Airwalk : Range: Self - The character may walk on the molecules of air. The character may move at their own speed, climbing and descending as desired. The maximum height is 10,000 feet without breathing aparatus; 30,000 with.

Augmented Digestive System : Range: Self - This power turns the character into a living trash compactor. The character can digest any substance and convert it into nutrients. The character can not digest their own body; they must eat a substance in the regular fashion. Any substance that the character can not normally put in their mouth can not be eaten (i.e. incredibly hot or corrosive substances). - Immune to ingested toxins and poisons - +1 P.E. - Character has no sense of taste

Augemented Respiratory System : Range: Self - This power allows breath any gas or liquid as though it were normal air. Their lungs convert the substance into the required elements the character requires to survive. This does not allow the character to survive in a vacuum. - Immune to all inhaled toxins and poisons - Character has no sense of smell

Body Armour : Range: Self Duration: 50 S.D.C. + 25 S.D.C. / lvl, 3 times per day - Character can create a light force field in the form of flexible body armour.

Energy Expulsion - Hard Radiation: Range: 200' Damage: 2D6+1D6 per level; chance of sickness Duration: Instant Attack per melee: As H-T-H - Character can fire blasts of nuclear fire. If the victim take more than 30 points of damage within 15 seconds, they have a 10% chance of contracting radiation sickness. If opponents are impervious to heat and fire, they are still susceptable to the sickness.

Energy Expulsion - Kinetic: Range: 450' Damage: 2D6+1D6 per level Duration: Instant Attack per melee: As H-T-H Bonuses: +2 strike. opponents are -4 to parry or dodge - Character may fire an invisible beam of force at opponent from the hands or fingertips

Energy Expulsion - Radio Waves :

Energy Expulsion - Sound : Range: 300', 500' underwater Damage: 1D6+1, +1D6 per level Duration: Instant Attack per melee: As H-T-H - Character can emit a sonic blast from their vocal cords.

Enhanced Digging : Range: Self - This power allows the character to dig through dirt, sand, and clay, at the same rate as their Speed attribute. Stone and concrete is at a quarter speed. Steel and other metals are impossible to dig through. The tunnel created by the character will collapse behind them unless the character has the skill and the materials to support the tunnel, quartering again their speed. Due to the nature of this power, characters with claustrophobia will not tunnel, only dig holes.

Enhanced Leaping : Range: Self - The character's leg strength has increased to the point where they are literally able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Characters can leap 100 yards + 50 yards / lvl across, and 50 yards + 25 yards / lvl up. A kick causes 1D6 x 5 damage.

Extraordinary Intelligence Quotient : - The character is extremely intelligent. Bonuses: I.Q. increases to 22+2D4 + 8% to all skills (in addition to other bonuses) Knows an additional 4 skills in one of the following categories at an additional + 30%: Communications, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, Medical, Science, Technical

Levitation : Range: Self Duration: As long as the character concentrates - This allows the character to hover vertically 30' + 30' / lvl. The character must push themselves along or be pushed to attain horizontal movement. The characters may use this power to prevent themselves from taking damage from falls. Weight limit is equal to as much as the character can carry.

Waterwalk : Range: Self - This allows the character to walk or run on the surface of liquids. Storms, high waves, and high winds make it impossible to walk on water.


ALTER PHYSICAL STRUCTURE: MAGMA This power enables the character to transform into living, molten rock. Along with increased strength and protection, the form also grants the character the ability to manipulate stone and fire to a limited degree. The character transforms into a glowing orange and red being with the following abilities:

1) Expel Magma Range: 15 ft + 10 ft per level Damage: 2D6 + 1D6 per level Duration: Instant Attacks/Melee: Same as hand to hand Bonus: +3 strike When this power is engaged, streams of superheated magma erupt from the character's fingertips, spraying out at the target in a wide arc, burning and setting fire to any flammable objects it hits.

2) Create Volcano Range: 100 ft Duration: Permanent, more or less Attacks/Melee: Total hand to hand Utilization of this power summons up a cylinder of magma to erupt from the earth, cooling and spreading to form a volcano. The size depends on the level of the character: height is 10 ft per level, width h is 5 ft per level. The magma jetting forth from the cone typically does s 6D6 damage per round, melting rock & plastics, setting fire to trees, boiling water away, etc. The volcano will last until the character dispels it and drives it back under ground. Careless magma characters will leave these things lying around almost as a signature. Rather than a volcano, the character can elect to make a lava tube erupt, a crack in the earth break open and leak magma, or whatever the character wishes, as long as it falls within the dimensions and effects s of the power. For example, a crevice would be 5 ft wide per level and 10 ft long per level; the lava will well up and spread rather than explode out in a shower, etc.

3) Melt Earth Range: 5ft + 5ft/level radius Damage: 6D6 per round of immersion Duration: 15 minutes With this power, the character creates a pool of melted rock and earth, up to 15 ft deep. Those sucked into the pool suffer from the same penalties due those immersed in quicksand, but at the same time suffer the listed damage.

4) Merge with Magma The character can "melt" into an existing pocket of lava or magma, merging with the substance and traveling through it or hiding within it. As a mode of travel, it is slow and difficult, and consists of following the lava down the tubes into the mantle, and back up again to through the crust and onto the surface. A 5 km run becomes an epic 70 km journey. However, it is not expected and, if given time, can enable a character to reach places no one would suspect. As a means of hiding or evading, it is unparalleled. Few people draw close enough to a magm a intrusion to get a good look anyway, and the character is virtually invisible within the mix. Characters can move through magma at 10% of their running speed.

5) Radiate Heat: Works exactly like the Alter Physical Structure: Fire power of the same name.

6) Other Abilities and Bonuses

Immune to fire and heat. AR 15, SDC + 250 normal punches, kicks, knives, etc. are ineffective against the character unless made the attack is made by a being with supernatural strength. Bullets and energy weapons do half damage if they pierce the AR, while explosions, nuclear weapons, and so on do full damage. Unaffected by poisonous gases emitted by volcanoes -- this includes sulfurous and other deadly fumes. Sense presence of nearby geothermal events or intrusions, and pinpoint them in space and time with 35+5% chance per level. Strength and endurance are increased by 1D8 each.