Chi RPG System

Character Creation

  1. determine stats by either dividing 65 points or rolling 2d10 GM choice
  2. choose race
  3. choose animal/martial art style
  4. choose philosophy
  5. choose an element and color
  6. divide 10 initial advancement points for intial powers
  7. choose INT skills
  8. determine combat bonuses
  9. buy equipment initial funds = Hon x Hon


Ability Scores

Distribute 65 points between them. They must be at least 2 and no more than 20.

Abbr Name Description
Str Strength adds to damage done and subtracts from damage taken
Agi Agility used to strike/dodge
End Endurance used to determine Chi
Int Intelligence used for all skills
Hon Honor used to influence people

Derived Stats

Stat Mod
0 -5
1 -5
2 -4
3 -4
4 -3
5 -3
6 -2
7 -2
8 -1
9 -1
10 0
11 0
12 +1
13 +1
14 +2
15 +2
16 +3
17 +3
18 +4
19 +4
20 +5



Normal Humans

  1. Choose any Chi powers (both dark and light)
  2. Choose powers from an element of choice
  3. Choose powers from a philosophy of choice
  4. Choose a fighting style.

Hengoykai/Fey Animals

Superintelligent animals able to take human form. They often have a trickster nature.

  1. Choose only light or only dark Chi powers
  2. Cannot choose elemental powers
  3. Choose powers from a philosophy of choice
  4. Fighting style must match animal type. With special bonuses in hybrid form.
  5. Can speak to animals of same type.
  6. Shape change into 3 forms
Form Description
Human As normal human
Animal As superintelligent "normal" animal, normal animal abilities
Hybrid Looks like humanoid form of animal, double style bonuses, +1 Att

Kami/Nature Spirits

Still in Development Beings composed of pure Chi and natural elements.

  1. Choose only light or only dark Chi powers
  2. Choose powers from the element that matches their type.
  3. Choose powers from only the Shinto philosophy
  4. Get the Kami Style bonuses.
  5. Special Kami only abilities. Intangibility, Cheaper Element abilities.
Attacks Defense Hand Foot Weapon Grab Throw Powers
2 +4 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 Chi Gung, Stomp, Lock, Grab/Punch, Grab/Head Bash

Animal Alignment/HtH Style

See the section listing all the available styles.

Philosophical Alignment

Philosophy Power Types
Taoism Alchemy-understanding of herbal and mineral potions
Buddism Meditation-can acieve power through meditation
Bushido Stealth-character can disguise or hide very well
Shintoism Geomancy-understanding of flow of Chi lines and Kami
Zen Concentration-ability to focus one's mind

Elemental/Chi Alignment

Element Light Color Dark Color
Water Blue Black
Fire Red Gray
Wood Green Brown
Earth Gold Yellow
Metal Silver White

Power points and advancement

Character starts with 10 Power points.

Additional points come from completing game goals, roleplaying, or defeating opponents.

Power points can either be spent to aquire new abilities or to level up the character.

Power Costs By Level and Type

Power Level Elemental Chi Philosophy
1 1 1 1
2 2 2 3
3 4 4 10
4 8 8 25
5 16 16 75

All martial art powers cost 10

Casting/Skill level

Each time a character goes up a level he can add +1 to one of his Martial Art Moves(ie hand, foot, defend, etc)

Points Level Bonuses
0 1 Chi=Endurance, Choose Int skills
10 2 +2d6 Chi
20 3 +2d6 Chi,Choose 2 more skills
30 4 +2d6 Chi
50 5 +2d6 Chi
80 6 +2d6 Chi,Choose 2 more skills
130 7 +2d6 Chi
210 8 +2d6 Chi
340 9 +2d6 Chi,Choose 2 more skills
550 10 +2d6 Chi
+500 +1 +2d6 Chi


Elemental powers

Protection: 2 Chi for 5 minutes per level Expulsion: 3 Chi per blast Control: 4 Chi per effect Becoming: 10 Chi to transform Summoning: 40 Chi to summon Water: protection(breath water, swimming, ignore drag) expulsion(pillar of water doing 1d4 damage per level and drenching target) control(can freeze, boil, whirlpool, calm or part water) becoming (transmutes to water, immune to physical attacks) summoning (summons water elemental) Fire: protection(takes half damage from energy based attacks) expulsion(fireball doing 1d12 damage per level) control(can extiguish, fuel, wall or part fire) becoming (transmutes to fire, does 1d6 damage to any thing that hits him) summoning (summons fire elemental) Wood: protection(cures target of all diseases and poisons) expulsion(spinters doing 1d6 damage per level double versus undead) control(can animate plants, increase, decrease growth rate and warp wood) becoming(transmutes to wood, double Chi) summoning (summons wood elemental) Earth: protection(detects traps and depth in caves) expulsion(boulder doing 1d8 damage per level) control(cause earthquakes, or create walls) becoming(transmute to earth, can walk through earthen walls) summoning (summons earth elemental) Metal: protection(double resistance) expulsion(metal shards doing 1d10 damage per level) control(can destroy/create weapons at touch range) becoming(transmute to metal, double Str mod) summoning (summons metal elemental)

Chi powers

Light: Sense Chi Absorb Light(doubles chi absorbtion rate) Radiate Light( each point of chi equals 1 torch, 10 equal sunlight) Light Shield( each point of chi in sheild destroys 1d6 incoming dark absorbs 5 points of physical attack duration 10 minutes per level ) Chi Healing(1 chi to cure mental, Chi or phyical diseases) Dark: Invert Chi(takes 2 rounds) Absorb Dark(doubles chi absorbtion rate) Radiate Dark(each point reduces light by one torch, can cause blindness in touched victim for 10 Chi) Dark Blast(each point of chi in blast does 3d6 damage) Inflict Disease

Philosophy Powers

Meditation(Buddaism): Silence Healing(doubles healing rate) Unmoving(charater becomes completely still cannot be moved and has 10 times the stength and endurance) Deflection(+5 to defend incoming attacks) Spirit Walk(character can seperate Chi self from body) Concentration(Zen): Silence Awareness( +4 to notice important details and Initiative ) Healing (doubles healing rate) One mindedness (gets +1 to any combat move for each -1 he takes to all others) Spirit Walk(character can seperate Chi self from body) Alchemy(Taoism): Purification(2 Chi to purify any chemical) Healing(4 Chi to double healing rate for 2 hours) Protection(10 Chi to take half damage from one power type for 1 hour/level) Restoration(40 Chi and lose 1 permenantly can restore life) Spirit Walk(character can seperate Chi self from body) Stealth(Bushido): Hiding(character can hide or sneak around without detection) Disquise(character can convincingly impersonate anyone) Escape(character can escape bonds) Invisibility(1 chi per round per target completely undectable by targets) Intangibility(5 chi per round character phases out of existance treat as spirit walk without having to leave body behind) Geomancy(Shintoism): Sense Chi lines and Kami Bend Chi lines(can double or half the Chi in an area) Commune with Kami(can talk with the spirits in everything) Spirit Walk(character can seperate Chi self from body) Summon Kami, Dragon or Demon(40 Chi summons target)


A successfull skill check must exceed 20 +/-modifiers. Opposed rolls may also be used when appropriate.

Trained Skill Check = 1d20 + Int mod + Level + 3

Untrained Skill Check = 1d20 + Int mod + Level/2

Only Skills marked with the (U) can be used untrained.

At least one initial trained skill selection must be an Art, Court or Music

Skill List

Haiku(Poetry) Calligraphy Ikebana(Flower Arranging)
Origami Ukio-E(Painting) Bonzai(Gardening)
Brewer Jeweler Silk Maker
Paper Maker Seamstress/Tailor Cooking
Weaponsmith Armorer Black Smith
Carpenter Potter Stone Mason
Leather Worker Agriculture Animal Herding
Climbing(U) Running(U) Juggling
Swimming Tumbling(U)
Etiquette(U) Heraldry Go(Gaming)
Languages(or The Secret Tongue of ..)
Buddaists Taoists Kami/Old Gods
Dragons Demons Trade
Hengoykai Elementals
Hong Kai Fu Shu He Chih
An Mi Wa Bing Yakuza
Acupuncture/Massuer Herbal medicine First Aid
Dance Chanting Singing
Play Instrument Write Music
Navigation Seamanship Horsemanship
Palming Begging Fasting
Seduction Intimidation Gambling
Civil Engineering Mathmatics Read/Write
History Mythology Religion
Fire building Snare Building Hunting/Survival


A round it 20 sec.


 1d20 - Weapon Speed

Highest roll goes first.

Attack Roll

 1d20+Agi mod+MA bonus

Defense Roll

 1d20+Agi mod+MA bonus-Armor penalty

Ties go to defender. A natural 20 on an attack roll is a critical hit dealing double damage. A critical hit can only be defended with a natural twenty which always defends any attack.


 Weapon+Str mod+MA bonus reduced by Str mod+Armor bonus

Minimum damage is 1 on a successful hit, 2 on a critical hit.


Before roll each character determines how much chi goes into the roll the 1d20 is rolled for each side whoevers roll+chi spent is higher wins. Tie goes to the defender. A natural 20 can only be stopped with a natural 20. win or lose all chi spent this way is lost.

Social Roll

1d20 + Hon contested rolls.

Used for persuasion, intimidation, etc.

Save Roll

1d20 + End mod vs 20 +/- Situational Modifiers.

A natural 20 always saves. Used to resist nonstandard mental or physical attacks and ailments, such as Poison, Disease, or Mind Control.

Paired Weapons


Stealth, Notice, Surprise, Intiative and Off-Guard

Combat Ranges

  1. Grapple
  2. Close Melee
  3. Long Melee
  4. Close Ranged
  5. Medium Ranged
  6. Long Ranged



Weapon Damage Range Speed Cost
Dagger 1d6 N/A 4 6
S.Sword 1d8 N/A 6 12
L.Sword 1d10 N/A 8 25
Two handed sword 1d12 N/A 10 50
Club/Short staff 1d6 N/A 6 5
Hammer 1d8 N/A 8 10
War Mace 1d10 N/A 10 20
Two Handed Maul 1d12 N/A 12 40
Hatchet 1d8 N/A 8 10
Ax 1d10 N/A 10 20
Two Handed Ax 1d12 N/A 12 40
Staff 1d8 N/A 8 6
Sai 1d6 N/A 4 6
Nunchaku 1d8 N/A 6 12
Tonfa 1d8 N/A 6 12
Chain 1d8 N/A 6 12
Chain and blade 1d10 N/A 7 30
Spear 1d10 N/A 8 25
Whip 1d6 N/A 4 6
Blowgun 1d4 50 m 4 15
Bow 1d6 100 m 6 30
Crossbow 1d8 200 m 8 60
Armor Defend Resistance Cost
Padded/Leather -1 +1 5
Heavy Hide -2 +2 10
Studded leather -1 +2 40
Scaled leather -2 +3 200
Banded leather -3 +4 400
Chain -3 +5 1000
Samurai -4 +6 10000
adds +3 to honor when trying to impress/intimidate people
Spiked leather -2 +2 50
This armor has lots of little spikes that add +1 to damage in Hand to Hand
Combat, (+2 forearm, elbow, knee & grab)
Demon Wrestler's -4 +5 1500
adds +1 to honor when trying to intimidate people
This armor is full of hooks, blades and spikes, it add +3 to damage of all
hand to hand attacks, (+4 forearm, elbow, knee, head bash & grab)
Silk Ninja Garb +1 0 5000
This armor is made of the smoothest black silk increase stealth ability
by +2 and allows untrained use of stealth, only availble to Wa Bing's Ninjas.
Yakuza will provide for 5 times the list price.
Sheilds Defend Cost
-off hand weapon +1 --
-sheild +2 10
Transport Cost
Horse 100
-Large Sailing Ship 10000
-Small Row Boat 50
Cart 30
Chariot 30
Food(per day) Cost
raw 1
Inn 2
rations 4
rice wine 1
Misc Cost
Paper(per sheet) 1
Pens(per quill) 1
Paints and inks(per cup) 5
-keg(10 gallon) 1
-cask(50 gallon) 5
-tun(250 gallon) 10
jeweler's tools 30
gardening tools 10
loom 50
tailor's tools 20
Cooking gear 10
Black smith's tools 60
Carpenter's tools 40
Mason's tools 40
GO or other game 5
Acupunture needles 40
Medical kit 50
Wilderness supplies (sleeping bag, tent, etc). 40