Benefits and Penalties

    The benefits and penalties rules were designed to incorporate the

flexibility of character design created by the World of Darkness games using their Merits and Flaws. To incorporate these to your game, instead of getting INT + REF of skill points to spend after the initial 40 points, you get these same points as "freebies" (or a flat 15 freebies is how I play, since INT + REF are already two of the most important stas in the game). These "freebie" points can be spent as usual on skills, but can also be spent on other Benefits (costing freebies) and Penalties (which give you more freebies). No more than 10 points of Penalties can be bought in this way.


                  New Bonuses & Penalties (dec 27)

TYPE MERIT DESCRIPTION Ego Signature -(1-5) (cool roll - flaw or leave a signature whenever doing something) Motorcycle 1 Basic Bike Good Motorcycle 2 Harley ThunderGod, Max Metal Bikes Crap Car 2 Honda Metrocar, Beat Up Junker Car 3 Sedan, etc Good Car/Vehicle 4 GEV Truck, SportsCar No Police Record 1 Never been picked up License (doctor,lawyer, etc) 1 Must have appropriate skills Small Apt 1 400eb/month or less Good Apt 2 1200eb/month or less Safe House 3 Nice house, etc Second SIN 5 Have 2 SINs and IDs SINless -2 Have no SIN Piercing Gaze 3 +2 Intimidate, Interview, Interrogate (sometimes) Registered Weapon 1 Weapon can be carried in city limits Registered Restricted Weapon 2 SMG, AR, etc Mundane -3 People never remember your face (Att 4-7) Criminal -1 You have an old rap-sheet Major Criminal -2 "rap sheet as long as my arm!" Flashbacks -1 Cool + 2 Dif to avoid under stress Flashbacks -2 Cool + 4 Dif to avoid under stress Flashbacks -3 Cool + 6 Dif to avoid under stress Flashbacks -4 Cool + 8 Dif to avoid under stress Plague carrier -3 Requires regular meds to stay healthy LifeSaver -2 Has to do all in his power not to kill Impotence -1 Male Flaw: Cannot get it up. Gunslinger's Honor -1 Never shoot someone in the back, etc Animal FriendShip 2 Animals only attack under duress Fast Healing -(2-6) +1 healing rate per 2 points Direction Sense 1 Mute -2 Must use non-verbal communication Bad Reputation -2 Betrayer, traitor, psychopath, liar, etc... Lecherous -2 Cool roll -2 to avoid seduction attempt +1 to stat of choice 3 Max 10 in any stat -1 to stat of choice -2 Min 2 in any stat Freak of Nature 4 +1 stat to a max of 11 Genetically Engineered 10 +2 stat with a max of 12 +1 to special ability 3 Deep sleeper -2 Difficult awareness roll to wake Light sleeper 2 Easy awareness roll to wake Intolerance -1 +5 dif on all rolls when around subject Over-Confidence -2 Roll-played flaw Mild Phobia -1 Cool roll or do anything to avoid subject Severe Phobia -3 Cool-3 roll or run from subject Speech Impediment -2 +5 dif to social/communication rolls Shy -1 +2 dif social, +5 dif if center of attention Nightmares -1 Nightmare 1d6-1 times aweek Short Fuse -(1-5) -1 to 5 on cool roles Hatred -3 Cool roll Lightning Calculator 2 -5 diff Absent-Minded -3 Int roll to remember Acute Hearing 1 +1 awareness auditory Acute Smell 1 +1 awareness olfactory Acute Vision 1 +1 awareness visual Hard of Hearing -2 -4 awareness auditory Bad Eyesight -2 -4 awareness visual Ambidextrous 1-3 Reduces bad hand penalty by 1 to 3 Fast Learner 4 (9 IP x level)(or 4 IP x level if using 5 IP as standard) Light Sensitive -3 +5 dif in bright light Double Jointed 1 -5 dif to escape Short -1 -5 aware in crowds Time Sense 1 Eiditic Memory 2 Pain Tolerance 1-5 Reduce dmg total by lvl for effects Jack Of All Trades 5 No penalty for no-skill actions Luck 3 Re-roll 2 failed rolls / game session Hemophiliac -3 1 dmg / turn Animal Magnetism 1 -4 dif on seduction, +2 dif inter- action with same gender Ward -3 Limited Paranoia 3 -5 dif spotting ambushes Sanctuary 2 Well Travelled 3 Luck roll to know someone in any city you enter Drug Resistance 2 20% of all drugs have NO effect Extreme Drug Resistance 5 All drugs have 1/2 effect, bod roll vs 15 for no effect Drug Addiction (harmless) -1 Drug Addiction (affordable) -2 Nuke Drug Addiction (mean) -3 White Lace Drug Addiction (deadly) -5 Black Lace Hunted by local cops -1 Hunted by local police -2 Hunted by State police -4 Hunted by FBI -5 Hunted by small local firm -1 Hunted by medium local firm -2 Hunted by Statewide corp -3 Hunted by National corp -4 Hunted by Orbital corp -5 Hunted by Multinational -6 Owe a minor corp minor favor -1 Owe a major corp minor favor -2 Owe a minor corp major favor -3 Owe a major corp major favor -4 Owe a major corp Life -5 Minor corp owes minor favor 1 Minor corp owes major favor 2 Major corp owes minor favor 2 Major corp owes major favor 4 Connection in Police Dept 2 Connection in D.A.s office 3 Connection in Mayor's office 3 Nomad Friends +2 3 Booster Friends +2 3 Friend/Contact 1 point Merit / 5 contact points