Name: Spider-Man True Name:Peter Parker Occupation: Reporter Alignment:Principled Hit Points:66 S.D.C.:39 Experience Level:5 IQ 16 +3% ME 15 MA 10 PS 23 +8 PP 30 +8 PE 11 PB 12 Spd 18 Age:32 Sex:Male Weight: Height: Land of origin:US Insanity: None Super Abilities: Extrodinary Physical Prowess Adhesion Extrodinary Physical Strength Radar(spider sense) autododge(+2 dodge) Skills: Hand to Hand:Basic 5 att +4 strike +4 dodge +4 parry
+5 roll +4 init +2 damage prowl concealment gymnastics research computer operations math:advanced chemistry biology chemistry:analytic WP target WP Paired radio:basic Photography T.V./Video
Secondaries basic electronics basic mechanics
equipment: spider tracer(as tracer bug)

web slingers requires str 40 to break webbing