Name: Wolverine True Name:Logan Occupation: Xman Alignment:Anarchist Hit Points:66 S.D.C.:320 Experience Level:8
IQ 15 ME 26 +6 MA 10 PS 24 +9 PP 24 +5 PE 32 +34% +9 PB 8 Spd 25

Age:unknown Sex:Male Weight: Height: Land of origin:Canada(?) Insanity: Frenzy-Intense Anger Super Abilities: Extrodinary Physical Prowess Extrodinary Mental Endurance Extrodinary Physical Endurance Heightend Sense of smell Healing Factor Bionics: Bionic skeleton(+150 SDC) Retractable blades(large)(each hand) Side effects: Extreme amount of body hair. Skills: Zanji Shinjinken Ryu 8 att +3 strike +1 dodge +2 parry
+2 roll +2 Maitain balance critical stirke 18+,from behind death blow 20 katas-all standard and WP claws falling technique zanshin kangeiko/shochu-geiko japanese Haiku Ukio-E Go Archery Prowl climbing demolitions demolition disposal read sensory eq running boxing +2p/d +2r detect ambush detect concealment land navigation sniper tracking wilderness survival WP assault rifle WP grenade WP large sword WP short sword WP knife WP paired weapons Secondaries Athletics +1p/d +1r Body Building swimming pilot:motorcycle pilot:automobile french escape artist computer operation spelunking mountaineering