Journey of the Winds

  1. A simple quest.

  2. Lost at sea.

  3. Tunnel to civilization

  4. Soup or savior

  5. The grinch who stole The Feast of Hyperion

  6. The town beneath the waves.

  7. The Kraken's keeper

  8. The Ice Demon The townspeople are fattening the characters up for sacrifice to the Icey sea beast that they serve.

They will give them all the treasure they can carry($20,000) so that they can deliver it with them to sacrifice. 1. Help The Worshippers of Stygia are having their sacrifice treasure stolen by the Ice Gremlins. Ice Gremlins live in a town of makeshift igloos. "We Swear it so long as Zephyr blows cold across the frozen sea" The Ice gremlins have a remorhaz Problem.

2. Betrayal
  a. The Gremlins are niceish (Chaotic neutral)
  b. The Remorhaz serve the Cleric of Stygia
  c. Seduction...

3. Escape
  a. The characters must escape the Remorhaz while loaded down with treasure.
  b. There is a small mechant ship that monthly brings trade goods to the surprizingly wealthy worshippers.

Upcoming 10. The Sages of Larnya (Thetic order of the eastern wind) 1. They collect and copy books from traveling ships. 2. They find the heroes tales quite interesting 3. They will try to convince the characters to stay. Tom will be interested in the libraries on magical beasts. Titus Ravenwood, Disciple of Order. 4. Murder by cockatrice. Janice Phonton wealthy benefactor of the academy of sages. suspects: 1. John Alzymar, A fellow student of the occult. Tom saw him researching Cockatrice. Knows Ben is her son. 2. Ben Phonton, Her nephew and only heir. Points to Jack, who may be trying to steal his money. 3. Jack Halloway(CG), Her favorite suitor. Points to Dale who was trying to steal his love, but wanted only power. 4. Dale Hargrive(LE), Trying to manipulate her to appoint him head of the acadamy. Knows something about John or Ben. 5. Hold the City hostage with cockatrice "bombs". Plan was too be gone before they went off. 11. A funny thing happened on the way to Tortuga. A strong wind force the ship to seek refuge in a natural harbor. The island contains a mysterious temple. A young disciple of Zephyr is being held by a Dragon in the temple. The dragon, has a collection of magical beasts as servants to stop the players. 10. Tortuga 11. 12. 13. Son of a witch.

======================================================================================================================================= Campaign 2

1 Chupacabre

2 The Diving Bell Rob's character meets up with a old friend who has found a suspicious salvage and is looking for some help. --> They Just fought some skeletons in the crew quarters. --> They've made their way to the hold of the ship. Found a pearl of Stygia, a bottle of air and the ghost of the Princess.

3 The battle for the princess. (Princess Sarah) In order to free the Princess's soul, the Pearl of stygia must be destroyed. The Princess knows very little about the Pearl except for its effects and that it must have been put onboard in her home port. Ways to destroy the pearl: 1. find out who put it on the ship and find out how they did it. 2. Research how to destroy it, the forge of hyperion can melt any object 3. The Sages of Larnya 4. Return it to the original Bed of oysters 5. The Pearl may only be touched by the shell of a giant oyster.

They can dock in the main port or on the other side of the island to avoid suspiscion.

come up with home city for princess sarah. Mullos - with the disappearance of the princess the steward of Mullous gained full control. His grandson has just become "Lord" Zanzibar Colby the third of his name, Steward of Mullos, Representative of the royal lords of the Shimmering sea. He wants stability under his rule. He means the characters no ill will, but doesn't want them weakening an already bad Mullous. The town is under attack by a vampire(Count DeMullous). The vampire is the brother of an ancient king of Mullous. He has watched over the area from his castle for over 500 years. He knows the old steward had sarah killed he suspects he killed her father as well. He killed John I. And has tormented the people who he sees as disloyal. If the players help him overthrow the stewards casting out the royals and exposing the original Steward's plots he will help the characters. They can: 1. Kill the vampire direct fight. 2. Kill the daytime guardians of the vampire and stake him while he sleeps. 3. Find proof of the Steward's betrayal and use it to help the vampire or blackmail the Steward 4. Find the true heir to Mullos. A small boy who lives on the island of zanzabar. The Vampire will recognize his blood. Only magic would find his existance. The Sages of larnya may be able to help.

The Isle of Worchester The Island is largely a fishing community run by a small time Governor. It is relatively peaceful & idealic though very poor.

X The Burning Bush Aaron's character's father, The head abbot and the mayor want the party to look into a mysterious Tree that was struct by lightning burns, but does not burn out or spread. 1. The Fire is a portent sent by hyperion, warning of Kobold attack. 2. The kobolds are in three war camps.

Enter the empire

The treasure of captain Hamm

A new campaign idea.