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Cyberdeck Design

Size\Max Max. #processors Portable 2 Desktop 4 Mainframe 7 Processors INT Base MU Cost of First Cost of Each Additional LCP 1 10 100eb 400eb PCX 2 20 700eb 4,000eb 90689 3 30 1,000eb 9,000eb Spd(0-5) 2000eb per point Extra Memory 500eb per MU (max 15 x INT) Security 1000eb per point (max 10) All Computers have a base 1 Security Ref Penalty I/O device EV Anti-Personnel Cost Low impedence Cables +1 Full-Effect Cyberware+60eb Interface plugs 0 Full-Effect Cyberware+20eb 'trodes + Smart Goggles -1 Full-Effect 220eb 'trode set -2 Full-Effect 20eb Smart Goggles + Gloves -2 No-Effect 400eb + Battle Gloves 1100eb Smart Goggles + keyboard -3 No-Effect 300eb Monitor + Gloves -3 No-Effect 300eb + Battle Gloves 1000eb Monitor + Keyboard -4 No-Effect 200eb Options MU(used) Cost Modem(required for Netrunning) 20 100eb Printer 0 300eb Chipreader/Recorder 0 100eb Extra Chips (holds 1 MU) 10eb Vox Box 1 300eb Scanner 1 200eb

Combat And Net Use

Movement in the net:"Don't make me hit you with a pointy stick, you fool."

Uplinking(Telneting): Every System has a gateway that lets you Uplink to any connected system.

Where do I go when I Uplink. All systems have a public netspace area that system attacks are usually started from. The appearence of the public space varies from system to system. The default is a large empty room edged in neon light with a keyhole to symbolize access to the secure system area.

Trace Values Inorder to prevent Netrunners from just building up huge trace values. Most LDL's monitor jumps, and try to trace target incase someone later tries to trace them. Use security lvl times 5(4) vs your security value. If the roll fails the characters Trace value drops to zero unbenost to the netrunner.

To identify files from a "empty" virtual requires a roll of: Netrunner's INT+Interface+1d10 vs 15 (Netrunner's INT+Systems Knowledge+1d10 vs 10)

Intiative Runner: Ref+Combat Sense+Spd+1d10 AI: INT+Spd+1d10

Program "Attack" Value: Comp's INT+Spd+Prog Str+1d10 Security Value: Comp's INT+Spd+Security+Total Trace Value+1d10 Runner Defense Value: Security+Total Trace Value+BTM+Interface+1d10 (Security+Total Trace Value+CON+1d10)

Spd Loss: Lose 1 Spd for: Each program running on deck(max. CPU INT/2) Each LDL taken 2 for each LEO LDL

Programs --------(multiply roll difficulty by .7) Diff Cost Type 10 x40 Skill(program must also have skill at desired level) varies x10 Icon/VR Item/Interactive Simple 10 Contextual 11 Fractal 12 Photorealistic 14 Superrealistic 15 10 x20 Detection 10 x20 Evasion 15 x20 Stealth 10 x30 Anti-Program(IC) 15 x40 Anti-System 20 x250 Anti-Personnel 10 x20 Alarm 20 x10 Intrusion 10 x10 File Decryption 10 x10 Controller 10 x10 Utility 10 x10 Compiler(demon) 10 x20 Trace

Diff Options 3 Auto-Rerezz 3 Invisibility 6 Pseudo intellect(INT=min(STR,CPU INT) ) 1 Makes Noise 3 Conversation Ability 10 Code Optimization(half program size)

Strength 1-10 Strength 1-10

Size(MU) Total Difficulty 1 0-15 2 16-20 3 21-26 4 26-33 5 34-41 6 42-50 7 51-60 8 61+


Worm Intrusion, Invisibility, Str 3 MU: 3 Cost: 260 Wizards Book Decryption, Str 5 MU: 1 Cost: 150