History of World of Chi


The beginning the gods of old create the world from the five elements. Then they created animals to populate the world and kami to bring it to life. Next they created man to toil in the fields and do their work. The Kami taught men the way of Shinto and how to control the elements so that they could rise up and free themselves. The gods saw this and decided they needed to watch the people more carefully. In order to control people, they create the hengoykai to be their spies and warriors from animals in the field making them intelligent. They too were mistreated by the gods also and soon joined the men. The sides were formed. One old god Lu-Ti lead the men, Hengoykai, and the kami against the gods. During the battle many of the Hengoykai turned on the army being the secret warriors of the gods and that is why to this day they are still distrusted. In the end, Man and beast won their freedom from the gods. And Lu-Ti created the Celestial Bureaucracy to rule.

500 BE (Before the Empire)

Lao-Fu-Tzu becomes a Shinto Priest.

400 BE

War of the old gods and Kami begins.

300 BE

Lao-Fu-Tzu discovers Buddhism as a path to enlightenment and attains it.

250 BE

Lao-Fu-Tzu after obtaining enlightenment writes the Doctrine of Taoism.

200 BE

Lu-Ti wins the Kami War and establishes the Celestial Bureaucracy. The Blood of the The dead gods becomes the dragons, oni, and the demons.

100 BE

Lao-Fu-Tzu moves to his temple in the northern mountains.

0 NE (Year of the New Empire)

Di-Ma's Son, Jiao-Ti, became the first Emperor of the known world, His reign was The dawn of modern civilization.

10 NE

Jiao-Ti creates an army of soldiers and spies , samurai and ninja, and lays down the principals of Bushido for them to follow

150 NE

Jiao-Ti dies and his identical quintuplet son's divide the kingdom into the current kingdoms each claiming to be rightful emperor of the original Empire. each also managed to take one of the emperor's great artifacts.

King Location of kingdom Artifact
Hong Kai Yi The Southern main land kingdom. The Crown
Fu Shu Er The Kingdom of the Northern Islands. The Sword
He Chih San The Northern mainland kingdom. The Mirror
An Mi Si The kingdom of the southern islands. The Signet
Wa Bing Wu The eastern kingdom. The Scepter

160 NE

The return of the barbarian hordes

175 NE

The last son of Jiao-Ti dies as the rest, battling his brothers' armies

200 NE

The Kings of The Dragons take control of their kingdoms. Ruling over different lesser dragons, monsters.

300 NE

150 years after Jiao-Ti's death the Imperial Army Goes through a disastrous breakdown, The Barbarians, constant internal warfare and death of several generations of kings divided them into:

5 Ninja clans
each very small and serving the separate kings
5 Schools of Samurai
large groups each serving a separate kingdom completely loyal
Ronin Clan
A very loose organization of ninja and samurai who wander the 5 kingdoms answering only to themselves
Yakuza Clan
A very tight clan of ninja and samurai who ignore the boundaries of the kingdoms and try to reunite them.

320 NE

The Yakuza Clan ends up becoming more of an organized crime syndicate and their original leader, Hei-Bao, dies later becoming the King of the First Hell.

400 NE

He Chih begins their Great Wall. To protect from barbarians from the north and Hong Kai from the south.

430 NE

The Individual kingdoms finally stabilize and begin to reach a peak not seen since the time of Jiao-Ti

500 NE - today

Kingdom Emperor Ninjas Samurai Soldiers Population Export
Hong Kai Bi-Xue 50 50 1,000 1,000,000 Spices
Fu Shu Hei-Xiang 20 40 600 600,000 Steel
He Chih Feng-Ying 20 80 1,000 1,000,000 Rice
An Mi Xian-Yan 30 10 400 400,000 Wood/Gold
Wa Bing Jing-Xiao 40 10 100 300,000 Silk

Famous Artifacts

The Emperor's Crown

Allows the wearer to understand all languages, communicate telepathically and detect lies.

The Emperor's Sword

One handed sword +5 on a natural 16-20 it removes wielder's choice of opponent's limbs including head.

The Emperor's Mirror

The Mirror allows the user to see any room he's ever visited and teleport one person who is there to the king.

The Emperor's Signet

Allows wielder to copy Attributes, skills, abilities and powers from one target within 100 ft once every 24 hours. can only copy one person at time.

The Emperor's Scepter:

Staff +3 , +3 Defense, while concentrating on defense the staff also makes wielder immune to any form of Chi power.

Other magic Items

Helm of Understanding

Helm of Truth

Magic Sword +0 to +5

Keen edged Sword

Mirror of scrying

Mirror of spirit containment

??? of teleportation

Rich of <1 power, skill, ability or attribute bonus>

Limit 10 rings, can only have 2 active simultaneously

Magic Staff +0 to +5

Staff of Mind Shielding