Communication Cryptography Electronic counter-measures Laser Communications Microwave communications Optic Systems Radar/Sonar Operations Radio: Basic Radio: Scamblers Radio: Satelite relay Surveillance Systems Telephone Networks Computer Computer Operation Computer Networks Computer Programming Supercomputers Cultural/Domestic Art Cook Dance Gambling(roullette, black jack) Gaming(chess, go) Gardening Desert survival Fishing Mountaineering Sewing Sing Spelunking Sports Electrical Basic Electronics Circuit Board Micro-Electronics Computer Repair Electrical Engineering Espionage Concealment
Detect Ambush Detect Concealment Disguise Escape Artist
Hojo-Jutsu Imitate Voice
Intelligence(, Military) Interrogation
Land Navigation
Microfilm/Microfiche/Microdot Technology
Palming Pick Locks
Pick Pockets
Safe Cracking Sniper Tracking
Wilderness Survival
Mechanical Aircraft Mechanics
Armorer Automotive Mechanics Basic Mechanics
Mechanical Engineer
Medical Criminal Sciences & forensics First Aid Medical Doctor Paramedic Plastic Surgery Pathology Military Aircraft Armor & Weaponry Armorer Demolitions Demolitions Disposal Physical Acrobatics: Sense of Balance 60+5 Walk tightrope or highwire 60+5 climb rope 80+2 climb 40+4(or + 15 to climb skill) backflip 60+5 prowl 30+3( or +10 to prowl skill) +2 roll +1 PS +2 PP +1 PE +3 SDC Arm wrestling Athletics: +1 Parry/dodge +1 body block/tackle +1 roll +1 PS +2 spd +4 SDC Body building: +2 PS +10 SDC Climbing: 50+8 +1 PS +1 PE +3 SDC Melee Weapon Training(Fencing): +1 strike and parry with melee weapon of choice. choice must be farely exact(ie long sword or rapier not sword) Prowl: 46+8 Running: +1 PE +10 SPD +3 SDC Swimming: 50+8 Swimming advanced(SCUBA): 50+5 Pilot(-10 for secondary skill) Automobile:90+3/82+4 Race car(Speed class > 15) Motorcycle:60+4 Tanks & APCs: 50+4 Frieght hauler: 40+3 Heavy machinery: 40+3 Sail boats: 60+4 Motor boats: 60+4 Submarines: 50+4 Airplane: 70+4 Helicopter: 60+4 Jet: 60+4 Pilot: Combat Offensive driving(Automobile,Race Car, Tanks & APCs, Frieght hauler, Heavy machinery) plus 30+5 to combat checks +1 dodge Motorcycle combat: Plus 30+5 to combat checks +2 dodge drive by slash +1 strike and +1 damage per 10 mph Air to air combat(airplane, jet) plus 10+2 to combat checks +6 to dodge and jink Helicopter combat plus 10+2 to combat checks Motor boat combat plus 20+5 to combat checks +2 dodge Submarine combat plus 10+2 to combat checks allows piloting of military type submarines +3 dodge Pilot related Instrument rating Navigation: allows use of any navigation equipment to find location anywhere. 60+5% Read Sensory Equipment Weapon Systems Science Anthropology Archeology Astronomy Astrophysics(includes all physics) Biology Botany Chemistry Chemistry: Analytic Chemistry: Pharmaceutical Geology Mathmatics: Basic Mathmatics: Advanced Parapsycology (Parascycologist only) Psycology Psycotherapy Stage Magic (Espionage) Concealment Disguise Escape Artist Palming Pick Locks Pick Pockets Slight of Hand( COUNTS as TWO (2) SKILLS) Contortionist Juggling Technical Art
History Journalism Language
Law Lore: Demons & Monsters Lore: Ghost and Faerie
Lore: Geomancy & Lines of Power Lore: Religion Photography Research Writing Weapon Proficiencies Ancient Weapons WP Archery WP Ax/Blunt WP Chain WP Forked WP Knife WP Sword WP Staff WP Spear WP Sheild WP Thrown: to throw any weapon WP Paired Weapons: paired weapons Modern Weapons WP Black Powder Sharp shooting(costs 3 WP) WP Pistol/Revolver Sharp shooting(costs 3 WP)
WP Assualt Rifle Sharp shooting(costs 3 WP)
WP Bolt Rifle/Shotgun Sharp shooting(costs 3 WP) WP Sub-machinegun Sharp shooting(costs 3 WP)
WP Machinegun Sharp shooting(costs 3 WP) WP Artillery/Mortar Sharp shooting(costs 3 WP) WP Hand Grenade Sharp shooting(costs 3 WP) WP Grenade/Missle Launcher Sharp shooting(costs 3 WP) WP Energy Pistol Sharp shooting(costs 3 WP) WP Energy Rifle Sharp shooting(costs 3 WP) WP Energy Heavy Weapon/Flamethrower Sharp shooting(costs 3 WP)