Hand to Hand Powers ===================

Auto-dodge MA dodge bonus applies to all shots taken to hit charater when using form. Auto-grab Any incomming HtH attacks can be countered with a grab in stead of a block. Auto-throw Any incomming HtH attacks can be countered with a throw instead of a block. Blindness strike An atemi strike that requires a head strike to work and results in blindness for 1d6 minutes Break fall An escape that allows the character to land throws and falls on his feet for half damage(standard fall diff 20) Dim Mak An atemi strike that requires a torso or head strike and results in immediate unconsiousness and death in 48 hours. Finger tip attack An atemi strike that does damage equal to martial art level, however it ignores opponent's armor and BTM. Grab/Strike A combination attack where one hand grabs and the other strikes, roll two strikes, if grab hits strike is +5 to hit/damage Improvised Weapons A Weapon kata that allows the martial artist to use everyday items as weapons, damage small thrown(1d6/2) melee(1d6) Jump attack Martial artist jumps the first round and hits the secound, unable to dodge while in the air. Damage 2d6 kick KO Strike A special Lee Kwon Choo manuveer that must hit the face, can be a punch or kick, this move never actually touches opponent but knock him out for 1d6 minutes Lightning Attack A furious attack that allows the character to get off two strikes, but reduces block abilty by -5. Paralysis attack An atemi strike that paralysis target limb for 2d6 rounds, hits to head result in unconciousness, hits to torso result in 1d6 damage hand strike Power block A special block that forces unarmed opponets to strike the arms in such a way that they take damage (1d6/2) if they are blocked. Push Open Hand normal punch damage plus knockdown Weapon Kata A kata that allows the use of melee weapons with the form all strikes with the weapons are considered hand strikes were the weapons damage replaces the normal 1d6/2