Races for CyberPunk


Humans are just humans: normal, everyday, run of the mill, carbon

based, ape-descended humans. Guess at what you can do. Humans can be any role.

A.I.'s (Robots)

 Robots are lower than slaves, and they can never improve their

position in society. Robots must follow set guide lines stated they are created. Examples: 1. Can not kill or harm any sentient life form. 2. Barring first law, must follow all orders given to them by their masters. 3. Barring first two laws, must prevent injury to oneself. -or- 1. Uphold The Law 2. Protect The Innocent 3. Serve the Public Trust Creation Fund: 61, 000 + 1d10x4, 000.1.Buyingabody.A.FullConversionBorgB.RemoteC.CyberVehicle2.Buildingabrain.A.BuyaCPUCPUTypeINT, TECHMax.Cost() Base Control CPU 3 1 10,000 Positronic CPU 1 12 5,000 B. Memory Units = 3 x INT C. Buy Skills Skill Type Points MU Cost ($) Base Program (Role) 70 10 5,000 Pick Up Skills INT x 2 1 per Skill free Skill Chips Up to 101 per Skill Pg. 83 CP. 2020

Evolved (Mutations)

Evolved are humans that have acquired superhuman abilities because

of experimention, ramdom mutantions, or exposure to strange mutagenic materials. Evolved psychic skills are halved. See Evolved from Cybergenerations.(1 magor or 2 minor)

Replicants (Clones or Engineered Humans)

These Geneticly engineered humans have many of the same disadvantages

of robots. Their life span is preprogramed(usually kept short 2d4 years to prevent build up of "old" models), as are their memmories and abilities. They are usually either slaves or experiments that have been released.

Creation Fund: $61,000 + 1d10 x 4,000. COSTS OF GRADES OF REPLICANTS PHYSICAL MENTAL 1.) A (The Best) $55,000 $50,000 2.) B (Average) $35,000 $30,000 3.) C (Generic) $20,000 $15,000 ALL initial cybernetics have no humanity loss due to being genetically designed for initial systems. Latter addons still cause humanity loss. In addition all initial Exotic/BioWare cost only 1/4 the list price. STATS Grade: A B C Physical(distribute): 45 35 25 Ref(max): 15 12 10 BT(max): 20 15 10 MA(max): 25 17 10 Looks(max): 15 12 10

Mental(distribute): 40 30 20 Int(max): 20 15 10 Tech(max): 20 15 10 Cool(max): 20 15 10

Emp(always random): 1d6 1d6 1d6 Luck: 1 1 1

Lifepath: Ethnic "Origins" and Personal style remain the same. For family background, you may create these if your replicant has a pre-programned background. Motivations remain the same. Life events.... A replicant starts off with NO LIFE EVENTS... usually. But if you want to, you can have perhaps, one to two life paths... but NO MORE!

Careers, and Skills: A replicant can have any Careeer. Note: Media, Corprate, Nomad, Rockerboy, and Cop, may not in many campains be a good choice. Because of their pre-programmed nature a replacant starts off with an extra INT+TECH points to add on to the begining Career skills, and no Pick Up Skills.