Mind Over Matter (M.O.M.) implants

Increased Ref N/1000/2d6 Add +1 to Ref Stat Increased Body N/1000/2d6 Add +2 to Bod Stat Increase MA N/1000/2d6 Add +4 To MA Stat Pain Editor N/200/2d6 Tactile boost N/100/2 +2 Awareness, and skills requiring a fine touch(lockpicking) Olfactory boost N/100/2 +2 Awareness, +2 Track by smell Audiotory boost N/200/1d6 +2 Awareness, Enhanced hearing range Vision boost N/200/1d6 20x vision, +2 Awareness Increase healing N/2000/1d6 double healing rate Bio-regenerative meditation N/5000/1d6 heal 1 point every 10 minutes of meditation One Minor psionic N/8000/1d6 Death Trance (can slip into/outof false coma/death at will) Empathy (as scanner Raw emotion, interpretation=4) Mind Block (+4 to resist torture/drugs, and mental attacks) Resist Cold (+4 to Cool, Body against cold) Resist Fatigue (+4 Endurance) Resist Hunger/Thirst (+4 to Cool, Body against hunger) Sixth Sense (+4 Awareness) Speed Reading (can read INT pages per minute) Summon Inner Strength (+4 save) Total Recall (Int+Education+1d10 vs 20 to remember any detail)

CRAZY-package Ma/35,000/10d6 includes: all above neuralware 3 Minor psionics neural processor interface plugs