Dark World Equipment


Exotic Weapons Laser Rifle: $2,500 RIF 0 N R 1-5D6 10 2 ST 200m The damage can be increased in d6 increment. See CP2020 for details.

Laserwhip: $1,000 Mel 0 J P 4D6 NA NA ST 1-3m The laserwhip is a laser the width a hair. The laser is generated between the handle and a small weight at the end. The laserwhip can be used to cut through most organic matter and some plastics. The laserwhip can not penetrate hard armors.

Lightsaber: $ 4,000 Mel +1 N R 6d6(EAP) NA NA VR 2m The blade is only as wide as a piece of hair. Lightsabers are rarely seen. The user must have fencing to use a lightsaber without doing damage to himself (say...cutting off his ownarm). The lightsaber ignores soft armor. Hard armor are 1/4 sp vs. the lightsaber and is reduced 4 points when hit.

Plasma Rifle: $6,000 RIF -1 N R 4d10 50 20 UR 400m The plasma rifle is the mercs best friendas well as his worst nightmare. This rifle combines high power with a high rate of fire. On a flumble roll of 1-2, the rifle with explode doing full damage to the user.

Sonic Disrupter: $8,000 RIF -1 N R 6D10 INF 1/38 UR 400m The sonic disrupter is a mini version of the starship disrupter. The disrupter uses a crystal to charge itself. After one shot, it will take about two minutes for the crystal to recharge (38 combat rounds). On a fumble roll of 1-4, the dispuster explodes doing half damage to the user. If the gun is dropped the crystal will crack on a roll of 1-7. A new crystal costs $2,000.

Taser glove: $150 MEL 0 P C STUN 10 2 ST The taser glove is a glove with a taser in it that activates when contact from a punch is made. Batteries cost $50 each.

Tri-Fire W-18 Heavy Assualt Rifle: $600 RIF +3 N R 6D6 60 3/6/30 VR 400m The Tri-Fire W-18 or "Pulse Rifle 18" as it is commonly called shoots a pulse of three bullets (1D6/2 for # of shots hit) at a target. Clips are sold for $60 of a box of 100. This weapon can be electrothermally enchanced at 2X the weapon's price.


Light Shield $2,000 This shield provides full protection against the lightsaber and energy weapons (on a successful block). It provides no protection against non- energy weapons (knives, bullets, cats,etc..). The shield operates from a crystal which can supply power for a minute before recharging. Recharges takes one hour.

Glitter Body Armor (500% vehicle base cost) The vehicle armor provides some protection against energy weapons. Energy weapons do half damage.