Powers Double Body. Flight (MA x 5) Immortality Impervious to heat, cold, radiation, and most forms of weapons. Natural weapons (bite 1d6 ignore BTM and damage mod, Claws 3d6) Can see in total darkness. If invited in they are immune to attacks that wouldn't effect humans (ie. holy item, water) Penalties Desire human blood Cannot eat seasoned food. take double damage from open fire/light based attacks. sunlight does 1d10 damage to each exposed body location per round. cannot cross over ring of pure or running water. contact with holy items including holy water, crosses, etc. do 2d6 damage. pure wood or iron stakes thru the heart, do reduces number of attacks to 1 every ten rounds. Can be killed by decapitation when staked.

Advanced powers Shapeshift mist,vermin, Wolf, bat +10 Seduction +10 Leadership Create/control lesser vampire. Hypnotize Hide natural weapons Shadow meld(lose reflection)

Name: Vampire: Lesser Master Combat: 14 20 Save: 12 16 SP/BTM: 5 10 Damage: 1d6+4 1d6+6 Run: 27 30 Lift: 240 300 Leap: 135(fl) 200(fl) Abilities: All Normal Powers All Normal Powers, 1d6 advanced powers