Sorry. about that last repost, I screwed up. Attached is a new version of the powers that I had previously and grouped the way I meant, sorry about the confusion. Feedback will be appreciated as I am going to use these soon. Tell me if and how I should send them to Palladium.

New psionic powers


The Power allows the psionist to manipulate and control various

aspects of light and other simple electromagnetic vibrations. The character with is ability can manipulate light to many things such as illusions, laser fire, and invisibility.

Due to this power's strength and versitility, it counts as two super psionic powers.

 * Blinding Flash
   Same as magic spell
   ISP 1

 * Globe of daylight
   same as magic spell
   ISP 2

 * Lasers
   By manipulating the light waves around him/her the psionist is
   able to fire beams of coherent light exactly like a laser.
   Although the power of the individual blasts is small in MD terms,
   as one increases in levels the power of ones blasts increases. T
   he psionist is able to control the frequency of the laser blast
   with in his/her visual spectrum, ie. a psionist able to percieve
   ultraviolet radiation would be able to produce lasers of that
   Range: 100'
   Duration: Instant
   Damage: 1d4 per level
   ISP: 20 -1 per level (gets more effiecent as time goes on.)

 * Bend Light
   The psionist is able to alter the path that the electromagnetic
   radiation would take so that the psionist can deflect lasers,
   light beams, and other simple non nuclear radiation. Roll like a
   parry, if failed, laser does full force.
   Duration: instant
   Modifiers: self: +5 parry; others: +3
   ISP: 2 per deflected laser regardless of power

 * Partial Invisibility
   Through the use of the above power, the psionist when skilled
   enough is able to create a deflection field around him/her which
   will deflect any radiation that the psionist can perceive around
   the outside, rendering that psionist invisible. Due to the co
   mplex and difficult nature of this ability, the psionist cannot
   use this power until third level. Amoung other things, this power
   gives the psionist a natural prowl of 50 +2% per level or adds 35%
   to already existing prowl ability. Other characters are -5 to
   strike, parry and dodge the character as the field makes one
   extremely hard to see. The Character appears to look much like the
   Predator with his shift suit engaged. Due to the defraction
   properties of the field, all lasers are at 1/4 damage, both
   the character's and the enemies as they both have to fire through
   the field. Other energy weapons are not effected.
   Duration: 4d6 minutes
   Range: 6' around self
   ISP: 15

 * Illusion
   Through the use of the previous powers, at second level the
   psionist is able to create hologramic illusions. As one increases
   in experience, his/her ability at creating illusions improves.
   Initailly, the psionist starts at 20 +5% per level, in additio n
   the Art skill adds 10% to one's Illusion ability. If one fails the
   illusion roll, the illusion will be flawed. It may be blurry, in
   B/W, or look cartoonish, etc. If the psionist is successful in
   creating a stable illusion, all others that see the ill usion must
   make a IQ *3 roll to recognize that is it an illusion. Any ME
   bonuses can be added to this roll.
   Duration: 1d6 minutes per level or until dispelled
   Range: Touch to 90'
   ISP: 25


The Psionist in possession of this ability is able to through

strength of mind create a substance related to ectoplasm with which one can build useful, if crude, structures. This whitish translucent matter appears to flow from the psionist hands as he/s he shapes it by either force of mind or by touch into the structure desired. The material is somewhat rubbery so details smaller than 1' are impossible to make. Thus this material would be useful for making bridges, jails, and shelters, but difficult to finely scuplt and useless for lockpicks and the like. The material takes half damage from non-energy weapons. Duration: 1d6 hours per level or until dispeled by creator Range: Created at Touch and manipulated from 25' away ISP: 1 per 1' cubic volume with 1 MDC, can pay 1 additional ISP per added MDC


The Power to kill with a thought. This psionic ability enables one to

be able to kill a unshielded mind with a thought doing massive damage directly to hit points. A MRI of a victim's brain will find that all neural synapic connections have been fuse d. The effect is one of great pain and death, a perfect assassination tool for the rogue psionist. Because this power is so damaging it causes a backlash from the victim's mind to the psionist, this does 1 point of damage to the hit points of the psioni st. Duration: instant Range: 60' direct line of sight Damage: 1d10 to hitpoints per every three levels, treat MDC creatures as having main body MDC /10 for purposes of hit points for this power.


This ability enables a psionist to slow and reduce the kinetic energy

of the individual molecules making up matter to 0 K. On unprotected SDC flesh, it acts like a instant frostbite doing 3d6 damage. Does 2d6 damage to organic (aka living) MDC substanc es plus temporarily immobilizing that limb. On nonliving substances, it does 1d4 MD and also reduces the MDC of that object to 1/3 its normal value for 1d4 minutes. At first and second levels, the psionist can freeze one limb per attempt, at third can f reeze entire units of Power Armor. A third level psionist, Bill, freezes a Samas. The Samas take 1d4 damage and has its main body MDC, which was now at 270, reduced to 90 for 1d4 minutes. Duration: until healed for organic substances, 1d4 minutes for non organic substances. Range: line of sight 200' Damage: 6d6 SDC/4d6 MDC to living items / 1d4 MD plus reduce MDC to 1/3 for inorganic


The psionist with this ability is able to dramatically out maneuver

his foes disappearing from place to place and attacking all the while.

 * Long Distance Teleportation
   Teleporting over long distances in no time.
   Duration: instant
   Range: line of sight 10 miles, no chance of failure
   ISP 15

 * Combat Teleportation
   Use this ability like a dodge, the psionist blinks out of the way
   of one attack to appear behind the attacker. Doesn't use an
   Duration: instant
   Range: 5' +4 dodge
   ISP: 5

 * Exoteleportation
   Using this ability, the psionist can teleport other objects other
   than himself
   Duration: Instant
   Range: 100' +15' per level
   ISP: use two times the appropriate ISP on the standard non super
   TK table

 * Explosive Teleportation
   The teleport attacks viciously by teleporting a small object into
   the matter of an existing object. This instanteously moves the
   previous atoms away from the area of the object setting off a
   nuclear explosion.
   Duration: instant
   Range :100' +15' per level
   Damage: 1d6* 10 MD per kg of material displaced
   ISP: 30 per kg

Credit: A. Verzwyvelt ([1])

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