Psionics and Stats over Ten

Initial Character points can be spent to raise stats over 10 at a cost of two Cp per stat point. Any character with a superhuman stat cannot be one of the following roles: Arcanist

INT(Genius) Total recall: Awareness/Notice check to remember ANY detail +INT% IP can read 2 pages per point of INT per minute TECH(Natural) Can operate/repair any piece of equipment with atleast base skill of 1. COOL(Psychoresistant) Auto mind defense automatically get a resist vs any magic/psionics even if beneficial. To Lower Auto defense(20 IP) Can choose to lower guard. Resist Pain/Toxins/Hunger/Thirst/Force of Will for each point of COOL over 10 add +1 to BOD Save Resist Insanity Reduce allhumanity losses by 1 of each point over 10. Can not reduce humanity loss below 1. Resist Magic/Psionics/Possesion(20 IP) Character is Immune to ALL psi effects when activated LUCK(Psychokinietic) regenerate (Luck-10) point of Luck back for each nights rest. The key to using these powers is the connection with the Poltergiest. The invisble hand that is controlled by the psychokintetic and only visible to the sensitive.

    Poltergeist(60 IP)
     The Poltergiest can move, pick things up, change shape and physical
     characteristics(conductivity, density, and temperature)
     Body:(luck-10)x2       MA:(luck-10)^2
     Physical Shield SP:body BTM
     Duration: 1 minute per point spent
     Possession: 1 luck per attempt
     Healing: heals 2d6 costs 1 luck

    Clouding men's minds(60 IP)
     This power relies upon subterfuge, stealth, and befuddlement.
     creates a cloud of psi chaos within 50m.
     cost: 1
     duration: 1 min perpoint of LUCK over 10
     effects of field:
      Befuddlement(halves INT, awareness/notice,combat sense)
      Uneasyness(halves COOL)
      Suggestion(1 per suggestion effects everyone in radius)
      Psychic interference(+10 to resist mental attacks/mind reading)

EMP(Psychic Sensitive) Attuning to Psi field people(20IP) places(40IP) temporal(60IP) Range Time Difficulty Touch 1 min 5 up to 100m 1 hour 10 up to 1km 1 day 15 up to 10km 1 week 20 up to 100km 1 month 25 up to 1000km 1 year 30 on planet 1 decade 35 in solar system 1 century 40 in galaxy 1 millenium 50

    Situation                               modifier
    holding something important to target   +5
    Target has luck over 10                 +(luck-10)
    Target is trying to send                +luck
    Target is tring to resist               -cool
    Aura/Empathy                            +0
    specific thoughts/memmories/senses      -5
    Recognition/Precognition                +0
    mediumship                              difficuly(30-luck)

New Skills Hypnotism(EMP) Meditation(main skill) This skill allows the character to enter the astral plane.