This is a tale of a group of super secret interpol agents, funded by a member countries of NATO, to serve as intenational spies and enemies of communism. The year is 1972 and things have gotten out of hand ...


Dr Samuel Riggins: a parapsycologist from England who trained under the masters of occult and parapsycology at Oxford and along side the mystic monks of Tibet. He is trying to find proof of the existance of the supernatural, but keeps coming up just short of the key.

Agent 37: A master of disguising his identity is a complete mystery perhaps even to himself. The only piece of his history is that he trained under the great late magician Zambini. He is trying to show the world that THEY, the Illuminatti, are controlling everthing, but his encounters with the MIB has only left him with more questions. His years of training in stage magic have showed how foolish this belief in the supernatural really is and though he's encountered his share of gruesome ghoulies he insists that it's all just smoke and mirrors.

Peter Grey: A bizarre techno-junkie and super genius. He is a master hacker and skilled Tai-Chi martial artist. Torture at the hands of a mutant weasel/man have left him with a keen fear of staplers.

Bobbie : This female agent is a master of all things technical. This good looking agent has an extreme paranoia of the opposite sex. This comibined with her mastery of Wu-Wing-Chun(the femenist martial art) and her immunity to black widow venom makes her dangerous to all thing male.

Kavin Pulsar: A bizarre thief from the united states who after being captured breaking into the Louve was offered a deal they would erase his record if he agreed to work for Interpol. Now an Interpol slave his skills at breaking and entering have proved infinitly valuble. A recent mission in the middle east ended up giving him the famed martial art death dease Dim-Mak. He sought a cure and found a fate far worse. He was converted into some kind of undead being by the alchemical elixir.

Pierre Clueso(sp): An agent from France he has an extensive history of espionage. He seems to have access to an infinite wealth of both money and information. When Claudia joined the team he seemed to immediatly have some kind of connection with her. However much like the drunken style he practices all these connections seem hidden from plain view.

Claudia: This French fem fatale has movie star good looks hidden beneath the darkest sun glasses. She was sent in to replace detective Knight after his pregnant wife was in a near fatal car accident. A near death experience, brought on by self injected poison, resulted in a new love for life and an acute form of nymphomania. Her senses seem to be elevated far beyond the normal level, whether this is part of her martial art training or something from a distant past is yet to be seen.

Detective Knight: A former Hong Kong Police Detective this agent now acts as head investigator for the more conventional missions and as a force similar to gravity that keeps the team firmly planted on the ground of reality. At present he is on extended vaction taking care of his wife. Being a former cop this character shows no love for Kavin. He is constantly watching him ready to put him away for good.

Sihm : A blind Indian yoga master and fighting monk. This agent's blindness has seemed to heighten his senses of all things including supernatural energies. The greatest increase seems to be in his hearing. An interesting agent who brings a new point of view to the table.

Scott : An English antiquarian whose knowledge of Chinese and English artifacts is unparrelled. His knowledge of the arcane should help the team solve many problems. He seems to have some hidden greater destiny and perhaps the only clue to this is his studying of the path to enlightenment martial art.

After several run ins with CIA/US military drug smugglers in Vietnam, multiple encouters with muscle bound cyborgs in black suits and supernatural demons the group wants to find out who is running the show, really. to help the to this end they have made certain allies:

Red Foxx: some kind of super secret super spy who leaves no traces except notes written in red ink. This guy is very bizarre and seems to have been alive for at least 1000 years. Which means he is either supernatural or a passed on title of sorts. He seems to have a certain fondness for agent 37 and has helped to bail him out on several ocassion with incredibly cryptic clues.

King Alex: An English demon hunter who first met the agents in Africa where he seemed to battle a demon to death. He latter turned up in mexico converted into the new King Of England. Arthur's blood runs in this witty demon hunter's veins. With his new found title he decided to become gaurdian of England. There he met Luke.

Sir Luke: A bold warrior with a thing for plate armor. Since he got out of the war he has been searching for the true king and protector of England. When he first found Alex he thought he was a bit young and cocky to be king. He was quickly proved wrong. Afterward Sir Luke was knighted and became Alex's first and at present only knight.

Head Inspector Javier: Is for all intents and purposes their boss. however he acts more as their liason to the hire ups almost more like an errend boy. His present wish seems meerly to live to see his retirement, but at the same time he wants his men to be properly resourced.