand. one handed. length: 1ft weight: 1lb. damage: +1d6 to punch damage. cost:300 Neural bola a bola with the essential workings of a taser. length: 2ft, weight: 0.4 lbs. damage: as stun gun cost: 400 stun gun newcost: 800 laser pistol(5d6): 1800 laser rifle: 4000 heavy laser: 6000 the back pack(regenerates 10 e-clips per day): 4000 laser tool: 10 P-beam: 8000 ion blaster: 1000 heavy blaster: 1250 Railgun feed:1 large metal slug.(1 each) range: 1 mi damage: 3d6x10 cost: 10000 Striker mini missle launcher feed: 2 mini missles range:100ft damage:1d4x10 cost:15000 +2 to hit. keeps attacking till it hits. Battle shield nearly indestuctable parring weapon. +2 parry. can parry modern weapons with a straight roll -4. (500 sdc)


repair 10/1sdc driving suit AR: 13 SDC:100 protects against falls/collisions cost: 1500 flight suit AR: 16 SDC:150 protects against falls/collisions cost: 2000 quick suit enviorment(2 hours) SDC: 100 cost: 4000 space suit Enviormental(8 hours) SDC:200 collisoin protection cost:10000 battle suit Enviormental(4 hours) SDC: 500 cost:60000 kevlar wet suit AR: 15 SDC: 170 cost:2000 Kevlar plate AR: 17 SDC: 300 cost: 3000