Sons of The Sinister Six


Your character is a young teenage decendant, in blood or spirit, of a spider-man villian. Having a power or abilitie that is a aspect or portion of the original. Example: * Modified Scorpian suit covered in fur -> Monkey Girl * Evil symbiote hand

Your lack of contact with your absentee criminal parent has resulted in you blaming them for everything bad that has every happened to you. If only Sandman had made my dance recital. It's not your fault they are on serving time for crimes they committed. Who cares if they don't know you exist. Maybe they are the reason your step parents fight. Few people at school will associate with the child of a super villian. You hatred of your parent has resulted in a love of something they hate most, Spider-man. You respect the guy out there bucking the system trying to make the world a better place.

The NY metropolitan area is a big place and you've found some like mind friends with a similar past.

Your characters must overcome School, Parents, Puberty and Super-villians to save the day.


Nate Smythe - Illigitamate son of Spencer Smythe He may not have access to the wealth, but genius is an acceptable inheritance Computers.

Unicorn - long lost daughter of the Rhino She has a sharp horn and a lot of horse power Gym.

Trey Bell - animated sound remenant of The Claw Literally lives on music. Music.

Evelynn Bell - The mother of Unicorn and adopted parent of Trey

Cindy Connors - The unicorn's BFF

Rules that need completing: Circuit board micro electronics PSI effect table


Dodgeball Throw vs Dodge Catch is Throw +5 vs Dex+Unarmed Strike Holding a ball +2 Parry bonus

Rope climbing chin-ups kickball softball scooters basketball soccer water polo skate boarding obstacle course flag football


Questions: Each character's favorite subject. Elective Classes. Trey's favortie band?

1) A brother and sister's trip to ballet class.

2) A day at school - Dodgeball

3) A dangerous field trip. - The living brain

4) chemistry run amok - Saved Sarah Jenkins from the slime monster

4a) The Dam Fieldtrip - Electro tries to take the dam.

5) The concert - Migraine Dreams (Goth industrial) opening act gothapotamus Real bats instead of prop bats Stolen instrument kidnapped lead singer Dark cultists - Trying to bring back Nightmare or DreamQueen

Molly Migraine - Vocals Morpheus - Guitar Mikal Migraine - Drums

6) Case of the missing Puppy william walters beagle named spot alan jackson AIM Facility kidnaps dogs for experimentation. Creating Sound based hypnosis device to make dogs violent. Computer controlled/hackable

7) Jersey Devil? Joe Brown Johnathon White

8) The Unicorn Fight for a name sake

9) The circus of crime The Tiboldt Circus or Cirque Delit

Ringmaster (P: Hypnotism, W: Heroes 15) Enchanter Ranger ALL 7 standard CR 1

Captain Corbett Animal Trainer () Ranger ALL 7 standard CR 1 - if the captain falls the monkeys will rage (+1 STR, END, WIL, -2 Defensive actions) Readies whip Trip attack. HP: 15, Whip +7 (1SCD) or Trip +9 to hit (+11 Bend Bars vs Bend Bars or Balance)

Monkey Clowns () Phys: 7 AGI: 10 Mental: 6 KNO: 3 Improved Unarmed, Size -2, Climb +1, Palm +1, WU: Blades +1, Dodge +1, WU: Unarmed +1, Juggle +1 CR 0 (NOTE 2-3 per player), HP: 14, Dagger +10 (4BD), Dodge +13 / When Raged: HP: 16, Dagger +11 (5BD), Dodge +11

Bruto The Strongman (No Powers) Power house CR 4 S:10 E:10 D:5 A:6 P:6 W:4 K:4 C: 6, imp unarmed Strike, Imp Grapple, WP: Laborer, +5 Bend Bars, WU: Crush, WU: Grapple, Parry, Power attack HP: 34, Armor: Hide(3/2/3/3), Great Hammer +15 (13CD)

Fire-Eater (P: Fire Breath W: Water 15) Devotee CR 4 Stats All 8, Fire breath DC 15 to hit space(s) +15 (-5 per additional target) vs roll for half (7 FD) HP: 20, Armor: Fire Safe Suit(6/3/6/6)

goto the show Mind control DC: 25 or weakness "Monkeys Slow Them Down" (They fought 10 monkeys) Bruto and the fire-eater The Hall of mirrors?? (treat as mirror image spell, 20 copies, hypnotise to get characters to attack each other(only for one action))

10) Water and Electricty don't mix. The heroes open in school. They are at lunch discussing tech news including the new anoucement of the fusion simulator by Oscorp. They are joined by the brass bull. While the heroes enjoy a nutritious lunch at school, across town at oscorp tower the fusion stimulator is stolen. Something, blew out the windows and made off with the stimulator. How ever no one saw it, and the video has been scambled. The heroes must get the video, look for clues and descramble the video, but first they have to get thru english class. Dr. Nesbit, leader of a small AIM contigent, is trying to destroy the cities water supply. He has contructed a dehydration ray for this purpose, but he needs the fusion stimulator to finish it. Requires electronic investigation. The Lab tapes have been scrambled. Trying to build a system to destroy the water supply. Dehydration Ray does 6 DED (one hit causes fatigue). Is large and un wieldly -2 to hit. or area of effect DC 20 for half damage. AIM Agent Dr. Nisbet (Always Prepared/Cowardly) A dozen AIM agents. All Stats 7. Rifles, Armor light kevlar.

11) Class War Z Super powerful lost morlock reeks havok on the city. The group gets swept up and must help them align with society. Ideas: Carrie - can raise the dead as zombies (great halloween idea) She does not remember her powers. Thinks the zombies are chasing her down. Or looks like a monster? Group must obtain Undeath to Death effect. Must determine carrie is behind the attacks.

12) The hunting of the snipe. The insider from Oscorp and Nesbit Team up to cause trouble. Norman Osborne enlists the character's aide in a mole hunt. Needs 4 suspects. James Monroe - Head of security Bill Bixby Andy Pichinco Ralph Opens on the characters are called to the principals office. Skrull seeking vengence after the skrull invasion. Erica Jefferson - Payroll - 50 - 25 - Discussing paperwork snafu with Lab Tech, Just bad at job. Sue Mason - Natural Gas technician - 38 - - Fixing Gas line running thru the Lab, gold bricking Orlando Carpenter Mars - Records Librarian - 30 - 7 - Took Lab assistant Jessica Laurence out to lunch, Actually corporate spy. Works for hammer. Justin Powell - Sheet Metal Former - 41 - 15 - Meeting with design team, Not up to anything.

Skrull If found out will turn into a tyrannosaurus.

13) Forget it, it's chinatown Red Ninja?

??) Stilt-man? CR 10?

??) Lost morlock super powerful lost morlock reeks havok on the city. The group gets swept up and must help them align with society. Ideas: Carrie - can raise the dead as zombies (great halloween idea) Massive dehydration abilities Color spray Polymorph Looks like a dragon.

Mysterio - holds school for ransom Shoebox Illusion - Mysterio has a room decorated like the inside of a shoebox. Critters - Fur Balls arm legs lots of teeth. Vinny Carl Lightning Elementals - holograms and energy weapons Mysterio Bot - Always has 50% concealment Fear Gas Hallucination Gas (-2 to all Wil Saves)

Spider-man needs our help - the shocker

The kidnapping of Evelyn Bell Opens on sleep over at Unicorn's house. She is being awesome. Kidnapped to get unicorn to do something. (Dr. Nesbit?)