BLOOD TYPE blood type can take from can give to 01-33 A A, O A, AB 34-66 B B, O B, AB 67-88 AB A, B, AB, O AB 88-99 O O A, B, AB, O 00 special (gm can make up mutation or roll again)

O1-50 Positive 51-00 Negative

special (mutation list) character gets three psychic sensative abilities character gets three psychic physical abilities character gets double normal PPE, ISP, CHI character gets two minor HU super abilities(GM discretion) character is immortal must be killed to die is immune to poisons, drugs, deseases. Will heal at 3 times the normal rate. still in a coma down to negative double there PE. Always recovers from Coma. Double CHI cannot acuire negative CHI through trying or infection.

Random Side Effect.