New CyberEvolved for CyberGenerations



These are the major types initially listed in CyberGeneration,which you will need to use this article. They work as describe in the section in CyberGeneration, and have a HC=0. Granted, the recipient will still experience the symptoms of the Carbon Plague before all the evolution is complete. Tinman Jammer (Media Front) Alchemist Scanner Bolter Wizard Scout (Eco Front)


Stalker SENSE (REF) The character becomes the ultimate killer. Vision is enhanced with the addition of low-light. Enhanced hearing range (+1 to Get a Clue by hearing) and an olifactory boost help track prey (+1 to Get a Clue by smell). Hard-to-detect SP10 (or AR 2) Hexiteweave is laced in, and the recipient gets a +1 bonus to MA and REF. Their fingers become like Tinman limbs, but can only become Rippers.

Broadcaster PROJECTION (COOL) The broadcaster is like a scanner, except they can not read minds but they can broadcast emotions to everyone with in 10 meters. This affects what people do and how they feel.

            TABLE #1 STATIC TABLE
           Raw  Simple   Average  Complete
        Emotion Control  Control  Control
     Low Static        5      15      20       25
     Average Static    10     20      25       30
     High Static       15     25      30       35
     Very High Static  20     30      35       40

Battery CONDUCTING (REF) The character is basically a battery. The nanites found out how to absorb energy and release it on command through skin to skin contact. The recipient recieves electro-wire weave SP 12 (or AR2). To absorb damage requires a CHARGE check against the damage done. NOTE: 1 DC equals 1/2 hour of wall current.

      Body            1-2     3-4     5-6     7-8     9-10
      Maxcharge(DC)   45      60      75      90      105

            TABLE #2 DAMAGE TABLE
      Attack Damage   Light   Taser   DC3     DC4     DC5     DC6     DC7
      Energy Used(DC) 1       2       3       4       5       6       7
      Damage you take -       -       -       -       DC1     DC2     DC3

Shadow DISAPPEAR (INT) Using a thermograph to spot a Shadow character is a Difficult (20) task. Although it breaks up their thermal outline, it does not trap heat. So, an indistinct blob is visible - if compared to another form of visual input (low-light for example) the difference will be readily apparent. Shadows also have low-light vision. The CyberEvolution functions identically to the Militech M96 Ghostsuit found in ChromeBook 2 (pg. 27).

Alter MIMIC (EMP) At will, the recipient can change their ATTR by +3 or -3 and change hair/eye color at will. Can change their looks to look like someone else ( See Cybergeneration's Face Dancers rules). Alters get +3 to any skill that looks affect.

Doc HEALER (TECH) A doc can excrete Nanosurgeons through their palms which affect the wounded person for 24 hours after contact is made, and work as listed in CP2020 (pg. 75),and excretes Anti- Plague nanotechs and Toxin Binders (ChromeBook 1 and CP2020, respectively).

Magician LEVITATE (REF) TABLE #1 LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY Weight Superficial Simple Complex Intricate 10 5 10 15 20 200 10 15 20 25 2000 15 20 25 30 10000 20 25 30 35 over 25 30 35 40 Some Sample Difficulties: Superficial: Lifting an object in the air. Simple:Moving a levitated object. Flying. Causing an accident. Complex:Opening/closing a door. Ripping interal organs apart. Intricrate:Locking/unlocking a door. Atomizing someone (ouch!).

Apollo The nanonites for these CyberEvolved cause a reaction in the human body not unlike photosynthesis in plants. Unlike plants, Apollos are able to project the excess energy. Consult the Cyberpunk handbook, Pg.108, on microwave heat weapons for damage. The GM may determine how much excess energy there is by how much light exposure the Apollo has had and how much mass is there to feed energy. The problem is if an Apollo goes a whole day without light, he/she will fall into a coma until they can receive at least another whole day oflight exposure. The character must spend their weight (kg)/15 hours in sunlight. Each hour in the sunlight they heal DC4 per hour. Apollos get the Eternal minor cyberevolution

Elf The nanites of these Evolved look at the human body as program that needs debugging. The Elf is the Beta version of this debugging. Elves have +1 to REF, +1 to MOVE, +2 to COOL, and +2 to ATT (even if this means the Stat goes over 8). The main side effects is that the Elf has pointed ears and lose 5 to 10 inches in height and weight changes to match the height (hence the name). The character's minor power will appear after the age of seventeen.

Feline Gives the user low-light vision and anti-dazzle (like the cyberoptic), enhanced hearing (like the cyberaudio), improved balance (+1 to any acrobatics skill), a +1 MA, retractible hexite rippers (DC3) and hexite fangs (DC3), and a Hexitetail.

Aquaform The character is well-equipped to survive underwater. The nanites rebuilt the fingers and toes out of hexite which forms webbing on command. Gills are place on the sides of the neck. The eyes are upgraded to see underwater by a second eyelip which covers the eyes when uderwater. The recipient recieves +3 MA when in water, and +1 BODY.

Superman The latest form of nanite debugging thr human is the superman. Recipients gets a +2 or +3 BTM modification (5O-50 chance), a +1 or +2 BODY modification (50-50 chance), +2 MA, +2 initiative, hexiteweave SP 14 (or AR 3), and +2 REF.


Flasher The flasher can absorb light. The flasher then can use the light as a flashbulb (see Chromebook 1).

      Body            1-2     3-4     5-6     7-8     9-10
      Maxcharge(DC)   15      20      25      30      35

Enchanter The nanites found out which sound waves effect human subconscious the most. The recipients receive +3 to all EMP skills when holding a conversation with someone.

Enhance healing The character heal at +3 points per day.

Reaction The cyberevolved's nervous system is "wired". The result is +2 to reflex.

Hexitelink The character developed a hexite wire much like the Bolter except the wire can only be used like the low impedance interface plugs in CP

Adhesion Nanonites on the evolved's skin allow the character to create a bond to an object on the molecular level. The bond is equivalent to a body of 70-SP of material (-15 if covered in lubricant) of material. It also increases their body by +1.

Winged Flight Hexite wings can be formed on back. +2 MA, -1 btm (hollowbones), fly at 10xMA.

Sonar Just like Sonar/Radar body implant (CP2.0.2.0.).

Visionary Gives the person perfect vision with low-light, anti-dazzle, and a V-link (if using Virtuality), equivelent to having cybereyes.

Brute The character recieves a +3 to BODY.

Brainiac Gives the user the equivelent of Hyper-Intelligence Syndrome +5 Int, but Emp is lowed by 2.

Listener Improves the recipient's hearing, giving them quality equivalent to the best cyberaudio with enhanced hearing range, sound editor, subsonic, and level dampener.

Speedfreak Recipient gets a +5 MA bonus.

Vampire The nanotechs build a set of retractable vampires in the user's mouth equivelent to Extended Canines (see ChromeBook 2) and a nanofactory that creates a sleep-toxin from the body's supply of nutrients, which can be injected when the "vamp" bites someone.

Hardskin Creates undetectable SP14 (or AR 3) skinweave.

Wraith A Wraith has a "death-touch" from his palms. The death-touch speeds up the carbon plague so that the victim dies within a day. The death-touch will not work on other CyberEvolved (major or minor) since they all ready have the plague. Victims will evolve or die within the hour.

Untouchable Creates a charged field around the body that basically works like a taser. It functions identically to the SecSystems Protection Field in ChromeBook2 (pg. 12). The field can be use to protect against scanner's probes because to the static generated.

Eternal An Eternal gets the equivelent of an FBRs Longevity Module built in their body by nanotechs. It gives the person a lifespan of 200-250 years. See ChromeBook2, page 85.

Visionary II A slightly different version of the Visionary, this one has infrared, image enhancement, anti-dazzle, and a V-link (if your campaign uses Virtuality).

Bloodhound Gives the character the equivelent of an Olifactory Boost (CP2020).

MindJammer The character gives off electromagnetic fields that cause blinding headaches in others, resulting in a -2 to REF, -2 to COOL, and a -1 to INT until the field is shut off. Scanners and other "wired" cyberevolve get -3 to REF and COOL and -2 to INT.

Zap It's "Bolter, Jr."! Gives the recipient a Tazer Grip (like the cyberware option), palms only.