Ability Scores

Divide 27 points:

Score Cost
8 0
9 1
10 2
11 3
12 4
13 5
14 7
15 9
16 12
17 15



Guilds and Alignment

Instead of a normal DnD alignment, choose 1 guild or guildless(MtG Color or Unaligned)


Alignment Color DnD Description Twisted version of
Azorius Senate U W LN Law makers and enforcers of Ravnica Dept of Justice
Boros Legion RW LG Guild run by angels dedicated to the War against Evil Dept of Defense
House Dimir BU NE A covert intelligence organization run in almost total secrecy NSA/CIA
Golgari Swarm B G NE Waste Management expert concerned with the cycle of Life and Death Waste Management
Gruul Clans GR CN Eco Warriors fighting for the green spaces in Ravnica EPA/Parks Dept
Izzet League U R CN Mad Engineers keeping the cities core infrastructure up to date Depart of Energy
Orzhov Syndicate B W LE The main bank of Ravnica. Federal Reserve Bank
Cult of Rakdos B R CE Demonic hedonistic torturers and entertainers FCC/Mass Media
Selesnya Conclave G W NG Maintains the gardens and natural architecture of Ravnica Dept of the Interior
Simic Combine UG CG Mad Biologists looking for a better breed of everything. USDA/FDA/CDC/Medicare
Guildless black B NE Death, Decay, Sacrifice
Guildless blue U LN Water, Air, Knowledge
Guildless green G CG Nature, Life, Wilds
Guildless red R CN Fire, Earth, Chaos
Guildless white W LG Divine, Order, Teamwork
Unaligned - N No real opinion on all that


PCs starts with 1 Renown in guild per alignment


Opposite alignments


Everyone starts with 1 Renown in a guild that matches their alignment

New Spells